November 23, 2022

150 YouTube Fitness Influencers



The stats from this year show that YouTube has 14.3 billion visits per month. This places the platform above Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

Even though fitness channels existed for years before, they gained popularity during the pandemic. In 2020, even 72% of people used YouTube to watch fitness content. Consequently, the number of YouTube fitness influencers increased in the past few years.

Today, even though people are free to return to their old habits, many still turn to social media for free workouts, wellness support, and nutrition advice. Because of that, this is a perfect opportunity for brands that are targeting fitness enthusiasts to start partnering up with YouTube fitness influencers.

To help you out, from our database with more than 12M YouTube creators, we’ve selected 150 YouTube fitness influencers you can consider for your upcoming influencer marketing campaigns. From that list, we handpicked 15 micro, macro, and celebrity influencers, which you can find listed below.

Because for creator outreach or influencer marketing a list of 15 YouTubers won’t be enough, we decided to give you free data from 150 YouTube micro-influencers.

The creators in the data are filtered based on the number of subscribers, average view count, engagement rate, average comment count, and 20+ data points. 

If you need more data from YouTubers make sure to schedule a free call with our team. Besides the above-mentioned data points, we can give you more data at scale filtered based on:

  • The niche and category the channel is in
  • Language
  • Uses of targeted hashtags
  • Geo
  • 20+ data points

150 YouTube Fitness Influencers

5 Macro YouTube Fitness Influencers

Talking about fitness macro-influencers on YouTube, we think of those who have between 100K and 1M subscribers. Compared to micro-influencers, macro-influencers have a larger reach and in some cases, they may also have high authority.

When it comes to engagement rate, macro-influencers tend to have a less engaged audience than influencers with less than 100K subscribers. However, if your campaign objective is to reach wider audiences, you should consider partnering with fitness macro-influencers, and these are a few of the best ones divided into different niches.

Niche: Injury-friendly fitness
Subscribers: 397K
Views: 40M views
Joined YouTube in 2010

Caroline Jordan is a YouTube fitness influencer and certified health and fitness coach who believes movement is medicine for mental and physical well-being. She is creating videos to help people have a healthier mindset and body, more energy, and less stress.

On her channel, you can find body workout videos both beginner-friendly and advanced. She specializes in injury-friendly fitness and teaches safe and effective routines that help people prevent injuries or recover from one.

Niche: Pregnancy and postpartum fitness
Subscribers: 235K
Views: almost 35M
Joined YouTube in 2008

Sarah Fit is dedicated to helping moms to create healthy habits. On YouTube, she is mostly posting workout videos, weight loss tips, exercise routines, and also healthy recipes and food hauls.

Mostly known for her pregnancy workouts and postpartum exercises and tips that help moms get back into shape safely and fast. On her channel, you can also find some parenting tips, as well as stories from her journey to having a healthy life to motivate you to do a change.

Niche: Bodybuilding and weight loss
Subscribers: 698K
Views: 115M
Joined YouTube in 2006

Bart Kwan, the co-founder of the gym Barbell Brigade also has a YouTube channel where he posts body transformation and lifting videos. His wife Geo is also a part of his videos, and they even do transformation challenges together and are posting the whole journey along the way. Because of that, the channel attracts both male and female audiences interested in bodybuilding.

As they say, they are not tied down to traditional approaches when it comes to what is best for their body. Through the Barbell Brigade channel, Bart shares the fitness system that reflects the attitudes and beliefs of their community and works best for him and his wife.

Niche: Bodybuilding
Subscribers: 522K
Views: 1M+
Joined YouTube in 2010

Dana Linn Bailey is the winner of Joe Weider’s Olympia in 2013, an American IFBB Pro fitness and figure competitor, and one of the most respected YouTube fitness creators nowadays.

On her YouTube channel, she mostly posts workout videos, vlogs from her journey to competitions, tips for home workouts, and workouts in collaboration with other fitness professionals.

Niche: Fitness and nutrition
Subscribers: 102K
Views: 10M
Joined YouTube in 2020

Angela Kajo is a certified fitness personal trainer and nutritionist. She is creating content for only two years now, but she already established herself as a reputable fitness instructor. Besides YouTube, she is also active on Instagram where she offers free workout plans once a week.

Every week she is posting full-length workout videos, tips for a healthier lifestyle, as well as recommendations for a healthy sustainable diet. Her workouts are either with basic equipment or no equipment at all which is perfect for those who prefer working out at home.

5 YouTube Fitness Micro-Influencers

We are starting with 5 fitness micro-influencers on YouTube, as influencers of this size are known as the best for attracting niche long-term followers or customers. Besides targeting a specific audience, micro-influencers are easy to partner with and flexible to agree on a collaboration that will work best for both the influencer and the brand.

Niche: Bodybuilding
Subscribers: 11.1K
Views: 840K
Joined YouTube in 2015

Phoebe Hagan is a trainer, bodybuilding competitor, and YouTuber that shares her fitness journey through educational YouTube videos. She mostly creates content talking about her transformations, challenges, and how she prepares for competitions.

