300% Increase in Customer Conversions

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DeadGoodUndies is one of the largest online retailer of menswear in the country. They were already doing email marketing to attract website visitors but had a hard time converting the visitors into buyers.

Obstacles and solutions

The company focuses mainly on menswear so they wanted to focus strictly on males from the UK. Instagram doesn’t keep data about the location and gender of every profile so we had to filter the data somehow.

Problem #1 was filtering the males from the females but we had a solution. We have a huge list of all male & female names from across the world, so we just compared the names of every profile to the ones on the list and excluded all the female names that matched. We also keep a list of specific keywords only females would have in their bio and excluded those that matched.

Problem #2 was focusing only on people from the UK. We constantly analyze the data we and have figured out which keywords people use to specify their location. We combined the male & location tactics discussed above and managed to achieve a precision of over 80%.

The setup

The team at DeadGoodUndies were amazed with what we did with the data to make sure we narrow the targeting and were excited to try an email campaign using our data.

We agreed on delivering 70,000 emails for the first week from the followers of their rival companies. Their click-through-rate from email marketing was at 1% at that time and only 0.5% of those actually bought something on the website.

Results and feedback

After sending all 70,000 emails they reported these numbers back. The CTR was increased from 1% to 1.5%, but the conversion rate increased to a whopping 1.5%. If you do the math, that’s x5 times more buyers than almost every batch of emails they had sent before.

The marketing team were really satisfied with the result and we are still their email provider for almost 7 months now. Here’s to 7 more! 🥂

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