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Fully Managed Outreach

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Creator Discovery & Enrichment

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€189 /month
Fully Managed Outreach
Utilize Our Email Outreach Platform

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Fully Managed Outreach
Partner with us for fully managed creator acquisition

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€4000 /month
“Really impressed with the response rate so far, and this is just with the first draft of the email campaign! Goes to show that your data and targeting hunches are spot on.”
Nick Chen

Co-founder & CEO at Pico

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our clients are creator economy startups, e-commerce businesses, or agencies.

If you are only utilizing our email platform, we’ll only send the emails and give you the data, assuming you have an in-house team to manage replies, talk to creators, write the copy, etc.

On the partnership program we do everything end-to-end for you.

If you are utilizing our email platform, we charge on a per-campaign basis. For the partnership program, the minimum contract duration is 3 months.

It depends on our pipeline of clients, but on average, it takes about a week to get fully onboarded.

The partnership program is our most valuable offering. You can take a look at how the process is set up on this page.

We have worked with over 160 creator focused companies including ByteDance, Discord, Jellysmack, and many more. pioneered the creator outreach program and have been the leaders in the space ever since.

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