October 13, 2021

How to Find Nano-Influencers

Find Instagram Nano-Influencers for Free


Let’s cover how to use our free tool to find the right nano influencers for your campaign. 

First, you need to enter a keyword that your ideal nano influencer would have in their Instagram biography. It can be any keyword you seem fit. If you’re trying to promote pet products, you might want to input the keyword “pet influencer”. After clicking the Search button, the query immediately runs through our database of millions of nano-influencers, until it finds the right profiles. 

Pretty amazing way to find nano-influencers, right?

Now, there’s a chance the limited results you get with this free tool aren’t enough for your campaign.

To get a targeted email list of 1 000 or 10 000 nano-influencers (all of them based on your filtering criteria and needs) you can get in touch with our team.

What Are Nano Influencers

Nano-influencers are social media users with a fan base ranging between 1 000 to 5 000 followers. One of their biggest strengths is that they are more similar to a regular Instagram user than to an influencer. When they mention a product or service in a post-it looks more like “word of mouth” than a paid promotion. 

Another great advantage of nano-influencers vs micro and macro-influencers is the fan engagement rate. A while back when Instagram noticed that more brands spend their budgets on influencer marketing instead of their advertising platform they limited the reach of all users. 

If your number of followers increases, your post-reach goes the other way.  

This means that ten nano-influencers with a combined fan size of 100k will have a greater impact than one influencer of the same size. 

How to Find Instagram Nano-Influencers

This is an article by Influencers Club, an influencer data provider for the largest B2C brands and creator economy companies. Not only that we have one of the biggest influencer databases in the world, but we also offer unique targeting options and scales that are not available elsewhere. 

Unlike the top nano-influencer marketing platforms that charge a lot for a small number of contacts that are super-targeted, we do it differently. 

Instead, we offer brands the opportunity to scale their influencer outreach. If you check the pricing page you’ll notice that the minimum order you can make is 1000 nano-influencers (or creators). Meaning you’ll get a data sheet with 1000 nano-influencers that are filtered based on your specific targeting (interest, location, popularity, hashtags, engagement rate, etc.), along with their verified email address. 

One example of how we find targeted nano-influencers is by keywords in bio, and on top of that we apply additional filters like: 

  • Interests 
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Social Media Engagement
  • And 20 other smaller but equally important data points 

To get in touch with us feel free to schedule a short call with our team. We’ll discuss your use case, how we can find the nano-influencers you target, and how you can use our emails to make your campaign a success. 

Find nano-influencers among your customers or subscribers

Since most brands have an email list of their customers or subscribers it makes sense to try to use them as nano-influencers. They know and like your products, service, or your app so it would be natural for them to spread the word about your products in front of their followers. 

Also, they are more likely to accept collaboration with a brand they know. More importantly, free products are the expected compensation (which is what most brands like to achieve with influencers).  

To find nano-influencers from a list of your subscribers or customers use Influencers Club’s API. 

When you upload your list of contacts the tool instantly checks millions of people, trying to match your audience with their Instagram profile. 

The tool will instantly provide a list of small influencers (as well as larger influencers, if there are any). Your customer list will be enriched with the data points we mentioned earlier, for example a social handle, audience size, location, bio, niche etc. 

Use Instagram hashtags 

Instagram hashtags are a great way to identify relevant nano-influencers for free, but it takes some time as well as manual effort. 

Here’s one method that I’ve used to search nano-influencers from an Instagram hashtag.

  • Check popular hashtags among your target audience – Select 30 profiles that have engaged with your posts. Visit their latest posts and copy their hashtags. Make a list of 5 hashtags that seem to be the most popular and relevant to your brand.
  • Visit the hashtags – when you visit a hashtag you can see all posts and profiles that have used that specific hashtag. Check the profiles you like and copy them in a spreadsheet.
  • Start sending DM’s – Create a template message and start sending automated DM’s with one of these tools. 

Find nano-influencers from your or your competitors’ followers

This strategy is similar to the one about enriching your customer list in order to identify nano-influencers. But the goal here is to find mini influencers that are not in your CRM systems but instead have shown interest in your brand by following your Instagram profile. 

Here’s an overview of the whole process:

  • Download a list of your Instagram followers or your competitors – you can use this extension to download a list of Instagram followers 
  • Sort the followers by popularity 
  • Use an automation tool for sending mass DM’s to people with 10k to 50k followers

According to IG Follower Export, there’s is a certain risk that the account can be deactivated or blocked by IG when using the extension.

If you’re not one to risk your business profile you can always use our service to safely get publicly available emails from Instagram followers. You’ll have not only the contact information of your followers but also the number of followers, location, gender, age, and more. From there it’s easy to find the nano-influencers you like to reach out to and drop them an email. 

How to hire nano-influencers

If this is your first micro-influencer marketing campaign you should be prepared for what comes next after you find the right nano-influencers. 

To actually hire nano-influencers you need to have

  • Defined influencer marketing budget – Most often nano-influencers charge from $10 to $500 per post. 
  • Request data from their previous campaigns – Even though you’re hiring nano-influencers that probably have little to no experience, ask for their portfolio and their previous work. However, prepare to be flexible. 
  • Determine the nature of the contract – Communicate your expectations with the influencers. Have precise requirements and detail the compensation and day of the payout, and smooth out any discussions that arise in the inquiry phase of your collaboration.
  • Document a contract – make sure that there’s a written and electronically signed contract that you can refer to anytime during the duration of the campaign. Not only is this smart, but it protects both you and your influencer from any liabilities, should any arise.

How to find nano-influencers on Twitter for free

Tweetdeck is a tool you can use to find nano-influencer on Twitter for free.

  1. Sign in with your Twitter profile
  2. Use Tweetdeck’s search bar and enter your targeted hashtags
  3. Then under settings, click on Engagement
  4. Filter out people with less than 50 retweets
  5. Cherry-pick the nano-influencers you like to contact

At the time of writing this article, Tweetdeck is a free tool.

How to find nano-influencers on YouTube for free

To find creators on this platform simply log into your Youtube account and click on the “Trending” tab on the left of the screen. Refine your search by entering keywords that are related to your business or niche into the search bar. The influencers who pop up are trending and can reach a wide audience in your niche.

How to find nano-influencers on TikTok for free

The best way to find nano-influencers on TikTok is through hashtags. They help you filter down the types of influencers you’re searching for. The majority of posts on TikTok have hashtags, making it a highly effective search tool. If your brand operates within a specific niche you’ll be able to find TikTok nano-influencers that have used industry-relevant hashtags in their posts. 

Email is the best way to contact TikTok nano-influencers at scale. Read this article to find out how you can find emails on TikTok.

To Wrap Up 

Hopefully, after reading this article you know how to find the nano-influencers you need to grow your business. But, don’t forget, how to contact them is just as important as finding the right people. 

Nano-influencer campaigns are usually done at scale (using multiple creators). According to our previous experience, to hire 6 creators you need to reach out to 50 nano-influencers. 

Maybe they won’t see your message, or don’t see your brand as fit, or won’t like your products or services, or won’t accept your compensation offer. 

For whatever reason, the road from message to hire is long. 

To cut down the process in half get in touch with our team and order thousands of emails that you can immediately contact and focus on replying to the best nano-influencers. 


If none of the above-mentioned tips didn’t work for you, then give it one last try by going through this list of 150 micro-influencers (and their email addresses) in 15 different industries.


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