March 15, 2022

Top 12 Dad Instagram Influencers

Top 12 Dad Instagram Influencers in 2022


Hello again, we’re here with another article to highlight the best influencers from a specific niche. This time we’re going to give you a list of the top 12 dad influencers on Instagram!

Now we know it’s not fathers day or anything like that, but why do we need to have a specific day to feature the most popular dads in the world? Besides, a good father is a thing to treasure, and in our opinion, we should hold in great esteem those that are. So we decided to show the world some excellent examples!

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Number of Instagram followers: 500k
Type of Influencer: Athlete, Sports

The dad to start our list is none other than former basketball player Kenny Smith. Now a sports commentator, he is a father of 4, and stepfather of 1, it seems that Kenny has his hands full, to say the least!
Being one of the most respected basketball commentators in the industry, Kenny is also the recipient of an Emmy award for his Award-Winning “Inside the NBA” postgame show.

Number of Instagram followers: 475k
Type of Influencer: Singer, songwriter

Dad number 2 is the country singer Christopher Pierre Janson. So far, he has recorded 3 full-length albums with several of his concerts selling out frequently, having been remarked as being “Explosive on stage and completely unpredictable”. He is the father of 4 children (2 from his current and 2 from his previous marriage).

Number of Instagram followers: 401k
Type of Influencer: Fitness

A fitness instructor,physical therapist strength coach, and co-founder of Citizen Athletics and E3Rehab. As well as specializing in providing exercises that help people with their injuries (hence the “doctor” in his name). And most importantly, Father of one precious little girl!

Number of Instagram followers: 348k
Type of Influencer: Athlete

An American football player “wide receiver”, Tate has a long career behind him of representing some of the biggest American football teams in the past 10 years. He has two children with his wife Elise Pollard. Being from a family of athletes, there are high hopes that his children will go down the family route.

Number of Instagram followers: 336k
Type of Influencer: Sports

A former anchor for ESPN and current mixed martial arts commentator, Jon Anik is the father of three, 2 daughters, and one son.

Number of Instagram followers: 189k
Type of Influencer: Entrepreneur

Jessie and his wife Tina are a power duo, they flip houses and take names over at HGTV!
They find old houses and fix them up for resale! We just love those shows!
They have 3 lovely children to accompany them on their journey, 3 boys!

Number of Instagram followers: 101k
Type of Influencer: Artist

Now, this is unique! You didn’t expect to see Maeko Maumasi the bladesmith here, did you?
Crafting new knife designs as well as knife artistry is the name of the game here, you know that his kids will know everything there is about knife safety that’s for sure! Mareko is a proud father and an excellent craftsman.

Number of Instagram followers: 99.4k
Type of Influencer: Fitness

Former marine and owner of “Johnyslicks”, Nick is one of those dads that definitely can beat your dad! But he won’t, because he’s an all-round cool guy.

Number of Instagram followers: 99.4k
Type of Influencer: Fitness

Former marine and owner of “Johnyslicks”, Nick is one of those dads that definitely can beat your dad! But he won’t, because he’s an all-round cool guy.

Number of Instagram followers: 89.5k
Type of Influencer: Coach

Jordan Montgomery is the owner of “Montgomery Companies”, he is a highly regarded performance coach and keynote speaker, as well as a father of 3!

Number of Instagram followers: 87k
Type of Influencer: Filmmaker, author

One thing is for sure, having a filmmaker for a father must be amazing! At least we think so because Kyle Newman is one cool guy! Not only for being an avid filmmaker and New York Times bestselling author but also for hosting big D&D sessions (and even writing a D&D book). His 3 kids are really lucky to have a dad like this!

12. Mike Obay

Number of Instagram followers: 67.2k
Type of Influencer: Investor, Entrepreneur

Investor, entrepreneur and chairman of Stewarts All American (a 97 year old brand of diners), Mike is a father first and a businessman second. He’s very fond of his son and daughter and they’re featured in most of posts on Instagram. It’s a new age after all.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! Those are our picks for the top 12 dad influencers. We hope you liked our choices, and if you didn’t well we hope next week’s article will be more to your fancy than this one.

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