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Instagram bio search or finding users by keywords in their biography text is not an option that’s available on the platform. But with our internal Instagram database of millions of users, searching  Instagram using bio is just one simple query away.

As an Instagram data provider, our initial product was emails from followers of specific Instagram accounts. Ecommerce businesses and marketing agencies would list brands, competitors, influencers, and we’d return with verified email lists from most of their followers.

Having these targeted consumer & influencer email lists gives A LOT of business opportunities like creating custom audiences or sending cold emails…pretty much forever.

And as our database grew, we noticed that we can be much more specific if we segment people based on keywords in their bio.


How to Use Our Instagram Bio Search Engine

There are many Instagram bio search engines online, but they don’t offer anything that you cannot find in the Google search results. On the other hand, we can filter based on the targeting you want, then extract and validate every email we find on those profiles. That’s kind of our specialty.

Our goal is to give brands a way to search Instagram users and influencers based on relevant keywords as part of a biography text. Using our Instagram bio search engine we can answer complex queries like “Women with a newborn, that live in the USA and has less than 1000 followers”. Fun fact, we have exactly 135 735 Instagram profiles (and emails) that match this description.

Generally, people use their bio to describe the most important aspects of their lives in that limited space on every profile. Meaning bios are full of keywords!



 Choosing the Right Keywords When Searching Instagram Bios

Before filling out our form for bios search try to answer these questions that will help you better identify your ideal niche on Instagram.

Behavior and interest

What are some hobbies that would describe most of your customers? Maybe they like to jog, travel, swim, meditate, read, play chess or some instrument. You can literally ask a couple of your loyal customers to list 3 hobbies and see the ones that recur the most.

If you’re owning a violin store, you might want to get the contact emails of anyone that’s identifying themselves as a violinist.


Instagram bio search by keywords or text in their personal biography

Unlike popular advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook Ads, that only promise targeting by interest and behavior, we can actually deliver it!

Objects and surroundings

Another awesome way to find your potential customers is to think of specific objects and surroundings. Maybe you’re selling products that are complementary or connected to other objects.

For example, motorcyclists cannot drive without a helmet. If you’re selling motorcycle gear you might want to search for users with keywords like: motorcyclist, biker, motorcycles, or some specific model: Triumph Bonneville, Honda CB750, Kawasaki Z1.


Keywords in biography that lets you find relevant instagram users by their bio text.

One more thing, we can also filter based on the number of followers and easily provide Instagram influencer email lists (macro, micro, and nano) by keywords in bio.




Other Ways to Get Email Addresses From Instagram

Other than getting emails from users based on keywords in their biography, there are two more ways for getting targeted emails from Instagram.


1. Scrape Instagram Followers

We have the answer to the age-old question: How to Get Email Addresses From Your Instagram Followers

It’s the most popular option for our clients ie. getting emails from followers of specific Instagram accounts. Be it your competitors, some influencer, your own followers, or pretty much any Instagram account that your customers follow.


2. Scrape Instagram Hashtags

Another great way to search for your ideal audience on Instagram is by hashtags. Instagram allows you to search their platform based on keywords/hashtags, leaving you with a list of anyone that has ever used that hashtag. What we can do is scrape every profile that’s in the search results for that hashtag.

Here’s how the Instagram search results look when you search the hashtag #jewellery.


Other than finding users by bio, you can also get targeted instagram email lists by scraping hashtags.

As we can see from the image, there may be too many people under one hashtag. In this case, we further segment the audience extracted from a hashtag to only match your niche. We can do that by location, number of followers, Instagram category, gender, and even age.


How to Use Emails From Instagram

Here’s the tactic that many prominent marketers implement with their email lists scraped from Instagram for short and long term profits:




  • Add the email list in Facebook Business Manager (as custom audiences) and run ads only on people from that list.
  • Leave your ads until your audience is pre-warmed and you’re ready to start sending emails.
  • Start your cold email campaign to your warmed up audience.




Want Emails From Instagram Users by Bio?

As a data provider with the largest Instagram database, we have the tools and know-how to find the niche of any business/industry. This has been proven by our work with more than 200 brands and agencies in less than 3 years of existence. Book a free 30 min strategy call with our business strategy experts and we’ll help you find your ideal customers on Instagram, at scale!




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