June 29, 2021

Buy Sports Betting Email List [2024 Gambler Database]


Owning an email list of people that are active sports bettors and gamblers can help you reach numerous leads in this industry. In today’s article, we will talk about how companies in the betting and gambling industry find email addresses from their targeted clients and how to use this information for getting the highest ROI possible.

There are plenty of websites online that offer sports betting email lists, so you may wonder why you would specifically use our service?

That’s a good question and we have the answer for it – Most of the websites that offer email lists from bettors or gamblers have information that is outdated and practically useless for your marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, at Influencers Club, our sports betting database is based on keywords like “bettor”, “gambler”, “poker player”, “punter” and similar text that people have in their social media biography. Our data is constantly updated and we offer validated information that has 28 data points, such as location, gender, ethnicity, and much more.

Stay to the end of the article if you want to get a free list of sports betting leads, free gambling leads, and to find out how you can order a custom-made email list.

Download a free sports betting list with 100+ contacts, including their emails

How to Find Emails of Sports Betting & Gambling Leads.

The latest statistics show that around 26% of the population, or 1.6 billion people worldwide gamble. The PR Newswire
predicts that the Global Gambling Market will grow from $466.76 Billion in 2020 to $516.03 Billion in 2021. These numbers
just confirm how big of industry the gambling and betting industry really is and it is going to just get bigger.

Because of today’s widespread use of social media, most of the 1.6 billion gamblers are using Instagram on a daily
basis too. It’s important that 40% of all Instagram users have their information publicly available. The information
can either be found if they have written it down in their short biography or if they have a special “Email” button
on their profile that’s only visible through the Instagram app.

Here are some ways that we can find sports betting and gambling leads on Instagram:

1. Sports Betting & Gambling Keywords in People’s Biography

Every Instagram user can write a short introduction about themselves on their profile in 150 characters. Some of the
hardcore bettors and gamblers can mention their gambling passion there as it makes a big portion of their identity.
For example, we can use those keywords to find people with:

  • Keywords such as “bettor” or “gambler” in their biography.
  • The different types of gamblers, such as “professional gambler” or “casual
  • Keywords based on the specific games that they gamble on: “poker player”,
    punter”, “football bettor”.

Instagram biography of a gambler


2. Gambling & Betting-Related Keywords

As I’ve said, not every bettor and gambler puts those keywords in their Instagram biography, there are a lot of
casual gamblers that don’t like to share that information publicly. But no worries, we’ve got a solution for this.

Instagram hashtags are used to describe an image, they are one of the oldest and also one of the most important
features for getting more likes on your Instagram posts, so that’s why many users use them when posting an image.

Sports bettors and gamblers are no exception to this rule, so we can research hashtags that are related to them and
find valid contacts for sports and gambling email marketing.

For instance, the hashtag #betting has nearly 2 million posts. Our task is to go through all of these posts, check their profiles, find the sports betting & gambling leads that you are looking for and find their email

Here we will mention some other hashtags that can be used in order to find sports betting email lists:

Gambling & Betting-Related Keywords

Hashtag Number of Posts
#sportsbetting 1.2m
#bettingpicks 190k
#gambling 1.7m
#sportsgambling 198k
#bettingtips 956k

3. Followers of Big Sports Betting & Gambling Companies

Many Sports Betting & Gambling companies post some giveaways on their Instagram profiles, where they usually give free gambling/betting credits or some merch, so a lot of bettors and gamblers follow these accounts for a chance to win some free stuff.

We can actually find email addresses from the followers of any account, including these gambling/betting accounts.
Additionally, we clean the list from any business emails (info@, support@, sales@), duplicate emails, as well as invalid email addresses. 

Afterward, we validate every single email in order to minimize your bounce rate. By doing so, we protect your emails from ending up in the spam folder.

Many of our customers that are in the sports betting industry, closely analyze the email offers/discounts that their
competitors send to their subscribers. After that, they use this method to find the email addresses of their
competitor’s followers and send them even better offers.

Here are some examples of Instagram accounts in the sports betting & gambling industry which can be used to find
targeted leads:

Followers of Big Sports Betting & Gambling Companies

Instagram Profile Number of Followers
Steve Stevens 117k
Odds Shark 13k
FanDuel Sportsbook 64k

How to Use Email List of Sports Bettors & Gamblers

Having the correct contact information for so many sports bettors and gamblers gives many marketing opportunities. We
will cover just one marketing strategy that many of our customers have used to get high RoaS.