On her channel, she has her content divided into preps for specific shows, off-season videos, and the Ask Phoebe series where her followers can ask her questions whether related to bodybuilding or not.

Niche: Yoga
Subscribers: 77.2K
Views: 3.5M
Joined YouTube in 2011

Yoga Girl is the YouTube channel of Rachel Brathen, a yoga instructor from Sweden and the founder of Island Yoga Aruba in the Caribbean. In her classes, she incorporates holistic therapeutic tools like journaling, sharing, and active listening so people can achieve a deeper level of heart healing.

On her YouTube channel she shares full yoga sequences, yoga tutorials and tips, and also some healthy recipes, and also a sneak peek of her private life with her family.

Niche: Natural bodybuilding
Subscribers: 36K
Views: 3.5M
Joined YouTube in 2017

Kelly Brown is a natural bodybuilder and YouTuber that creates content to share his journey and break down how he achieves to have a natural body shape. He is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach since 2010 and he started by training people in the gym and writing personalized meal and diet plans.

His videos are mostly workouts for muscle gain and he also records daily vlogs, daily meals, and educational fitness videos. With all that, people use his channel as a guide through their fitness journeys.

Niche: Functional and strength training
Subscribers: 36.7K
Views: 4M
Joined YouTube in 2007

Justine Ercole is a certified functional strength coach that creates YouTube videos to help people get stronger and smarter through functional movement.

She posts workout videos, tips for fitness instructors who want to start online fitness teaching, debunking workout myths with science, as well as reviews about other YouTube creator workout videos.

Niche: Fitness and nutrition
Subscribers: 35.2K
Views: 4M
Joined YouTube in 2018

Juliette Wooten is an AFAA Group fitness trainer, certified HIIT coach, and certified nutrition coach. She teaches fitness classes in LA Fitness Florida and is creating free workout videos on YouTube to coach people around the globe to get out of their comfort zone.

Her YouTube content includes full-body home workouts, HIIT workouts, pilates, specific body part workouts, and stretching videos. She posts videos on a daily basis and besides workout videos she also speaks about nutrition and healthy lifestyle in general.

5 Celebrity YouTube Fitness Influencers

Celebrity fitness influencers on YouTube apply to those that have more than 1M subscribers. By partnering with creators of this size you will undoubtedly reach a large audience and also your brand will appear more credible. Influencer’s most loyal fans might even be really interested in buying products from the brands that are recommended by certain celebrities.

Niche: Dance workout
Subscribers: 2.19M
Views: 330M
Joined YouTube in 2018

Mylee Dance is a YouTube fitness influencer that posts dance workout videos that are great for home workouts. Her videos experienced a real boom in just a few months and got over a million subscribers in a short period of time.

What separates Mylee from other channels that create dance cardio content is that she is focused more on the choreography than the traditional workout moves. She doesn’t implement lunges, squats, or planks, yet her workouts are effective for calorie burn.

Niche: Fitness and nutrition
Subscribers: 2.72M
Views: 600M+
Joined YouTube in 2009

Scott Herman Fitness is another YouTube channel educating people on how to maximize workouts and gains. As a fitness enthusiast since the age of 14, Scott started his YouTube channel to make personal training available to everyone. That’s why he creates short exercise demonstration videos and shares his knowledge about nutrition, supplements, and fitness.

He uploads videos twice a week, but he also offers custom meal plans and fat loss, muscle gain, and strength programs through his website and app.

Niche: Crossfit
Subscribers: 2.25M
Views: 600M
Joined YouTube in 2017

Anna, the creator behind growingannanas channel, is a certified fitness trainer that specializes in Crossfit Classes. Her workouts are for people who are aiming to become strong, fit, and confident and prefer home workouts.

She is mostly posting full-length workouts, and HIIT and strength workout videos, covering both beginner and advanced levels.

Niche: Yoga
Subscribers: 11.5M
Views: 1.2B+
Joined YouTube in 2012

Yoga With Adriene is a YouTube channel known for posting high-quality free yoga videos for all levels. Videos are categorized as feel-good exercises, bone strengthening, morning, bedtime yoga, etc.

The entire library of Adriene exercises is available on her YouTube channel, but she also offers the whole content without ads, premium courses, and members-only FWFG videos and series on her membership program.

Niche: Fitness and food
Subscribers: 9.21M
Views: 1.5B+
Joined YouTube in 2013

Pamela Reif is a fitness and food influencer from Germany with over 1.5 billion views on YouTube. Besides the workout videos, she has her own food brand that produces natural organic ingredients and has released two cookbooks with recipes for a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Regarding YouTube content, she has diverse home workouts that include dance cardio workouts, HIIT workouts, pilates, stretch videos, etc.

To Sum Up

We hope this will be a good starting point for people looking to partner with YouTube fitness influencers. Once you have found the right influencers, set a solid influencer outreach strategy, or hire an outreach team to do that for you. Once your partnership commences, it is best to give them some space for creativity. You want to taste their creativity with your product. Treat them as an asset rather than a hired hand.


Scale your outreach and pick the most suitable YouTube fitness influencers for your brand, using our database with over 12M YouTube influencers, searchable by 20+ smart filters.

150 YouTube fitness influencers