February 9, 2022

Top 12 Italian Influencers of 2022

We ranked the best Italian influencers across all social media platforms. Check our list of top Italian influencers in 2022.


Last time, we covered our top influencers from Australia, and we promised we’d bring you more content, so here we are! This time we’re headed to Italy, a land of rich history, good food, and amazing sights to see.

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And of course, lot’s of new faces as well. So we think it’s high time you get to know some of them.

This is our list of the top 12 Italian influencers on Instagram.

Number of Instagram followers: 8.1 m
Type of Influencer: Television presenter, sports

Leotta is a television presenter from Catania Sicily, famous for her good looks and coverage of sports events.

Number of Instagram followers: 2.8 m
Type of Influencer: Beauty, blogger

Wife of the famous football player Alvaro Morata and mother to 3, Alice is an online personality on top of all that. Not only is she a major player on Instagram and TikTok, but she also has two brands under her belt Akala Studio and Masqai.

Number of Instagram followers: 2.4m
Type of Influencer: Actress, singer, dancer

Singer, actress, dancer, is there anything Lodovica can’t do? Well, she’s been doing it since a young age, so naturally, she’d be good at it, gaining popularity for her role in the Argentine Disney Channel series Violetta.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.5m
Type of Influencer: Actor

A Napoli native who now lives in Brazil, Vincenzo is an actor, model, and certified vegetarian.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.3m
Type of Influencer: Actress

Most famous for her relationship with Christiano Ronaldo, Elisa is an Instagram influencer as well as a business owner with her very own brand “elisadepanicis_collection”.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.2m
Type of Influencer: Model, Sports

Model and fencing champion Antonella is making gains in the social media world with her natural beauty and exotic accent.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.2m
Type of Influencer: Artist

Gulia is a singer and an artist, her music has touched thousands, and her followers number in the millions. Without a doubt, Giulia is one of the top Italian music artists, and one of their biggest Instagram Influencers.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.2m
Type of Influencer: Fitness,

TV Host, fitness motivator, biker, mother, and brand ambassador of “Rossignol”, Maddalena has quite the portfolio for an Instagram influencer.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.1m
Type of Influencer: Fashion, beauty

A well-known face in Italy due to her role in the famous 2016 show “Uomini e Donne”, Camilla Mangiapelo has transitioned to an entertainment role on Instagram and Facebook.

Number of Instagram followers: 1m
Type of Influencer: Actress

Made famous by her role in “Uomini e done”, Karina Cascella besides being an actress is also a high profile social media influencer. She hasn’t forsaken her acting career however and is still in the game with TV shows and the occasional movie.

Number of Instagram followers: 1m
Type of Influencer: Fashion

Actress, producer, and brand ambassador of both “damianiofficial” and “apjnow”. Madalina is a prestigious actress and model, her online content is

Number of Instagram followers: 1m
Type of Influencer: Fitness, sport

A former professional gymnast and entertainer, Giulia is a high-profile influencer now, owing mostly to her appearance on Italian TV shows like “Italia’s got talent”. Now she has a huge Instagram following, as well as a Youtube channel where she does fitness videos coming from her background in gymnastics.

Closing Thoughts

Our little tour of Italy’s finest is over, but don’t fret! We’ll be back next week with another exciting location, and its share of interesting people.

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