January 24, 2022

Top 13 Australian Influencers


This week we’re continuing with our little tour of the world we started out with our article on who our top Mexican Influencers are.
This time we’re stopping by the land down under, Australia! Famous for their unique geography, landmarks, different cultures, and so much more.
Australia has much to offer, especially when it comes to its people, something we hope to shine a light on (at least a bit) with our article.

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So, with the introductions dealt with, we’d like to present to you our dear reader a list of our top 13 Australian influencers on Instagram!
A varied selection of people of all backgrounds, with one thing in common, lots of followers!
Read until the end! That way you’ll be sure you won’t miss out on a potential new favorite.

Rosanna Arkle, Australian actress

1. Rosanna Arkle @rosannaarkle

Number of Instagram followers: 5.9m

Number of Facebook followers: 6m

Type of Influencer: Actress, fashion

Number one on our list is Rosanna Arkle, an Australian model, reality television personality, and social media star who is famous for her appearance on the TV show “The GC”. Her content is mainly focused on fashion and modeling.

Shani Grimmond, Australian influencer

2. Shani Grimmond @shanigrimmond

Number of Instagram followers: 1.4m

Number of Youtube subscribers: 1.5m

Type of Influencer: Youtuber, fashion, beauty

Shani Grimmond is our faithful number 2, she is a beauty star on YouTube. Her channel focuses on hair, makeup, and product reviews, as well as different trends in those fields.

She is also the founder of Sylk Swim, a clothing company for swimwear, which she promotes across all of her social media channels.

Lauren Curtis, Australian beauty Youtuber

3. Lauren Curtis @lozcurtis

Number of Instagram followers: 1.2m

Number of Youtube subscribers: 3.3m

Type of Influencer: Youtuber, beauty

And coming in at number 3 is Lauren! Just like Shani, she has a popular beauty YouTube channel where she posts her makeup and hair tutorials, as well as product reviews, and everything else beauty-related. Her Instagram account is the main place where she features her product “Loungeface”.

Libby Powell, Australian fashion influencer

4. Libby Powell @libbypowell_

Number of Instagram followers: 1.1m

Type of Influencer: Fashion, fitness

Libby is a fitness and magazine cover model that made her debut as Miss February in the Australian Swimsuit Calendar. Since then she’s been active on social media, getting over 1.1 million Instagram followers, and promoting the clothing brand “muscle nation”.

Steph Pacca, Australian fitness influencer

5. Steph Pacca @steph_paccaa

Number of Instagram followers: 856k

Type of Influencer: Fitness, beauty

A fitness model, and personal trainer that specializes in fat loss and body sculpting, as well as selling nutritional guides.

She’s the brand ambassador for “Woman’s Best” a clothing brand, and the owner of “theskn” a tanning oil brand.

Michael Clarke, Australian sports influencer

6. Michael Clarke @michaelclarkeofficial

Number of Instagram followers: 856k

Type of Influencer: Sports, fitness, family

A former cricket player and current Co-Host of “Big Sports Breakfast Radio”, Michael has a long career behind him as a sports star and an even longer career of being a dad ahead of him.

Maddison Brown, Australian actress

7. Maddison Brown @maddisonbrown

Number of Instagram followers: 856k

Type of Influencer: Actress

Maddison is a young actress that’s famous for her role in the reboot of “Dynasty”. Other than that she has a big social media presence, while especially popular on Instagram, she also has a Youtube channel and a Twitter.

Joshdubgaming, Australian comedy influencer

8. Joshdubgaming @joshdubgaming

Number of Instagram followers: 725k

Type of Influencer: Comedy, music

Comedy, music, and memes, the three things that describe Josh’s Instagram page. Besides Instagram, he has a bunch of other channels where he shares his unique comedy talent with the world.

Tahlia Skaines, Australian beauty influencer

9. Tahlia Skaines @tahliaskaines

Number of Instagram followers: 626k

Type of Influencer: Lifestyle, beauty, fashion

Tahlia is a fashion and lifestyle Instagram star. Tahlia even has her own clothing brand “Skaines the Label”, a perfect matchup, since her brand revolves around fashion and modeling.

Emma Rose, Australian beauty influencer

10. Emma Rose @emmaleger

Number of Instagram followers: 551k

Type of Influencer: Beauty, lifestyle

Blogger and founder of “pour.les.rebelles”, her Instagram page includes mostly promotional posts for the various brands she works with. Adding to that she’s the brand ambassador of both “also” and “isclinical”.

Quade Cooper, Australian sports influencer

11. Quade Cooper @quadecooper

Number of Instagram followers: 546k

Type of Influencer: Sports, fitness

Quade is a professional rugby player and occasional boxer, born in New Zealand but representing Australia. Famos both in the real and digital world, he’s our number 11!

Tayla Damir, Australian actress

12. Tayla Damir @tayla.damir

Number of Instagram followers: 525k

Type of Influencer: Fashion, actress

One of the most famous models and reality tv show stars and social media personalities in Australia, as well as the winner of the Australian show love island.

Lily Brown, Australian fashion influencer

13. Lily Brown @__lilybrown

Number of Instagram followers: 345k

Type of Influencer: Fashion, beauty

Fashion and beauty influencer as well as the founder of her own luxury sleepwear brand “_chille”. 

Our small trip to Australia is over, but don’t worry, we’ll be covering influencers from around the globe, and your favorite location might be next!

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