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Millions of Verified Creators

We’ve been researching and onboarding creators since 2016. Our research team also verifies AI / ML performance and enhances information about every contact in our database.

28 Data Points Per Contact

A comprehensive overview of your potential customers without irrelevant data points. Contact email and phone number, but also social media bio, types of interest, etc.

30k+ Social Profiles Scanned Daily

We employ a team of 80+ researchers based in Macedonia + automated ML that enriches all contacts found by the research team

Our data

Our Process

80+ researches
on the team

9 third-party
data sources

10K+ contacts
added every month

Our Data Source Portfolio

Our data is updated through automated machine learning, which views a variety of public information on over 28 million site domains every day. These sources include personal websites, press releases, news articles, and other online sources that provide information about interests, locations, brand partnerships, and additional creator attributes.

How Influencers club uses Unstructured Public Information:

  • Receive updates whenever a given influencer or creator is added to some publicly available influencer directories
  • Monitor announcements of promotions, news, upcoming product launches, promotions on personal websites
  • Collect contact data from individuals who list this information publicly on their personal website
  • Identify personal website source codes to learn about products creators use, sentiment analysis, brand collaborations
We use external APIs like FullContact, Clearbit, etc. to provide us with data points or contact information that we may not possess. Those data points include but are not limited to:
  • Location
  • Audience quality
  • Contact data
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
All data is handled according to our privacy policy and all influencers/creators can opt-out at any time.

Influencers club has an in-house human research and development team focused on continuous improvement of the database. The team’s meticulous efforts verify algorithm performance; grow data about contacts, vet influencers; and onboard thousands of creators every day.

How Influencers Club uses the data from our Research Team

  • Identify and fix mistakes or limitations within our data processing engine
  • Provide specialization and subject matter expertise to the data science department to improve data quality
  • Continually benchmark our data quality for critical KPIs, such as email bounce rates, creator’s relationships, and interests targeting accuracy

Over 300 successful clients
in less than 2 years

How a YC Funded Startup Got Over 1500+ Paying Customers 1:07
Y Combinator accepts only the best and brightest startup teams. Matteo and the Ribbon team are definitely that.

We’ve helped them target 30 different niches for their platform by selecting exactly the targeted persona they were interested in based on 10 unique attributes. Super targeted extremely relevant leads.

They just needed to nail the pitch. And they did. We are super proud to support their exponential growth.
From Spending 50M on Facebook to Email Marketing 1:06

Ashleigh has made over $50 million on Facebook and Instagram by managing campaigns for high-profile influencers such as Jake Paul, David Dobrik, and The Try Guys.

Now, (thanks to us!) she is an email marketer! Listen to her story!

Why Email Is the #1 Channel for Connecting With 100k Models 1:14
Kaleb is a seasoned growth marketer and is currently running his second founded social media marketing agency.

After trying all kinds of automation and scraping tools he used our emails for connecting his eCommerce client with over 100k models.

Currently, Kaleb uses our data for 4 other clients, all of which operate in totally different industries.

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