March 8, 2022

Top 5 Creator Management Platforms | Influencers Club

The best creator management platforms that will help you improve your relationship (from start to finish) with your creators.


Do you often have thousands of tabs opened on your desktop? Trying to manage the influencer campaigns and branded content via ten different software?

It’s a headache, we know!

That’s what creator management stands for: to help you centralize and manage all your influencers, automate the logistics, and get you access to brand creators seeking direct collaborations and forming close relationships.

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To give you a hand to optimize partnerships, creator campaigns, and influencer marketing efforts, we created a list of the best-performing management platforms. But before we dive into each creator management platform, let’s see some basics first.

What is a creator management platform?

With the rise of the creator economy being worth more than $104.2 billion, the need to scale creator management is becoming a great necessity.

The creator management platform is a piece of software that is genuinely helping people to use modern technology to create and manage branded content. These platforms will help you establish and nurture authentic partnerships with influencers and top content creators.

Benefits of using a creator management platform

If you’re a new brand on the market, a spreadsheet and some email threads will do the job. But once your brand and the need for more creators expand, the manual process will take away the time you don’t have.

Before you decide to employ another portfolio manager, hear out what these game-changing solutions can bring you.

1. Creator prospecting

Creators are people who use social media platforms to create original content in a particular field. Just like influencers, you’ll need these people to get directions to the consumer.

Many social media management platforms have search features based on hashtags that work just fine to find traditional content creators.

But once you level up your influencer marketing, you’ll need more advanced searches to find creators and influencers. And these platforms can provide both from international markets.

2. Creator recruiting

Once you form your user base, you will need to systemize all the communication and materials. You can save the details, go through them whenever you want, and analyze the prospects.

Moreover, you can hand-pick the ones you like to work with. Such a platform has multiple inbound tools which can help you easily convert prospects you found to your new content creators.

3. Relationship management

As the pool of creators expands, the system will keep all the details of your partners, sometimes including tools covering finance. The platforms often contain predefined and customizable templates you can personalize and use to outreach and nurture your partners.

That way, you can easily focus on forming close relationships with your creators.

Top 5 creator management platforms

Please have in mind that the following creator management platforms are ideal for companies that have already found their ideal influencers and just want to nurture the partnership with them.

But, if you still haven’t found the right influencers for your brand, tools like Influencers Club can help you connect with highly-targeted influencers based on your chosen criteria and reach out to them via their favorite outreach channel – an email.

1. Grin

Top 5 Creator Management Platforms - GRIN

The Grin story is the leading creator management platform (which is true). Grin is an all-in-one creator management platform that helps eCommerce companies gain early success with the power of the creator economy.

Grin will help you with influencer discovery, outreach, management, and campaign monitoring in one single place.

Besides the essential tools, many eCommerce integrations join Grin and make product seeding and affiliate links very easy. Grin can also allow you to easily send products to your partners and provide tracking on them.

One of the best features incorporated in their search tool is the look-alike feature that gives you suggestions similar to your searches. Also, the design is very user-friendly and makes it easier to navigate through the platform.

Disruptive companies like yours can altogether quit doing the influencers program in ten different software and centralize the efforts in a single dashboard.

After the company welcomed Jay Simons as Board observer and the recent funding increases Grin’s features and positions it as a definitive leader.

Main features:

  • Influencer recruitment
  • Influencer and creator segmentation
  • Content approval
  • Creator campaigns analytics
  • Audience analytics
  • eCommerce integrations
  • Sending products with tracking

2. Upfluence

Top 5 Creator Management Platforms - Upfluence

Upfluence is another platform that the world’s leading brands love. The platform offers you tools for streamlining influencer marketing campaigns. Moreover, they have an extensive database of influencers of different respective industries.

As the creator economy continues, Upfluence is bringing game-changing solutions to help you keep track of all your influencer and creator partnerships, manage existing and new funding, influencer payments, and campaigns.

What makes Upflience unique is the UGC management tool incorporated into the platform, which helps you naturally connect with creators and your consumers.

Also, the platform has eCommerce integrations to allow you to meet your goals and increase sales constantly. It’s the end-to-end platform that makes influencer marketing more accessible than ever.

