January 17, 2023

10 YouTube Vloggers to Consider Hiring in 2023 [+Free Data]

Most influential youtube vloggers for 2023


As the world becomes more digital and social media-driven, the influence of YouTube vloggers on brand awareness and purchasing decisions has grown significantly.

YouTube vloggers are content creators that post video content on YouTube, mostly documenting their personal lives and experiences. They have a dedicated and engaged audience that trusts their recommendations, making them a valuable asset for businesses looking to reach new customers.

This directly affected two major trends nowadays: more and more people are aiming to have a career as YouTube vloggers, and 55% of marketers are launching influencer campaigns for brands by partnering with YouTube vloggers.

More specifically, by advertising on YouTube, you can potentially reach 2.56b people, hence brands from almost every industry are leveraging the advantages of partnering with YouTubers.

Yet, the struggle with having a wide range of YouTube vloggers to choose from is to find YouTubers that are best suited to promote your brand. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of 10 YouTube vloggers who are poised for success in 2023, along with data on their audience demographics and interests.

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Free List of 100 YouTube Vloggers to Hire for Influencer Campaigns

Promote Your Brand With These YouTube Vloggers: 10 Top Picks

If you want to promote your brand by partnering with YouTube vloggers, here is a list of the 10 most influential YouTubers from different niches. These influential creators have a strong following and a proven track record of creating engaging content that resonates with their audience.

So if you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, be sure to keep reading, or if you have different criteria for YouTube vloggers to hire for your campaigns, reach out to us today.

We can give you a list of creators from a specific niche, a specific engagement rate, creators that have a shop, creators that use link in bio tools, creators from a specific country or area, and interested in certain topics (for example yoga, moms-related content, veganism, gaming, etc.).

Niche: Self-improvement
Subscribers: 3.72M

Ali Abdaal is a highly respected and knowledgeable YouTube vlogger and a former junior doctor based in London, UK. With a background in medicine and a strong following on YouTube, Ali is a valuable asset for brands looking to partner with healthcare influencers on YouTube.

In addition to sharing his experiences and insights as a doctor, Ali also creates a range of other content, including inspirational videos, tech reviews, self-improvement videos, and more casual lifestyle tips content.

Furthermore, Ali runs a successful small business called 6med and maintains a weekly email newsletter and blog on his website. So, brands looking to collaborate with a respected and influential healthcare vlogger will surely find Ali Abdaal to be an excellent choice.

Niche: Travel
Subscribers: 499K

Hey Nadine is a YouTuber who creates engaging and informative travel vlogs. With over six years of traveling experience, Nadine has a wealth of knowledge about destinations around the world.

Plus, her fun and energetic personality, coupled with her relatable content, make her a popular choice for brands looking for travel vloggers to collaborate with on YouTube.

Nadine’s YouTube channel includes a variety of travel-related content, including travel hacks, packing guides, and travel inspiration, as well as tips for building and ranking a successful travel website.

So, Hey Nadine is a valuable asset for brands that want to reach a wider audience, as her videos have attracted viewers from various walks of life. Her travel vlogs, particularly those covering destinations in India and Europe, offer a unique and trustworthy perspective for anyone planning their next adventure.

Niche: Comedy
Subscribers: 18.1M

David Dobrik is another very successful and influential YouTuber known for creating high-energy, comedy-focused content featuring prank videos, inside jokes, and various celebrity and social media star guests.

He has built a large and loyal following on YouTube, earning over 10 million subscribers and a Diamond Play Button from the platform. His vlogs have been described as being like a sitcom, with a returning cast of characters, musical transitions, and comedic storytelling.

Dobrik is part of a larger friend group known as “The Vlog Squad,” whose membership includes a rotating cast of frequent collaborators.

Because of his authenticity, David Dobrik is a great collaborator for brands looking for an energetic and popular YouTube creator.

Niche: Tech and Gaming
Subscribers: 7.09M

iJustine is the well-known vlog channel of Justine Ezarik, an American YouTube creator highly known for creating a wide range of content including tech reviews, video game commentary, and vlog videos. She has a large following on YouTube, with over 1B views and 7M subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Besides creating content for YouTube, she has acting experience as well, starring in four films, seven TV shows, and more than 20 web series. So, without a doubt, she has the attention of a wide audience.

The most attention-grabbing thing she did was show a video of her 300-page iPhone bill shortly after the iPhone was introduced in June 2007. This live cast, which invited people to watch her every move, quickly gained over 3M views and international media attention within just 10 days of its release.

