July 16, 2021

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Having a blogger email list can give you the means to reach out to thousands of potential new leads. This article will cover how companies interested in advertising through bloggers can find ones that are suited to their niche (Food, Fashion, Business Bloggers, etc.) and contact them through their email.

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Other data providers can have outdated email lists, as many of them don’t have a way to update them. While those addresses remain un-updated, several things could happen, the blogger in question could switch to another blog type, or no longer cater to the targeted audience of the person who bought the email list, worst-case scenario, he’ll quit blogging and all that data will be useless for the future!

In comparison, our email data is based on the text bloggers put on their social media bios (health, food, lifestyle, or any other type of blogger), as well as the hashtags they use (#blogger is a good example). Because all of this is publicly available information, our team can constantly update our database.

Right at the end of this article, we have a couple of free email addresses from bloggers in our database, as a little reward for a loyal reader like yourself.

How To Find Blogger Leads

In a 2021 study, it’s been estimated that out of over 1.7 billion websites, 600 million are blogs! In the United States alone, over 31 million active bloggers are posting at least once a month. Talk about big numbers! Email user statistics show that 9 out of 10 US citizens above the age of 15 have and use an email. If we translate that to our case, that means that almost every blogger is an active or semi-active email user.

Add to that the fact that 40% of all Instagram users have their email address publicly available on their biography or have a contact button (if you click on it you’ll access their email address, only present on the Instagram app).

1. Blog-related keywords in people’s Instagram bios

People use their bio to make a short description of their account, sharing only the most relevant and important information about themselves. Blogging is a job or an important hobby for many people, so they usually include that fact into their bio.

As an example, we usually find people based on:

  • Keywords such as “fashion blogger”, “makeup blogger” or any account that has “blogger” in their Instagram bio.
  • Bloggers that specify what type of blogger they are like “book blogger”, “lifestyle blogger”, “food blogger”.

2. Hashtags related to blogging or its topics

Hashtags on Instagram are used to describe images on the platform, but they can also be used to promote posts or drive traffic their way.

If you search under the hashtag #blogger, you’ll find every account on the platform that’s ever posted with that hashtag. When they post on the hashtag, we’ll be able to see the email of the account and add it to our email list.

With over 115 million posts on the #blogger hashtag, there are definitely many partnership opportunities in every niche. 

Hashtags related to blogging or its topics

3. The followers and fans of the bloggers themselves

A good way to find and reach out to a big audience that’s interested in a certain type of blogger or topic is to go for the followers of blogger accounts. They like and share the content bloggers put out, and in some cases, they’re even influenced by the things their favorite blogger will say or buy.

The followers and fans of the bloggers themselves

Blogger name Number of followers
lola_rossi_ 391k
cristina_cocco_ 156k
laborsadimartina 79.6k
aylinden 46.5k
lafilleagateaux 34.8k

The great thing about bloggers is that there are so many of them! They cover topics from the smallest niche to the most popular and relevant thing on the market today.

In any case, a lot of our clients use this tactic to get email lists from the followers of their competitors.

How To Use a List of Blogger Leads For a Max Return on Investment

A database of a big number of people like this brings a lot of potential marketing opportunities with it. This is where we’ll cover one simple strategy that’ll help you to maximize the returns you get from your email list.

Running Ads to the community of your chosen blogger

While Facebook might not have specific targeting that aims at food bloggers, for example, there is a great workaround that a lot of seasonal Facebook advertisers use.

Namely, importing a customer list into Facebook Ads that’ll allow you to run ads only to people in that database. These are referred to as Custom Audiences, and due to their high targeting control, they’re considered as the most ROI-positive ads available.

The cherry on top? Facebook won’t ask you to verify that the database is from people who subscribed to your list.

By importing our list of emails and phone numbers as Custom Audiences, you’ll run semi-personalized ads to the people of those lists. You can also make personalized campaigns for people depending on the Instagram profiles that they follow. So if you have the emails of people who follow a food blogger, for example, you might want to make your ads to be connected to kitchen utilities or have a recipe in them.

The point of running these initial ads is to “warm up the audience”. People will familiarize themselves with your brand after a couple of weeks of seeing your ads, which is exactly the thing we want to see.

The second step – emailing the warmed-up audience

Now that you’ve sufficiently warmed up your audience to give you a lot of clicks and impressions, it’s time to create your first marketing campaign for your blogger email list.

First things first, you’ll be emailing people who aren’t subscribed to your email list, so it’s very important to include a visible “unsubscribe” button. It is an easy way for users to cancel getting any further emails if they don’t want to receive them.

An important thing to note is that every email address can be used for promotional purposes, as long as you mention the source of the email, which in our case is from Instagram. Now if you’re interested in reading about the “CAN-SPAM” act then we suggest you read this article.

The third step – Lookalike audiences and Retargeting

Anyone that’s ever visited your website through ads or one of your emails, should be regularly retargeted. Because these people have shown interest in your brand, they just need to be pushed in the right direction to convert them into a customer.

