How Trivia Crack Generated 1.3k UGC Videos in 3 Months

"I was impressed by how effectively we educated our existing userbase and tested adoption through gamified video questions. The high-quality, engaging UGC crafted by creators in the six trivia categories perfectly aligned with our vision and demonstrated the relevance and appeal of our new feature."

This case study breaks down a campaign where 66 content creators, acting as genuine users, produced authentic User-Generated Content (UGC) for Trivia Crack.


The goal was to get 66 macro influencers from six niches to make 20 video questions each for the new “REELS” feature, all within three months. 

Trivia Crack aimed to introduce its users to its new “REELS” feature. 

They planned to leverage creators who are known for creating high-quality, engaging content that would also appeal to the app’s users.

Creator Requirements 

Social Media  Big TikTokers with a significant presence on YouTube and Instagram.
Location United States
Creator Size TikTok: 490K, YouTube: 40K, Instagram: 40K
Category History, Geography, Science, Art, Sport, Entertainment

Strategy and How We Did It

1. Targeted creator sourcing

We’re known for our massive creator database with over 100M contacts (emails & phone numbers). 

While we have all the social media info we need for the creators, our main advantage is off-platform data. 

This means we go a step further by checking whether creators are active and how well they are doing on platforms like Patreon, Twitch, Discord, Linktree, OnlyFans, and more. 

For Trivia Crack, not only did we match their requirements (as mentioned above), but we also utilized off-platform data to find the absolute best creators. 

For example, the primary group of profiles we targeted were short-form TikTok creators with a community on Discord. The goal was to weed out profiles with a lot of fans but low engagement.

2. Sending 15,000 personalized emails to creators

Our team of 40 creator sales & outreach specialists in our Partnerships Program enables us to reach an unmatched scale of outreach. 

We combine highly targeted email data with our expertise in sending up to 5 million creator emails per month.

For this campaign, reaching out to macro influencers required more than just mass emails, as their inboxes are typically flooded with messages. 

To truly stand out and grab their attention, we personalized all communications, including five follow-up emails, with the assistance of our copywriting experts and AI. 

This personalization was based on details highly relevant to each creator. 

For instance, we congratulated one creator on their new baby right in the email subject line.

It’s worth noting that all emails for this campaign were sent from our domains

So, how many emails did we send for Trivia Crack? 

In total, we sent 15,000 personalized emails, which breaks down to an average of 165 emails per day.

3. Generating a pipeline of 1972 interested creators

In our email copy, we included a survey that needed to be completed by creators interested in collaborating. 

Despite the survey being a more demanding call-to-action, we achieved an impressive 13% conversion rate, with 1,972 creators taking the time to fill it out.

From this group, the client narrowed down the field to 108 creators who best matched their specific requirements and objectives. 

To further ensure these individuals were up to the challenge they were required to create a sample 30-second video trivia question using the app, acting as the decisive qualification step.

Out of all the participants who submitted their sample videos, 66 were chosen as the ideal collaborators for this project.

4. Negotiate and activate 66 creators

Our creator partnerships team took on the task of negotiating the final price per video for this paid collaboration, ensuring it fits within the client’s budget. 

This phase was particularly time-consuming, involving extensive email communications and, in some instances, direct meetings with creators to address all their questions and ensure clarity.

The goal was for each creator to produce 20 short trivia videos for the app which required a structured and clear approach. 

 We organized the campaign into two waves of content production:

  • First Phase: In the initial two weeks, each creator was tasked with producing 10 videos, totaling 660 videos.
  • Interim Phase: We allocated one week for collecting data and making necessary strategy adjustments.
  • Second Phase: In the following two weeks, creators produced another set of 10 videos each, again totaling 660 videos, incorporating improvements based on feedback and data from the first phase.

To streamline the process and ensure efficiency, we automated the invoice generation and payment system after each content wave.

This helped maintain a smooth workflow and allowed creators to focus on producing quality content.

Our Results (in 3 months)

Generated interest from almost 2000 creators
Shortlisted & onboarded 66 macro creators (490K avg. size on Tiktok)
Produced 1320 video questions

2000 Creators

Generated interest from almost 2000 creators

66 Macro Creators

Shortlisted & onboarded (490K avg. size on Tiktok)

1320 Questions

Produced 1320 video questions

Ready to scale your creator outreach?

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