November 24, 2022

50 Beauty influencers on YouTube

20 Rising beauty influencers on youtube [+free database]


YouTube is a go-to place for many beauty enthusiasts who are looking for beauty product reviews and makeup tutorials. That’s why it also became a perfect channel for beauty influencers to build their personal brand and for businesses in the beauty industry to attract new customers and spread brand awareness.

Although #makeup is the most popular beauty hashtag on YouTube, beauty influencers on YouTube besides makeup videos often encompass wider topics including skincare, lifestyle, fashion, and similar.

But, even with the help of Google and various other influencer marketing platforms, it seems like it’s never easy to find the right YouTube influencers and get them to agree to partner with your brand.

We know that searching through platforms with millions of influencers it’s time-consuming. That’s why we developed a sales intelligence tool and we offer YouTube influencer data based on your specific needs.

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20 beauty influencers on YouTube you can collaborate with this year

Keep reading and find some of the top-rated beauty influencers on YouTube who are definitely worth your attention. We’ve listed YouTubers with different audience sizes, so check all of them and find those who match your campaign goals.

Subscribers: 210K
Total views: 4.3M

Sarah is a 22-year-old beauty influencer from Florida who posts makeup, fashion, and lifestyle videos on YouTube. She is creating diverse content, from makeup tutorials and skincare and body care routines to try-on hauls and lifestyle vlogs. So, she is interested in collaborating with brands for both beauty and fashion content creation.

Subscribers: 155K
Total views: 11M

Kayla Davis is a YouTube beauty influencer known as KaaylaDee that is known for her versatile looks. Her content is focused on makeup, hair, and fashion, and she loves experimenting with new styles in all three niches. She is posting a few times per week and she is open to product promotions and collaborations.

Subscribers: 207K
Total views: 6.5M

Znuie is another YouTube content creator with a focus on beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She is posting vlogs, makeup videos, storytime videos, wig reviews, etc. In the past, she had collaborations with FashionNova, Pretty Little Thing, a few hair brands, and more, and she is open to new collaborations in the beauty and fashion niche.

Subscribers: 1.34M
Total views: 160M

Nyma is known as one of the most trustworthy beauty influencers on YouTube when it comes to makeup product recommendations. On her YouTube series “The Darkest Shade” she is testing makeup brand’s darkest foundations and gives an honest reviews. Besides product review videos, she is creating amazing glam looks and is a go-to beauty guru for many makeup enthusiasts worldwide.

Subscribers: 4.86M
Total views: 600M

Manny Gutierrez, known as Manny Mua is another extraordinary beauty influencer on YouTube. He is posting tutorial videos, reviews and sneak peeks from his everyday life. Until today he had many successful collaborations with reputable brands like Maybelline and Makeup Geek.

Subscribers: 2.65M
Total views: 330M

Chloe Morello is using YouTube to show her best practical makeup tips and tricks to help people master their looks for any occasion. She also posts fashion and lifestyle YouTube videos, and her audience loves her natural and fun approach to her content creation. Recently she also has many pregnancy routines videos which is a great partnership opportunity if you target such an audience.

Subscribers: 7.04K
Total views: 2M

SilasQiu is a beauty YouTuber who shares her knowledge about self-care, acne treatment, inner beauty, etc. She always keeps up with the latest beauty trends and posts videos trying and reviewing some of them. With her channel, she is aiming to help people become the best version of themselves and feel good in their skin.

Subscribers: 18.4K
Total views: 2M

Jenny posts YouTube videos related to makeup, hair care, lifestyle, and motherhood. Because she has curly hair, she is mostly known for her hair care videos, product recommendations, and reviews, but she also shares some lifestyle and makeup videos.

Subscribers: 1.77K
Total views: 150K

Yolanda’s specialty is makeup, but apart from makeup YouTube videos, she is posting lifestyle videos, try-on hauls, etc. Her makeup skills are admirable and she is often creating looks inspired by celebrities, themed looks, or makeup looks following the latest trends online. She is also doing product reviews, and product recommendations, hence she is a good choice if you are looking for beauty influencers on YouTube to promote your makeup products.