Main features:

  • Influencer recruitment
  • Influencer and creators segmentation
  • Influencer scoring
  • Influencer collaboration
  • Campaign analytics
  • User-generated content management
  • Influencer compensation

3. CreatorIQ

Top 5 Creator Management Platforms - CreatorIQ

Being aware of the expansion of the creator economy, CreatorIQ is a well-positioned platform, and we are huge supporters.

If you’re seeking to advance your influencer marketing efforts and get complete control of the ongoing campaigns, then CreatorIQ is the right tool for you. The platform offers you features to overcome the biggest challenges in influencer and creators research, outreach, and relationship building.

You can search for creators and influencers from international territories, filter by topic, invite creators into campaigns to make included participation, and use pre-build outreach templates to help you form the best relationships with your partners.

The company continues to improve the ongoing narratives and incorporate new solutions and features to help you increase your YoY revenue investment with multiple inbound tools.

Main features:

  • Influencer recruitment
  • Influencer and creators segmentation
  • Campaign analytics
  • Influencer scoring
  • Content approval
  • Analytics dashboard
  • API integrations

4. Aspire

Top 5 Creator Management Platforms - Aspire

Aspire is a relatively young SaaS platform for influencer marketing but is quickly rising as a robust creator economy-friendly platform – especially in the post-pandemic era.

Aspire offers you features that include influencer discovery by multiple search criteria. Furthermore, you can set and run automation workflows within the platform and conduct product seeding.

Not only that finding influencers will be easier with Aspire, but you’ll have all the communications, payments, and campaigns in one place. You can run reports and perform analyses.

Plus, the company triples its efforts when it comes to customer support. So, you won’t have to worry – you’ll always receive help and extra tips from their support team.

Main features:

  • Influencer recruitment
  • Influencer and creator segmentations
  • Content approval
  • Influencer scoring
  • Influencer whitelisting
  • Audience analysis
  • Campaign analysis

5. Trend

Top 5 Creator Management Platforms - Trend

Trend is one of the best platforms to save you time managing influencers and creators while giving you complete control of your use of the creator economy.

The platform can solve problems for you in terms of helping you easily connect with influencers who love to create content for your brand. The features they provide are compelling and will help you leverage brand awareness from influencers.

You can search and find tons of influencers within the platform and run dozens of campaigns every month. You can directly contact your content creators, making the whole process more personal.

Moreover, you also get the opportunity to approve and disapprove the content that’s created for you (which you also get to keep, by the way).

Main features:

  • Influencer recruitment
  • Influencer and creators segmentation
  • Content approval
  • Influencer scoring
  • Content ownership
  • Audience analysis
  • Campaign analysis

Pro tips: How can creators find managers or agencies that work with creators?

You already know that your audience doesn’t watch TV stations, but it’s on social networks. That means that the creator economy and influencers inevitably evolve, and your brand will need some extra tips to solve problems finding the right partners.

I know that this might be new to you. That’s why I want to give you some extra tips that the pros are practicing to land excellent managers and agencies that work with creators.

  • Think about your platforms. Many managers and agencies are generalists and work with multiple platforms. Others specialize in Instagrammers, YouTubers, or streamers. So, know what you’re looking for.
  • Consider your niche topic. Some managers are going even into more detail. Someone’s list might include mostly lifestyle YouTubers. Others might consist of mainly small business co-founder daily motivation Instagrammers or #ThatGirl TikTokers.
  • Use super-targeted email outreach. You can benefit from tools like Influencers Club to find emails from relevant and verified influencers, content creators, and managers. They can help you reach tons of creators and even customers and help you convert them into your best influencers.

To wrap up

It’s more than obvious – once your brand starts scaling up, the manual way of work and management will just suck up your precious time.

Luckily, you can employ an influencer marketing platform to do the heavy lifting for you. And you can focus on the things you do best – running your business.

If you still don’t know where to start, tools like Influencers Club can come in handy in finding the right content creators and help you connect with them most genuinely and effectively.

So, what are you waiting for?!

Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help!


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