September 21, 2021

Top 50 Gaming Micro-Influencers

Top 50 Gaming Micro-Influencers


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For years now, influencers have been an important marketing tool for most brands, but the strategy that companies were using to find influencers has changed.

These days, brands aren’t looking to sign the biggest names on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Twitch. Instead, they are hiring so-called “micro-influencers”.

Micro-influencers are people who create content, but without a big audience like regular influencers do. They have a smaller, but far more dedicated and engaged audience. The deeper relationship between the creator or micro-influencer and their viewers is what makes these partnerships so valuable to brands.

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Why Gaming Micro-Influencers Are so Popular

They are More Authentic

One of the biggest reasons why gaming micro influencers perform better than regular influencers is the authenticity they provide by creating quality and creative content for brand partnerships that speaks directly to their audience.

Because their following is lower, the gaming content they publish is a lot more relatable and unique for their audience. Therefore, fans have a deeper connection with micro influencers, so they know that the products micro influencers promote are the ones they genuinely love using themselves.

This belief that fans have resulted in them checking most of the gaming brands that work with their favorite micro influencers.

They Have Higher Engagement Rates

The higher someone’s online following is, the lower their engagement rate is. This happens for a number of reasons, but the more followers you have, there is lesser chance that 100% of them will interact with your post.

Therefore, micro gaming influencers have a higher engagement rate compared to bigger influencers. This motivates a lot of brands to work with these kinds of influencers because the higher engagement means that more potential customers will hear and check their business out.

Their Fans are…Gamers

Every single gamer that plays games at least once a week and many people that aren’t into gaming at all have heard about Ninja because of his popularity. But these people aren’t hardcore gamers who are willing to spend money on things related to gaming.

On the other hand, someone that follows a gaming micro influencer is far more likely to be someone who is more interested in the gaming space, so there’s a higher chance that he’ll spend more time and money on gaming-related stuff.

Looking at this from a business perspective, you don’t want to target people that are casually playing games once or twice a month.

You are aiming at reaching people that are spending far more time gaming. Facebook Ads, big influencers, and a lot of other marketing methods can’t guarantee you to reach these people. Micro influencers can.

They Are Cost-Effective

Every gaming brand is looking to find cost-effective marketing channels, and micro-influencers might provide just that.

Because of their low following count, they have a tendency to charge lower rates and some might even work if you give them free access to your products. This allows even smaller brands to try out influencer marketing while not spending a fortune.

On the other hand, bigger brands can use a small portion of their marketing budget to work with a big number of micro gaming influencers instead at the same price as working with one big name in the gaming industry.

This shows that consumers are 82% more likely to buy something if a micro influencer recommends it which leads to the fact that cost-effective marketing is only going to become cheaper.

How to Find Gaming Micro Influencers for Free

The creator economy is a pretty new topic, so finding the best micro influencers in every niche, including the gaming industry, is a pretty hard task because there are not so many tools out there that automate the process.

That’s why at Influencers Club, a service that helps businesses find validated email addresses from creators, we created a tool that helps brands find creators by a given keyword.

This tool is free to use and it allows anyone to search for influencers by a given keyword, for example, “gamer”, “gaming youtuber”, “twitch gamer”, etc.

Instagram bio of a gaming micro-influencer

The best part is that you can even choose the number of followers that the influencers have, so you can lower or increase the number of followers based on your budget and desires.

Having a tool like this makes it easier to find the right influencers for your purpose, but the hard part is approaching micro influencers, and doing it at scale is even harder.

Check the link If you are interested in learning more about how to find micro-influencers for free.

That’s why the next part of this article is crucial for your success in influencer marketing or more specifically, micro influencer marketing.

2 Ways to Connect with Gaming Micro-Influencers

Because gaming micro-influencers don’t have much information available to the public, there is a limited number of channels through which you can reach out to them.

The two channels you can use to reach most micro-influencers are Instagram DMs and Email.

Instagram DMs

Using this to reach micro-influencers is pretty easy and straightforward. You just need to find their Instagram profile and send them a direct message through your browser or mobile app. But there are two caveats to this method.

The first one being that they might not even see your Instagram message.

Even though these people don’t have many followers, the ones they have are pretty hardcore fans, so they receive a lot of messages just from them. Micro influencer marketing is also getting more and more popular, so there is an increasing number of brands that are contacting them through social media too.

The second problem with this method is that Instagram has a limit on how many messages you can send before you get blocked. Nobody knows the correct number, but it is somewhere around 20 – 30 messages. This limits the number of people you can contact and if you want to find multiple gaming micro-influencers to work with, this is not a viable strategy.


A better way that you can use to reach a big number of micro-influencers in the gaming niche is by directly emailing them.

To find someone’s email address, you can simply go to their Instagram profile and check their bio or the special “Email” button. Then you can copy and paste it into your spreadsheet.

It’s simple, but it is a lot of manual work, so that’s why we recommend using a service like Influencers Club that will provide you with email addresses of gaming micro-influencers that you’re targeting.

By using this approach you can truly scale your outreach efforts which will ultimately lead to more micro-influencer collaborations and more exposure for your brand.

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