November 11, 2022

5 Best HypeAuditor Alternatives to Use in 2023

Hypeauditor Alternative


With over 50M social influencer accounts and 23 filters and unlimited keyword queries, HypeAuditor established itself as one of the leading influencer marketing platforms nowadays.
It enables brands and marketers to look up influencers in 253 countries in any niche, analyze fake followers and identifies a given influencer account’s audience quality.
Yet, there are some things HypeAuditor alternatives can do better. Whether is focusing on only a few features and working on them in detail or bringing the same quality at a lower price, today you can find a few extraordinary competitors to help you grow your business.

HypeAuditor vs. alternatives

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2 Biggest Downsides of HypeAuditor

Even though HypeAuditor has proven efficient features, there are still some things that some other influencer marketing tools can do better and even cheaper. These are the 2 reasons why you need a HypeAuditor alternative.

1. 35% more expensive than the average Influencer marketplace

According to G2, HypeAuditor is 25% more expensive than most Influencer platforms for small businesses and 35% more expensive than other alternatives for mid-sized companies.

Moreover, even if you decide to purchase the entry price, that doesn’t include some of the most useful features like advanced search filters or auto campaign tracking.

2. Influencer outreach features

HypeAuditor as a part of the platform has an influencer relationship management tool that will help you manage influencers from beginning to end. The platform offers simplified campaign organization, custom workflows, contract and payment processing, and more.

Even though the feature seems to have it all it actually has only tools to simplify campaign organization. When it comes to creating a strategy and knowing how to reach influencers to get replies you will be on your own. And it goes without saying, but having a large data of influencers at your fingertips means nothing if you can’t get any of them to partner with your brand.

2 Things to Look for in HypeAuditor Alternatives

These are the 2 crucial factors that will make the difference between finding the perfect HypeAuditor alternative for your business and one that will spend your time and money and will not do everything you need it to.

1. Advanced filtering options

Some influencer marketing platforms have up to 100M creators in their database. However, that is not an advantage unless they have advanced filtering options.

Without the right filtering options, your business can’t use the full potential of the data. For example, the engagement metric is most useful for eCommerce businesses, but for creator economy platforms the most important is whether the creator is monetizing or not.

Having the right information about specific influencers will definitely help you predict if partnering with them will bring your business value.

2. Influencer outreach

Whether using a built-in contact influencers tool, or an influencer outreach service, without this feature brands cannot have desired results from their influencer marketing strategy.

Having the perfect-match influencers means nothing for brands if they don’t have a solid influencer outreach strategy. Brands must know how to reach out to influencers to get them to accept a partnership offer.

5 best HypeAuditor alternatives

Below we’ve listed the 5 best HypeAuditor alternatives to choose from for your influencer marketing strategy. Each of them covers some of the HypeAuditor features and is suitable for businesses that want to get more data at a lower price, which is still well-targeted.

Best for: Creator platforms, eCommerce businesses, Marketing Agencies, Influencer outreach services, and getting creator data at scale.

Price: From 0.15€ to 0.25€ per email

At, we have focused on multiple influencer marketing features that might interest you if you’re looking for a HypeAuditor alternative.

  • We are a sales intelligence tool for the creator economy with 70M creators in our database.
  • We give data to businesses that want to do influencer outreach at scale, covering any niche they need from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms.
  • We can help you find consumers that are most likely to love your products and become your new customers.
  • We offer influencer outreach + data relevant to your business goals. This is our partnership service that is limited to 3 spots per quarter. We have a dedicated Ops and CS account manager that will take care of your influencer outreach strategy. The partnership includes outreach to 1000+ creators per month and one-on-one meetings every week for custom reporting and analytics. Most influencer marketing platforms have dashboard analytics, but we prefer the human touch to the data.
When it comes to our partnership program we have two influencer outreach options for businesses:
  1. ABM approach – Our creator sales team of 30 people is personalizing emails for businesses that want to target bigger creators.
  2. Outreach at scale – Using our data we are sending semi-personalized emails. Using this approach, for some clients, we sent up to 3M emails with a 60% open rate and 20% reply rate.
  • Unlike HypeAuditor, our pricing model is different and enables you to get more data for less money. HypeAuditor has monthly subscription plans, while we charge only for the data you need.

To get our data you don’t need to sign and pay monthly or annually. Instead, you can export the data, test influencer campaigns and strategies you can do with the data, and then decide whether you will come back for more data or not.


Best for: Medium to large brands and agencies
Price: starting from $250 per month or $25k per year.

TribeDynamics is a reputable source when it comes to statistics for influencer marketing campaigns for lifestyle brands. Their platform provides tools with which you can compare your brand’s performance with competitors in terms of market share over time, mentioned, etc.
With cutting-edge data and analytics software solutions, this HypeAuditor alternative provides a comprehensive view of the brand’s influencer marketing initiative.
TribeDynamic’s main goal isn’t to help you find and reach out to influencers for your marketing campaigns. Instead, their focus is to give brands the data and analytics after they partnered with influencers so they can keep improving influencer campaigns, all while keeping an eye on competitors.
Because of this, this is a great HypeAuditor alternative even for those who prefer an all-in-one influencer marketing platform. Tribe Dynamics can easily fit into any marketing infrastructure without disrupting anything.


Best for: Small, Medium, and Large Brands, Agencies
Price: Starting from $48

Infleuncity is an influencer marketing platform with a discovery tool that relies on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube data. The tool is great for analyzing influencers and their demographics. Using the insights determine which influencer or influencers are suitable for your brand and create an influencer marketing campaign. Within the platform, you can check your campaign results and make some improvements.
However, according to some users, even though the platform has a few pricing plans, it still misses out on some features. But, they also have the option to create your own bundle with the features you need for your business to grow.
And if you choose to go with some of the paid plans, you have a 7-day free trial so you can see what it has to offer and whether is worth your time and money.


Best for: Digital marketing and SEO agencies, Large brands with in-house marketing teams, and marketing and SEO consultants.
Price: per request

Pitchbox also can’t be used as an alternative for all HypeAuditor features, but it is a great outreach tool for reaching influencers. Moreover, the tool is of great use for link building.

When used for influencer outreach, the tool can help you achieve high-scale outreach by creating separate roles for team members, creating templates, automating follow-ups, and more. However, keep in mind that the platform focus is on blog influencers instead of social influencers.

On the dashboard, you can see data and insights to report the team progress and activity, including white-label options for agencies that are choosing to do influencer outreach for their clients using Pitchbox.

Sprout Social

Best for: Small brands and agencies, Social media management, and Social Listening
Price: Starting at $249 per month

Although primarily Sprout Social is a social media management tool, it can be very useful for influencer marketing if you leverage its social listening feature. You can track the mentions of your brand, track your competitors, your keywords, and more.

As a part of the platform, they have Sprout Smart Inbox where you will have your running campaigns and additionally you can track your influencers organized with hashtags. If you use affiliate marketing, you can also create tracking links or affiliate codes to see how your campaign is performing.

Compared to HypeAuditor, both platforms have a feature to monitor your social media account, but while HypeAudotr lacks Facebook data, Sprout Social does a good job with all social media platforms including Facebook.

Key takeaways

With the rise of influencer marketing platforms in the past few years, you don’t need to compromise if you decide to use a platform that is more affordable than HypeAuditor. Just make sure that before you jump into purchasing one of the HypeAuditor alternatives you have your campaign goals and budget range set.

In the end, if you need influencer data or you think that our influencer outreach services will be of help to your business, feel free to contact us and book a free meeting. We can further discuss our services so you can have a better understanding of how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Are you ready to try a new HypeAuditor alternative?

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