Subscribers: 38.9K
Total views: 5M

Bikini Iron is a beauty YouTube channel of Annie. She started her channel as a fitness enthusiast with the goal to help people achieve their fitness goals, but the channel spontaneously took a direction toward beauty videos. Her content is mostly about beauty products she believes in, and it’s lately focused on skincare products.

Subscribers: 57.5K
Total views: 2.3M

Chris Han is a social media influencer based in Los Angeles. On her YouTube channel, she creates fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entrepreneurship content. She has diverse content that covers many topics that might be of interest to most women around the world, so she has a diverse audience as well.

Subscribers: 48.7K
Total views: 1M

Alice is a Korean YouTube beauty influencer that is based in Los Angeles and creates videos about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. She is recording videos about her skincare routine, daily makeup tutorials, themed makeup, vlogs, etc. She is collaborating with beauty brands for video mentions, and also dedicated collaboration videos.

Subscribers: 37K
Total views: 5M

Nagam is a YouTube creator that is sharing all aspects of her life from beauty, fashion, family, travel, and lifestyle. She is keeping up with the latest beauty and fashion trends, as well as challenges from other social platforms like TikTok. She is creating both short and long YouTube videos and offers a few collaboration packages.

Subscribers: 93.2K
Total views: 10M

Louise Barnard is a YouTube beauty influencer with nearly 100K followers. She engages with her audience through her hairstyle videos, beauty tips, thrifting, makeup, fashion, and more. Until today she has worked with several big brands such as Dior Makeup, Clinique, Sephora, Marc Jacobs, and more.

Subscribers: 91.5K
Total views: 7M

Nicole is another popular YouTuber in the beauty niche. She shares makeup tutorials, beauty tips, celebrity makeup tutorials, makeup try-on hauls, and more. She has the trust of her followers when it comes to product recommendations. Apart from makeup products, on her YouTube channel, people can find skincare, haircare, and fashion products.

Subscribers: 40.8K
Total views: 6.3M

Dee is a curly-haired beauty influencer on YouTube who loves sharing hair care tips for curly hair. On her channel, you can find everything from recommended diet to follow to have healthy hair and skin to product recommendations. Furthermore, she creates beauty tips videos and fashion hauls, so she’s a good choice for both fashion and beauty brand partnerships.

Subscribers: 3.35M
Total views: 320M

Lauren is one of the most recognizable beauty influencers on YouTube. Her channel is centered around all aspects of feeling beautiful with and without makeup. She posts makeup tutorials, hair tutorials, hauls, product reviews, and stories of her personal life.

Subscribers: 1.94M
Total views: 250M

Cassandra is another YouTuber in the beauty industry that has a mission to help people feel beautiful inside and out. As a medical esthetician and skincare expert, she is one of the most trustworthy influencers for people’s skincare journey. In her YouTube videos, she criticizes and demystifies the science behind skincare, and uncovers industry secrets.

Subscribers: 2.07M
Total views: 240M

Lisa is a professional makeup artist that has the opportunity to work with the world’s biggest celebrities, models, brands, and magazines. In her YouTube videos, she shares makeup tutorials and her best beauty tips. Although she doesn’t accept payments and sponsorships to feature beauty products, she accepts products that are sent for reviews.

Subscribers: 1.46M
Total views: 200M

Marlena is a makeup geek that creates YouTube content to inspire all women around the globe to feel good in their skin. With her audience, she is sharing beauty advice, mostly makeup education, perfume recommendations, and also more casual lifestyle videos.

To sum up

The beauty YouTube influencers above are a good representation of the beauty category, but there are a lot more amazing creators out there that could be a good fit for your brand as well.

So if you’re looking to partner up with a beauty influencer on YouTube, don’t let this listicle intimidate you. It’s merely here for your benefit so that you can more easily peruse the best YouTube beauty influencers. Once you begin following their channels, you’ll be able to judge how well your brand and business might sync up with them.

If you already spotted beauty influencers that are a good match for your next campaigns but you don’t know how to reach out to them, remember you can always hire a professional outreach team to do that for you.


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