Pay only for emails that match your ideal audience.

Start Up

0.04 per email

5,000 - 50,000 emails
  • Custom Filtering
  • Verified data from Instagram
  • Email Support
  • 20+ data points per contact
  • GDPR, CCPA and ACMA compliant
  • 3-5 Day Delivery
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GrowthMost Popular

0.03 per email

50,000 - 250,000 emails
  • Everything in Start Up
  • Free 30-min Call With an Email Deliveriblity Expert
  • Live Chat Support
  • Advanced Filtering using Machine Learning / AI
  • 3 day delivery
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0.02 per email

over 250,000 emails
  • Everything in Growth
  • Super Advanced Targeting using ML / AI + External APIs (Clearbit, HypeAuditor and FullContact)
  • Phone / Video Chat Support
  • Three Free 30-min Calls With an Email Deliveriblity Expert
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From Spending 50M on Facebook to Email Marketing

Ashleigh has made over $50 million on Facebook and Instagram by managing campaigns for high profile influencers such as Jake Paul, David Dobrik, and The Try Guys.

Now, (thanks to us!) she is an email marketer! Listen to her story 👉