November 16, 2020

How to Start Using Instagram Email Scrapers in 2022


Instagram email scrapers became part of the toolset for many businesses that want to get new customers and scale their growth.

Marketing agencies and eCommerce companies now have a way of growing their email list with targeted, qualified people that follow them (or competitors) on Instagram.

So far, the results are undebatable.

We’ve seen startups getting to 2.5M in ARR using only Instagram scrapers and cold email. Or agencies achieving 13x ROAS for their clients using scraped emails as custom audiences in FB Ads.

The key is to choose the right targeting before scraping, and then strategically use your database for long-term profits.

Important note: Please be advised that automatically accessing Instagram is against their terms of service.

This is just an educational resource and for those of you who don’t have the time, resources, and want to be 100% on the legal side of things, get in touch with us and just buy email addresses from Instagram.

Finding Your Niche on Instagram Before Scraping

Every business has many…many potential customers on Instagram! Yup, even your business.

If you don’t believe me we can do an experiment and find your niche. Ok, it’s not really an experiment since I know the outcome…but it’s like an experiment.

The three best ways to find your target market before you scrape emails from Instagram are:

1. Followers of Any Instagram Profile Relevant to Your Business

Generally, there are 3 types of followers you can target.

Get emails from Instagram followers of your competitors

The starting point for anyone who wants to get data from Instagram is to export emails from the followers of their competitors.

I seriously can’t think of a better way for getting a bigger piece of your market. It’s like getting your hands on your competitors’ subscribers list!

Consumers follow brands on Instagram only if they are really interested in their products or services. They might’ve already bought from your competitors or they are planning to do so. Either way, with a well-planned campaign you can convert 10-15% of all those people into your customers.

Get emails from your own Instagram followers

Really no reason not to have the emails of your Instagram followers. Once you have their email addresses, add your existing subscribers in a spreadsheet and “remove duplicates”. That way you’ll see people that follow your brand on Instagram but are not customers…yet.

Get emails from followers of a relevant Instagram influencer

Instagram influencers build their profiles around a certain topic. And there’s an influencer for every existing topic, from fitness and fashion to cannabis and baby products. Their ultimate goal is to be the go-to profile for the topic they are passionate about.

This means that with every influencer comes an audience that’s naturally grouped around a certain topic.

If you know your customers well, you should be able to tell what their interests are and who they follow on Instagram.

So, just Google “top {interest} Instagram influencers” and check how many followers these influencers have.

What would you do if you had the chance to contact every one of them?

2. Scraping Hashtags

You can regularly see posts only with hashtags in them and no copy. That’s because people use hashtags as a way of describing their posts (while gaining visibility through them).

Look at the example below and see the number of posts #dog has.

Scraping emails from Instagram based on hashtags. An example of the potential targeting with the hashtag dog.

There are 283M posts with dogs in them. Anyone targeting dog owners or dog micro-influencers would make a fortune if they had emails of those users.

So visit the profiles of your current followers and make a list of hashtags that most of them use. Share the list with us and we’ll follow up with the number of emails we can extract from all those Instagram hashtags.

3. Keywords in Bio

Another great way to pinpoint your audience is to do Instagram email extracting based on certain keywords in their bio.

In this image below we see that Gary Vee’s bio consists of 3 roles that he identifies with. People don’t put random things in their bio. Instead, they carefully select words that best describe them.

Gary Vee Investor / CEO / Co-Founder.

Instagram email scraping based on keywords in bio.

Our research team finds Instagram users with keywords that define the characteristics of your targeted audience in their bio, then we verify and validate all emails and then we enrich every contact through external APIs (Clearbit, HypeAuditor, Full Contact). You can check out our free data sample with 28 data points on every contact here.


Buy Emails Scraped From Instagram

Since you now know the 3 basic options for targeting Instagram users and finding your niche, go ahead, and book a free strategy call with our team to make sure we don’t leave any stone unturned.

It’s basically a 30 min session where we discuss your targeting, briefly explain the value of our data, and finish off with tips for maximizing your campaign ROI.

Again an important note here will be that we’ve heavily invested in our research team that vetts Instagram creators that are publicly available + influencers that personally sign up to be in our database. This way we help you be 100% on the safe side, both from an Instagram ToS perspective and GDPR / CCPA / ACMA.

How to Use Targeted Emails From Instagram

There’s a standard strategy that we advise all our clients.

  1. Plug the email list in Facebook Business Manager (as custom audiences) and run ads only on people from that list. 
  2. Leave your ads until your audience is pre-warmed and you’re ready to start sending emails. 
  3. Start your cold email campaign to your warmed up audience. 

Here’s our thinking behind it.

We’ve seen great success among our clients with custom audiences because the ads are extremely targeted (with an 80% match rate). We even have a case study of an eCommerce that achieved 13x ROAS using only custom audiences.

But that’s not the reason we’re doing it.

Actually, we want to pre-target these “cold leads” with ads so when they get your first email they already know your brand.

Here’s an example that explains how pre-targeting helped improve open and reply rates in their cold email campaigns.

Want to Scrape Emails From Instagram?

If you’re a small startup with a developer, go for it and build this! You probably don’t need to get to an extracting scale of 5 million profiles per day. After all, I collected emails manually so you can do it too! Use any GitHub script that is currently available and start testing.

However, if you want to be 100% compliant, have super-targeted data, and also get it within 72hours, feel free to jump on a call with us so we can define your targeted audience together.Schedule A CallView Free Sample Data

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