Instagram Email Extractor: Get Targeted Email Lists [2020]

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How I built and used an Instagram email extractor aka scraper to help e-commerce & marketing agencies sell at scale to their target market.

Ecommerce Businesses Must Have an Instagram Data Extractor

Everyone in the B2B space use email scraping tools! There are countless data providers online with a database of every company on LinkedIn + info of their employees. That’s because the formula for getting professional emails became too simple. 

  1. Use to go all over LinkedIn and get company name + first and last name
  2. Create 20 combinations to guess the pattern of the email address everyone in the company use
  3. Check which variation is the valid one by using an SMTP server. 

No step 4. It’s that simple. 

Coming from a B2B background I got used to getting info on anyone in a matter of seconds. However, when I finally made the switch to B2C I was confused. 

For the first time, I couldn’t find the contact data of people we wanted to target! 

As a newly hired growth engineer and cold email expert, I promised to boost sales by 3x in one month...

The targeted audience was amateur photographers and fitness instructors. As usual, I visited my old buddy LinkedIn, sure that he can help. Boy, was I shocked when I realized that very few people of our target audience are active on LinkedIn. Also, those that I did find worked at small companies that didn’t have a LinkedIn profile. 

I was screwed. 

super sad about the lack of resources for my cold email campaign

Obviously, I didn’t 3x sales that month (SPOILER: I 5x it by the end of the article) 

After some digging, I found out that our audience is concentrated on Instagram + small engagement in Facebook groups. So, I did what any desperate man would do. Sending direct messages on Instagram to thousands of people. 

Even though I read and did everything the internet suggested, the company’s Instagram account got banned. But, I was determined to find a way to reach that same audience nonetheless.

The Slowest Instagram Scraper Ever
(me visiting profiles 1 by 1) 

While researching some of our targeted people I noticed that there’s an email button on most Instagram accounts.

1. It turns out that if you click the button you can actually access their email address.

2. And if there was no email button, I checked people’s bio section where I could also find emails.

Okay I was definitely onto something here!

So, I began manually visiting people on Instagram 1 by 1 and copy-pasting the data down in Excel for days. My weird behavior drew attention in the office and I had developers coming up to me asking if I wanted them to build me an Instagram email finder tool that would scrape data. But I had it all under control, I didn’t need any help…(disclosure: I was thinking of quitting my job)

After a couple of days of hard manual labor, I had 334 accounts that were just enough for me to run a targeted cold email campaign. In the back of my mind I was figuring out how to get email addresses from Instagram at scale, but first I wanted to see if this works. 

Truth be told, some part of me wanted this to fail and never do this kind of work again. But, if this turns out a success everyone would be ashamed they ever doubted me! 

The results? (drum roll…) 🥁🥁🥁

Cold email campaign results with scraped data from Instagram.

INCREDIBLE…25% clicked the link in my email! Out of those about 30% actually bought from us. This was amazing!

Obviously, I struck a chord here and my only concern was how could I scale? Since I couldn’t find any good Instagram scraper service online I had to develop my own Instagram email scraper from scratch. 

So, I started a side project that would eventually turn into my own company, with more than 200 clients in the first year.

Developing an Instagram Email Extractor
(The coding part – Github & Python)

We’ve already developed an Instagram scraper tool that worked with mobile endpoints ie the unofficial Instagram API. To achieve any action you just need to simulate a device that will log in to the IG profile and take the same endpoints as you would with a normal phone. 

To actually scrape emails from Instagram profiles, we found a way to parse the returned JSON file and look up the email. You might think it’s easy but we were stuck on this for months. We got incredible data, but we were getting blocked at every turn. There was no clear way of scaling. 

Eventually, we managed to narrow this down to two problems:

Problem 1: Crawling with Instagram accounts. The crawling was extremely slow since Instagram’s API has a very strict API call limit. 

Solution: Have 10 Instagram accounts working simultaneously, splitting the work. 

Problem 2: Getting emails not only from bio or the email button on the profile but also from image descriptions, comments, links to a website that has the email of the person. 

