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Influencer Outreach As a Service

Get a dedicated team of 35 experts that source influencers based on your needs and crush your outbound cold emails.

By choosing our influencer outreach services you can expect:

Influencers Club | Find Creators, Customers, or Influencers
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We Find Your Ideal Influencers

Owning the most comprehensive database on the market (70M+ influencers) allows us to find the perfect influencers based on any criteria

We have unlimited amount of not just engagement data but also data points like platforms used, brand collaborations, income, products used, partners, post activity and more. 

We Find Influencers That Already Love & Interact With Your Brand

Finding influencers that are natural extensions to your brand can be difficult and time-consuming.

We can find influencers from your email lists, social media following & subscribers.

Influencers Club | Find Creators, Customers, or Influencers
Nick Chen - Co-founder & CEO at Pico

Nick Chen

Co-founder & CEO at Pico

“Really impressed with the response rate so far, and this is just with the first draft of the email campaign! Goes to show that your data and targeting hunches are spot on.”
Paul Randall - Creator Development Manager at HP

Paul Randall

Creator Development Manager at HP

“Influencers.club made our Foodie Creator outreach process instantly successful and delivered great results for our new business incubation project. We managed to find, contact and sign some brilliant new talent in the space of just a couple of weeks! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to get ahead of the game in the creator economy.
Daniel Eriksson - Growth at willa.com

Daniel Eriksson

Growth at willa.com

“Working with Nikola and his team we have learned the importance of including context and personalization in our outreach. I would recommend, and have already recommended Nikola and influencers.club to other entrepreneurs in the space.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We own one of the largest influencer database, with more than 5M contacts. So, you can easily find any number of influencers based on your needs and preferences before doing the outreach.

First of all, you can schedule a free call with one of our representatives. Once we meet, we’ll go over your needs, goals, and expectations. Additionally, you can share with us the target influencers & together we’ll walk you over the next steps of the service. You’ll be up-to-date with every decision & action we make throughout the whole process.

Yes, we can take over a pre-existing database and proceed with the outreach process.

Yes, our outreach experts make sure to personalize the complete process – bringing in better results.

Our work is always goal-oriented, that’s why we’ve worked for some of the biggest global brands.

After working with us, clients have seen:

  • 40-80% Target Open Rates
  • 2%-6% Target Positive Reply Rates
  • Email Address Validation
  • Personalized Follow-Ups

We can determine the cost of the service after having our first call with you. The price is dependent on the number of influencers, emails, and other criteria that we will discuss at our first meeting. Click here to learn more.


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