So, for tech brands looking for a popular and diverse YouTube partner, iJustine is a strong candidate for collaboration.

Niche: Tech
Subscribers: 3.21M

The well-established YouTube channel of Judner Aura is considered one of the most trustworthy tech guys on the platform. His content is informative and well-researched, and he is aiming to make it easy for everyone to understand.

He gained over 3M subscribers on his vlogging channel and despite not having a professional background in technology, he is highly knowledgeable on tech-related topics.

Because his content is approachable and relatable to a wide audience, bands looking for a popular and knowledgeable YouTube partner for tech-related content should consider reaching out to Judner Aura.

Niche: Health and Fitness
Subscribers: 7.59M

Mad Fit is a popular YouTube channel run by Maddie Lymburner, a Canadian fitness blogger. The channel features exercise videos and workouts choreographed to upbeat music and has an audience of nearly 8M fitness enthusiasts.

Maddie is known for creating apartment-friendly workouts that are effective but avoid disturbing neighbors, and also offers a range of no-equipment workouts. She was named the top Canadian YouTube creator by Google in 2020, and as one of the best vloggers to achieve fitness goals, she will make a great fitness-focused YouTube partner for influencer campaigns.

Besides the MedFit YouTube channel, she has another channel under her name Maddie Lymburner, where she posts some healthy recipes in addition to her fitness channel, to help her followers live a healthier everyday life.

Niche: Food and Cooking
Subscribers: 3.88M

Laura Vitale is a well-known YouTube vlogger and TV show host outstanding with her expertise in Italian cooking. She was born in Italy but moved to the USA at the age of 12. That is where her specialty in Italian cuisine comes from.

In addition to preparing dishes from Italian cuisine, she is also known for her delicious desserts, milkshakes, and smoothies.

Laura has the attention of people interested in cooking, that are looking to learn some cooking tactics, new recipes, products, etc. That’s why she will make a great partner for brands interested in collaborating with cooking-focused YouTube creators.

Niche: Fashion
Subscribers: 556K

This is a vlogging channel focused on fashion-related content by Katie that is creating youtube videos to inspire girls with stunning outfits to wear in their daily lives.

She is known for her fun and creative content, including vlogs where she creates outfits inspired by iconic characters from the ’90s and ’00s. Fans of this era will enjoy Katie’s channel, so if you are a brand with the same target audience, partnering with this YouTuber will definitely be a good choice.

Katie is very creative when it comes to fashion inspiration, so her content is divided into anime fashion, fashion inspiration from tv shows and movies, current trends, nostalgic looks, etc.

Niche: Self-improvement
Subscribers: 2.82M

Thomas Frank, who used to operate a YouTube channel under the name CollegeInfoGeek, has rebranded and is now focused on creating high-quality vlogs for self-improvement. He has gained a substantial following of almost 3M subscribers and is recognized as a leading productivity expert on YouTube.

Frank’s videos cover various topics such as study techniques, habit tracking, and productive routines, and are designed to help people make positive changes in their daily lives.

His easy-to-follow advice makes his content accessible and relevant to a wide range of audiences, including high school students, college students, self-employed individuals, and full-time workers.

Niche: Lifestyle
Subscribers: 272K

The next and last popular vlogger on the list is Nayna Florence, a YouTuber based in the UK that is creating more casual daily vlogs. On her channel, you can find daily vlogging videos, sustainable fashion, university life, and travel journeys.

While her videos cover a diverse range of topics, a close examination reveals a focus on vlogging about her personal life experiences and endeavors.

Moreover, on her website, Sixteenth, Nayna explains that she aims to spread positivity through all of her content and is particularly passionate about animal rights, veganism, and sustainability.

She has built a strong level of trust with her audience by consistently demonstrating her commitment to ethical values. By being an authentic and more casual vlogger, she has a very engaged audience which makes her a perfect creator to consider for influencer marketing campaigns.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, collaborating with famous YouTube vloggers like those on the list above can be a dream come true for brands. But, unfortunately, it’s difficult to reach out to creators with millions of subscribers and get the best vloggers to agree to partner with your brand. Knowing the challenge, we’ve created a partnership program where we can do influencer outreach to creators of all sizes, from nano to celebrity. We dedicate a team of people that have:
  • Experience with sending emails at a scale
  • Know how to write a copy
  • Can make data-driven decisions
  • And will go above and beyond until our clients will get creators to agree to partner with their brand.
Lastly, make sure you downloaded the free data of 100 YouTube vloggers in various niches to see if this kind of data will help you achieve your goals.

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