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Creator Outreach
As A Service

We source your perfect creators & crush your outbound cold emails.
Accelerate customer insights and book more meetings.
Creator Outreach

You probably know a company that has worked with us

We know reaching out to creators & sending consistent emails sucks.

Get your time back and focus on running the company. We’ll handle your outbound so you can spend your time where it will be most impactful.
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Sourcing creators

It all starts with great leads. We have the most accurate and extensive database of creators that can match any targeting.

● Manual Lead Research

● Email Address Validation

● Up-to-date Stats
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Focusing on Performance

There is a reason why we’ve worked with some of the best creator companies in the world and that is an extreme focus on results.

● 40-80% Target Open Rates

● 2%-6% Target Positive Reply Rates

● Email Address Validation

● Personalized Follow-Ups
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We Fill Your TOF and Get You Conversions

We know that many companies don’t have the bandwidth to add yet another channel. But email is the ROI king and lets you have direct communication with the creators (unlike any ads).

● Handle warm leads only

● Detailed, personalized messaging

● Almost infinitely scalable
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Engineering Approach

We love numbers. Maybe that’s why most of our staff is with a tech background. Nothing can be improved unless it’s measured so we are always very transparent and track our stats.

● Rigorous Testing

● Metrics Driven Approach

● Weekly Reports

We are on your side

We don’t have a special sauce or any relationship with creators. However, we do have experience from past clients, we put in a stupid amount of work and try to help you with anything we can so you can focus on running the 1000 other things that need your attention.
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We work together to come up with the initial strategy, segments, and messaging. Once everything is approved by you, we are ready to go.

Creator Outreach

The benefit of us owning the data is that we get as detailed or as segmented as you want. It’s also very easy to run not just A/B tests but C,D and E.

Measure and Reporting

Every week you’ll get a report with the number of creators we’ve reached out to, open rates, reply rates, and current pipeline. We also open a shared slack channel so you can reach us at any time for anything.

The leadership team

We are startup people too.
Founder & CEO of Influencers Club - Nikola Sokolov
Nikola Sokolov
CEO & Co-Founder
Dan Miladinov - Head of Partnerships
Dan Miladinov
Head of Partnerships
Bobi Petkoski - Head of Creator Sales
Bobby Petkovski
Head of Creator Sales

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Interested in working with us?

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