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Free tool for searching Instagram accounts from any location, niche, and size.

How to use the Instagram search tool

With our basic filters you can search by location, keywords and popularity. To use all advanced filters and access much more data, start a free trial.

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Our most popular filter where you instantly search and find users that have your targeted keywords in their bio.

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Use our enrichment feature to find profiles by username, email address or phone number, at scale.
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How to contact Instagram users at scale?

Once you have the right profiles you can sign up for our dashboard and get the contact information.

You can also partner with us for fully managed influencer outreach and acquisition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our free Instagram channel search tool is limited to 5 free searches. But, you can sign up to our creator discovery dashboard and run unlimited searches to find the most suitable Instagram for your business, among 80M+ creators.

Yes, you can choose a specific location using our location filter. Plus, using the dashboard you can select channel language and 40+ filters, as well.

After sending millions of emails to creators worldwide, we found the three must-have elements of YouTuber outreach. Those are: finding the right Instagram, writing personalized email copy, and doing outreach at the right time. 

We have a team of 50+ experts who are reaching out to Instagram on behalf of the biggest creator economy and eCommerce brands. So, if you need experts in this field, get in touch with us. 

On the other hand, if you want to do the outreach by yourself, use some of our best-performing email templates.

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