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How to Find Someone’s Email Address by Their Name

Instagram account search is our in-house developed tool for instantly finding someone’s Instagram profile for free. To use our Instagram search engine simply enter the name or username of the person you’re looking for. Additionally, if you know the location of the account (country or city) you can throw that into the search to improve the chances of finding the right user. 

If you want to do a bulk search and find thousands of Instagram accounts (with contact emails) that are interested in what you’re selling, check out our pricing page and book a free call with our team (p.s. we offer far better-targeting options than FB Ads). 

Reasons to Search Instagram Accounts by Name/Username & Location

Instagram has become one of the largest social media platforms in the world. With around one billion monthly active users worldwide out of which 140 million Instagram profiles from the US. 

A regular person might want to do an Instagram lookup to find accounts of people they interacted with offline. But for the majority of businesses and marketers having an Instagram finder tool gives them an incredible opportunity to search users that are in their targeted market. 

That’s why back in 2018 we started scraping publicly available Instagram user data (email, phone numbers, location, bio, name, username, etc.) and managed to build (probably) the largest Instagram database. 

Having the contact information of over 80 million active users makes our Instagram user search tool a super easy way to find any Instagram account. 

Additionally, we developed an Instagram user search engine that finds users (we don’t have in our DB) on the platform based on the name/username and location you’ve entered. 


How can I find someone on Instagram?

Add the name/username into our search engine. If you know the location of the person then add that too and improve the chances of finding the right person. The IG lookup will be over in a matter of seconds. Our user search tool is totally free.  

Can I Instagram search users only by their name?

Yes, you can enter name and last name and leave out the location field empty. However, we suggest adding a location too so that we can narrow the search and find the person you’re looking for. 

Can I Instagram search users by name without an Instagram account?

Yes. We don’t require you to connect to your Instagram profile when you do an IG user search so it doesn’t matter whether you have an Instagram profile or not. 

Will my Instagram account search history be saved?

No. Since we allow IG user search without previously connecting to your account, your search query will not be saved.

Can someone see whether I’ve been looking for their Instagram profile?

No, there is no way for a person to know that you’ve been looking for/at their accounts because it’s not possible to track a search or a profile visit. 

Can you search Instagram users by email?

A lot of people want to find users based on their personal email addresses. Also, brands with customer emails like to know whether some of them are on Instagram and can be further used as brand ambassadors. Use this tool to Find Instagram Account by Email.

How to find an Instagram account by keywords in bio?

To find Instagram users by keywords they have in their Instagram bio visit our free tool to Search and Find Instagram Users by Bio.

How to do an Instagram user search on the platform?

To search for profiles and hashtags click on the search bar at the top of their app. Select Search & Explore and then enter the name or username of the user. Or enter a specific hashtag they used and go through the results page to find the person you’re looking for. 

How to find an Instagram account by phone number?

  1. Save the person’s number on your device
  2. Go to Instagram’s Discover People 
  3. On the Find People page select “Contacts”
  4. You’ll see users registered with a number saved on your contact
  5. Choose the person you want to follow
  6. If you don’t see contacts then the phone number isn’t used for any IG

Did We Find the Instagram Accounts You Searched?

I hope all of you folks found the Instagram profiles you came here for! However, as I previously mentioned we are an Instagram users data provider, and this Instagram search engine is a side project we worked on for the past couple of weeks.

If you want to get targeted and validated email lists from Instagram users, feel free to schedule a free call with our team. 

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