Our goal was to get everything we could find!

Solution: Have thousands of IG profiles and completely crawl the activity of any user. One tool I would suggest is that has an awesome API for finding emails from profiles with a website link included – so we used them too. 

And that’s how you build an Instagram data scraper tool and scrape Instagram emails. For those of you who don’t have the time or the resources for this, get in touch with us and just buy email addresses from Instagram.

instagram email extractor

Extract Emails From Instagram ONLY From People That Are Your Target Market

I believe that anyone can learn how to scrape Instagram. But, of course, you must filter that data because otherwise is worthless. This is especially true when it comes to cold email.

There are very few industries that don’t have any type of targeted audience – meaning they sell to everyone. 

But, most businesses have clearly defined target customers. And, they want to contact only those kinds of people and not anyone else. I’m not saying this only in terms of ROI, but also if you cannot personalize cold emails, you’ll instantly end up in spam. 

That’s why the least you can do is narrow down your audience before you start scraping. 

Targeted Instagram Email Scraping Makes It Worth The Trouble

Geo Location

If you sell at a certain location you want to email people only from that region. What we do is crawl all posts on a profile and check the location hashtags. The most recurring country/city tells us where that person is located. 

We also use other tactics to geo-locate people, which I’m not going to share here 🙂


People use hashtags as a way of describing what’s in their posts. This is an awesome way to reach targeted people.

For example, if you sell beard oil you can find ANYONE with #beard in their posts and get their email. 

What hashtags are your customers using to describe themselves, their surroundings, interests, activities? 

I’m sure you already came up with something.

Scrape everyone that has used a certain hashtag in Instagram

Scrape Instagram Followers (your followers or your competitors?)

The easiest way to tell where your customers are on Instagram is to look into your own followers. You can scrape your followers and get their email addresses. 

However, the most popular practice among scraping Instagram is to go after the followers of your competitors. 

Let’s use the beard example again. Why would anyone follow a beard care brand if he’s not growing a beard, right? 

And, before you say that it cannot get more targeted than this:

AI-Powered Targeted Scraping

The most exciting way we collect email addresses from Instagram is based on image classification. 

What this means is that we can analyze all images of any Instagram profile and understand what’s included in the images (without peeking in hashtags).

Let’s say a business wants to get emails only of people that are interested in outdoor activities. We can get those profiles even if there is no other information, other than images. 

This kind of scraping is something that no other email data provider has achieved.


How To Extract Instagram Emails:
Build Your Own Instagram Extractor vs Buying Data From Us

I really don’t mind sharing how to extract email lists from Instagram by yourself and share what we’re doing. I know how hard it is to replicate this without spending a lot of money and time.

So, to sum up:

If you’re a small startup with a developer:

If you’re a small startup with a developer by your side, go for it and build this! You probably don’t need to get to an extracting scale of 5 million profiles per day like us. Heck, I collected emails manually so you can do it too!

So if you want to build it, here’s my piece of advise:

  • Use any python library from git.
  • Define where do you want to extract from. Use the examples I mentioned like hashtags, location, followers of some influencer (person or a brand)
  • The profiles you’ll use for crawling should be aged, with phone numbers that you can validate (or you’ll lose them right away). NEVER USE YOUR PERSONAL INSTAGRAM PROFILE!
  • Always validate the emails! 15% of the emails you’ll get will be Spam traps, invalid, or catch-all emails. Otherwise, Google will notice that you send bulk messages to invalid email addresses and that’s when you’ll get buried in spam – forever.

Or, use email as the only channel for getting new customers

If you’re trying to expand your business; maybe you run ads on FB or Google and you have low ROI. Or maybe just want another growth channel that can scale fast, you can book a call with me and we can figure out whether or how we can help you with that. 

That’s All Folks!

I hope you found this article helpful and learned lots of stuff about this new strategy that more and more businesses use. 

If you’re interested in buying targeted email lists from Instagram feel free to schedule a meeting with me or some of my colleagues using this link.

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