April 20, 2022

Get a Targeted YouTubers Email List | Free Tool Included


YouTube creators are some of the best people you can work with to promote your products and services. They have much stronger bonds with their fans than types of creators because of the very direct and personal communication that happens through long-form video content.

As a result, YouTubers are very influential, and by working with them your brand can gain:

  • Long-lasting loyal customers
  • Unbreakable brand awareness
  • Stronger social presence
  • Target audience trust

In 2021 brands spent $603M on YouTube Influencer marketing, with the biggest spenders being Honey, Express VPN, Gfuel, and SkillShare (according to InfluencerMarketingHub), with the top industries being Tech, Gaming, Food, Beauty, and Fashion.

But if you’re looking for a YouTuber influencer list, you probably already know the incredible benefits of working with YouTubers. So, how exactly do you get a targeted email list of YouTubers?

In this article you will find two methods to get an email list of targeted YouTubers based on how many you need:

  • Use a Social Media Data Provider – if you need hundreds or thousands of YouTuber emails
  • Use a Free Tool to Manually Find YouTubers – if you need less than 100 YouTuber emails

Get a Targeted List of YouTuber Emails (Social Media Data Provider)

A meme about Influencers Club

Here at Influencers Club, we own the biggest database of influencers on the internet (it’s in the name) with more than 52M influencer contacts.

In our massive database, we store influencer information (including emails) which we actively collect from a variety of social media platforms, the main one being Instagram. So, how can we help you get a Youtuber email list? 

Apart from emails we also collect 29 additional data points that can be used as smart filters to filter through our database and find the most targeted prospects possible. These data points include:

  • Type of link in bio
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Ethnicity
  • Number of followers
  • Engagement rate
  • Keywords (in bio)
  • 21 more…

YouTube is notoriously hard to crawl and collect emails, which is why no other services offer targeted email lists from YouTubers. But, we use Instagram data to get around this.

Our YouTuber email lists are made by filtering through our huge database by the type of link creators have in their Instagram bio or Linktree/Beacons page.

By looking for creators that have a YouTube channel link in their Instagram bio, in conjunction with your targeting preferences based on any of our smart filters (data points) we can easily get you a laser-targeted email list of YouTubers as big or as small as you need.

Simply explain to us your ideal YouTuber in the form below, or schedule a free strategy call with our team of professionals so we can help you determine and find the ideal YouTubers for your brand.

To give you an idea of what is possible, these are some search queries brands have used to get their targeted YouTubers’ email lists:

  • Creators with 10-20k followers, that have the words “makeup” and “beauty” in their bio, are female and live in the US 
  • Influencers that have 100-500k followers, are male, live in the US and Canada, and have the words “natural bodybuilder”, “natty”, or “Gymshark” in their bio.
  • Creators that have “artist” in their bio, have 5,000 – 10,000 followers and post more than three times a week.

Manually Build a YouTubers Email List

The YouTube Channel Crawler is a great free tool that you can use to find targeted YouTube channels based on filters like their category, subscriber count, total views, total videos, and keywords.

The great thing about this tool is that it’s free, and amazing for finding targeted channels for your brand. The only drawback is that you have to collect the email addresses manually. But that’s completely doable if you need a list of less than 100 YouTuber emails – it shouldn’t take you more than a full working day to build.

A screenshot of the tool "The YouTube Channel Crawler"

The tool is very intuitive and simple to use, so we’re going to focus on helping you collect the emails and organize them into a list – the hard part.

First of all, grab this free spreadsheet (make a copy). Use it to store the information and emails of the YouTubers you find.

How to Manually Collect Emails From YouTubers

Once you find a YouTuber that fits your brand, you’re going to want to collect their email. But how do you find it?

Most YouTubers have their emails publicly available. Once on the channel page, you can find it by navigating to the about tab and then clicking on the “VIEW EMAIL ADDRESS” button in the details section.

How to find the email address on a YouTube channel

Once you click on the button, you’ll be asked to complete a ReCaptcha. Then you’ll be presented with the channel’s email address, which you can store in the spreadsheet we provided.

How to Use a YouTuber Email List (Personalized Outreach)

Many brands and marketers, after going through the trouble of building or finding an email list of targeted YouTubers, fail at using it by relying on pre-made email templates for their outreach.

While templates work great if you’re contacting YouTubers at scale (and with a professional email marketer), most of the time brands use them incorrectly and end up totally trashing their domains and saturating their email lists. 

P.S, we send millions (literally) of emails to creators each month for many of our clients (Pietra, Jellysmack, Linktree, Beacons, Pearpop, Willa, and others), so we know a thing or two about sending cold emails at scale. Let’s chat!

Anyways, if you’re sending emails to a small number of YouTubers then personalizing your outreach is the way to go if you want to maximize your response rate.

Personalized emails work better because they add a human element to your outreach. At the end of the day, you are connecting with other humans, right?

Taking the time to analyze each YouTuber, their profile, and content, and putting that into words, is a unique approach only another human is capable of doing. That human element is what will make you stand out from the other 69 identical emails they got this week.

But how do you write personalized outreach emails?

Follow these tips when personalizing your outreach emails:

  • Personalize your first sentence the most. Scan through the YouTuber’s profile and most recent videos. Include and compliment them on their content, and things that only subscribers and people that watch their videos would know.
  • Keep your emails short and sweet. Tell them why you contacted them and about your offer, and most importantly, emphasize how your collaboration will benefit them.
  • At the end include a simple CTA. Make it easy for them to send you a reply. Say something like “Would you like to know more?” or “Can we send you some of our products for free?” to wrap it up.

Wrapping up

YouTubers have the potential to change your business overnight. The reach you get with them is far stronger than with other creators because the content they post on YouTube will continue to collect views for months and even years to come.

By now you should know how to build and where to get a targeted email list of YouTubers for your business.

And if you haven’t already, schedule a free strategy call with our team so we can help you find the most targeted email list of the best possible YouTubers for your business!

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