March 8, 2022

Top 11 Seattle Influencers in 2022

We ranked the best Seattle influencers across all social media platforms. Check our list of top Seattle influencers in 2022.


And we’re back! Now with a slight change to the usual formula, we’re not going to be looking at influencers from a country, oh no! This time we’ll be taking a look at influencers from a major city! That city is Seattle, the coffee capital of the world, the biggest city in the North-West of the USA, and a cultural hub for the US! What else is there to say about it? Oh right!

It’s home to a host of Influencers and creators, every one of them with their unique stories and style. We made sure to pick out our favorite ones, so without further ado here’s our list of the top 11 Seattle Influencers of 2022!

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Number of Instagram followers: 918k
Number of YouTube followers: 3.49m
Type of Influencer: Vlogger, Youtuber

Sarai is a Youtube vlogger and self-proclaimed “makeup guru”. While her Instagram content is just her posting selfies, on her Youtube she has a total of 10 million views across the 12 years her channel has existed. We’re very impressed!

Number of Instagram followers: 918k
Type of Influencer: Blogger, travel

Jess is an outdoor enthusiast based in Seattle. Her travel blog, “Jess Wandering” is dedicated to bringing you charming stories of destinations far and wide, whether they’re on or off the beaten track.

Number of Instagram followers: 838k
Number of YouTube followers: 1.82m
Type of Influencer: Vlogger

Judy’s channel is for all things makeup, fashion, and hair-related. Her “First Impressions” series on new products on the makeup market and her look into the latest hair and makeup looks are what her viewers come back for every time.

Number of Instagram followers: 583k
Type of Influencer: Photographer, Artist

A landscape photographer, Ryan brings us beauty in the form of nature and landscape photos on his Instagram and TikTok.

Number of Instagram followers: 412k
Type of Influencer: Fitness, artist

Male model and Onlyfans creator, Keegan has content on the 18+ scale. If you’re ok with that, follow him on his Instagram or subscribe to his Onlyfans for more.

Number of Instagram followers: 288k
Type of Influencer: Food, artist

Linda is an expert cook, especially when it comes to pasta. The things she knows and creates are guaranteed to impress any of your guests, especially if you make her signature multi-colored pasta!

Number of Instagram followers: 286k
Type of Influencer: Artist

Contrary to her Instagram handle (anotherseattleartist), Katie is everything but that. Making amazing things by just using clay, a brush, and a few sprinkles, she is a must-follow for any DIY art lovers. Wouldn’t hurt to see what her latest work is, it might inspire you!

Number of Instagram followers: 284k
Type of Influencer: Blogger

Interior decorator and lifestyle blogger, Sabrina can give you plenty of ideas on how to decorate your home, indoor space, or garden.

9. Whitney Dalynn

Number of Instagram followers: 258k
Type of Influencer: Beauty

Whitney’s Instagram is most focused on beauty content like pictures and reels, but Whitney herself is a licensed cosmetologist and business owner.

Number of Instagram followers: 209k
Type of Influencer: Pet

Ashley, or “The youngest cat lady” on Instagram, is focused solely on cats. Everything you might wanna know or find interesting about cats, you’ll find on Ashley’s channel.

Number of Instagram followers: 181k
Type of Influencer: Photographer

The second photographer on our list, Nathaniel is a landscape photographer, with a great deal of focus and attention to detail, he makes some of the best nature photos we’ve ever seen

You’ve seen Seattle, and you’ve seen some of the best that Seattle can offer. Wanna see more? You got it! Only this time we’ll be covering something a little different. Something a bit close to home. Or was it someone? Enough with the hints, join us next week and see what we bring to the table.

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