On the other hand, people who have already made the decision and have purchased something from your website can create Lookalike audiences and run Facebook Ads. Having an audience that’s already purchased something, Facebook has an easier time identifying people with similar characteristics to your new customers.

And with that, you can easily reach out and find narrowly targeted audiences who are interested in the products/services that you offer.

Final words

If you want to market to an audience of bloggers, you should consider using email marketing, the ROI and customer connections alone make it worth your while.

Now if you have a better method than our “Custom Audiences” one, then feel free to use it, marketing strategies change often, but one constant remains, having valid, up-to-date data is invaluable.

We here at Influencers Club offer just that, so if you’re in the mood for a successful marketing campaign, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team.

And, as we promised at the start of this blog, here is some free blogger sample data!

Free Food Blogger Email List

This is a free list of users who have the keyword “food blogger” in their Instagram bio.

Free Food Blogger Email List

Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
nordish_food_blog apodlasly21@gmail.com 🥗 FOODLOVER & BLOGGER 🍲📍 Hamburg (🇩🇪)🧚‍♂️ AlexEat thoughtfully; live joyfully – My privat homecook
_nosh_0.8_by_apurva apurvadubey0026@gmail.com 🥗 Homemade food only.😋🥗 Yummy Recipes😋🥗 Managed & food made by @iamapurva26#agra #food #foods #delhifood #lucknowblogger #foodnetwork
shamsi_eebi areebashamsi@yahoo.com 👩🏻‍🍳 Graduate from @iccadubaiFood BloggerRecipes 💯Restaurant Reviews ⬇️📍🇦🇪 From 🇵🇰
rinku_paaji_op aquam.arora25@gmail.com Cook to eat Foodie Food blogger Future Chef Use @theformalfoodie for getting feature Operated by :- @its_aquam

Free Fashion Blogger Email List

These emails are from “fashion bloggers” in our database.

Free Fashion Blogger Email List

Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
aoifeweefa aoifeweefablog@gmail.com 📝 Occasional Blogger📖Lifestyle & Parenting💕 Mum to Charlotte & Hannah📱Insta/Facebook/Twitter: aoifeweefa📧 aoifeweefablog@gmail.com
florida_mama_90 aocan001@fiu.edu 29 years youngFlorida ☀️Wife 💕Stay at Home MomFormer teacher 🍎Coffee ☕️Lifestyle & Disney Blogger
ceoinprogress aparenteau@ceoinprogress.com Amelia // CEO in Progress Procurement Analyst 💱 Lifestyle Blogger 💻 Traveler✈️ Busy Bee 🐝 ‘The harder I work; the luckier I get.’
blackmatter__on blaccsmitth995@outlook.com Artist.fashion blogger.poet.
appleola0018 appleola@ymail.com Dancer; Beauty blogger; 💙 lilo&stitch;Stay classy never trashy ♕♛(follow me )
house_of_tst aqsasafdar184@yahoo.com @ninetynine_apparelsCooking Passionate🍲🍱🍴Food recipies you like🍢Life Style blogger❤Part time photographer as well🌻🎑GraduatedSagittarius⚡

Free Video Blogger Email List

If you need a list of bloggers that also create videos along with their blogs, we got you covered.

Free Video Blogger Email List

Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
anaareinert apr.gatita@gmail.com ▪︎ Lifestyle and Blogger▪︎ Parcerias via direct ou por e-mail contatoanareinert@gmail.com▪︎ VÍDEO NOVO ↴
iamaphadaya aphadayamanagement@gmail.com •Youtuber•fashion blogger•fitness @aphadayafitness•collab ✉️ aphadayamanagement@gmail.comNew videos every Monday + Friday at 12pmSubscribe 👇👇👇
hiiiqueenbae arabozorgian@gmail.com 🦋travel blogger📌CanadaMain @araqueenbaeTikTok: @ araqueenbaee⬇️NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO

Free Photography Blogger Email List

We also cover bloggers who write about their experiences, or use their blog to advertise their work, like photography bloggers do.

Free Photography Blogger Email List

Instagram Username Email Instagram Biography
mo.nabawy archmohamednabawy@gmail.com Blogger ✍ – Freelancer 👨‍💻 – Traveller 🌍
car.cher archerquiseo@hotmail.com Automotive & Lifestyle PhotographerCARbloggerWanna be Racecar DriverChasing that Supercar Dream#carcherlife#alloyksa🇸🇦Riyadh; KSA
architect.ontheroad architectontheroad@gmail.com 🏠 Interior Architect✈️Travel Blogger🌎Top design story around the world📌 France 🇫🇷👇🏼Join the creative traveler community
aquiltinglife aquiltinglife@gmail.com * I ❤️ Quilts* Designer for Moda Fabrics* Quilting & Creative Lifestyle Blogger* Author & Pattern Designer* www.etsy.com/shop/SherriQuilts

If you want to order an email list of photography bloggers, you can schedule a free 30-minute call with our team at this link.


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