Step 1. Create Facebook Ads With Our Betting & Gambling Email List.

Facebook has over 2.8 billion users on the platform and it can be really difficult to narrowly target your desired
audience, in our case, it’s the sports betting and gambling audience. That’s because no matter how good the Facebook
algorithm is, sometimes it makes mistakes because the audience size is just too huge.

For example, maybe someone just enjoys casually watching football and they are not interested in betting. Because
they check some sites with football match results that are overloaded with match betting ads, they might click one
of the ads by mistake and guess what happens? Facebook will put their account in the audience that is labeled as
interested in sports betting.

However, Facebook allows brands to run ads on their existing customers and subscribers by using the option called
“Custom Audiences”. The brand just needs to import a list of the email addresses of the users they want to target
with Facebook ads. The best part is that Facebook won’t ask you to verify that the email list you have is yours,
which means that you can use our custom-made lists for your custom targeting.

The goal with Step 1 is not to get the most sales possible, the goal with the ads that are running towards our custom
audience is just to “warm-up” our cold leads and make them familiar with your brand story and image.

Step 2. Gambling & Sports Email Marketing

After we have finished with Step 1 and our Facebook ads have started getting some impressions and clicks, Step 2 is
the fun part where we convert our leads into actual buyers.

In this part of the marketing campaign, you should email the already warmed-up audience with your offer. Because they
have seen your ads, you have built some kind of a relationship with them and your brand is not a complete stranger
to them and this increases the open and conversion rates by a lot.

The only thing that you need to do in order to be compliant with the CAN-SPAM act when sending cold emails, is to add
an Unsubscribe link that users can easily see, so if they don’t like and aren’t interested in your offers, they can
freely opt-out from upcoming emails.

If you want to learn more about the CAN-SPAM act you can read this article by Colin Nederkoorn, or if you want to learn more about how one of our clients
managed to send 100 000 cold emails per day, check out this article.


Step 3. Retargeting & Lookalike Audiences:

The people that have visited your website, either by your sports email marketing or through your ads, should be
constantly retargeted. This is a group of bettors and gamblers that have shown a real interest in your product, but
they still haven’t converted into a customer.

They just need a small boost to make the final decision and purchase, and by running retargeting ads that will make
them even more familiar with your brand you will help them in making the purchasing decision.

From the people that have purchased from your website, you can create Lookalike audiences in FB Ads. This way, you
make the job of Facebook’s algorithm much easier because now, the only job it has to do is find other profiles with
similar interests and characteristics as your new customers. This way you make your audience much more narrow and
targeted, therefore you will have much higher RoaS in comparison to running basic Facebook ads.

Final Words:

The only bad side of researching the Instagram users is that, as mentioned previously, only 40% of all Instagram
users have their contact information publicly available, which means that from an account with 1M followers you can
only get 400k email addresses.

However, Instagram has more than 1 billion users, which means that there is more than enough data for any industry
and any marketing campaign.

You can get pretty creative with the offers and the marketing campaigns you will run to your email audience, but one
thing that always stays the same is that you need a validated, up-to-date, and targeted email list, which you can
get at Influencers Club. If you want to talk about the custom betting or gambling database you need, please schedule a short
meeting with our team.

As we promised at the beginning of the article, here we have a free sample with information from our gambling and
sports betting database. These are a few examples so we can prove that we really offer the best sports betting &
gambling leads.

Free Gambler Email List

In this table, we are going to include some free gambling leads:

Gambler Email List

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Bio
michelpugofparis audrey.nocent@gmail.com Parisian pug Baguette lover – Sports gambler Initially wanted to be a Corgi
but when the puglife chose me I decided to make the most of it
equityblog equityblogindia@gmail.com 🔸Just A Noob Gambler #equitytrader
bandman__ccg clarkeric1998@yahoo.com Eriel B Clark👶🍼👣💕
LongLiveDoodooBitch💙🕊11/25 Best
Gambler In Texas
lowkey__vibe austincolaric@gmail.com Professional Gambler 🎲 MSP ♾
jewish.burberry_ leratomessi7@gmail.com @tsgalaxyfc development player “LB” Professional gambler
Astro boy No days
2020 we only do wat we like “@rikyrickworld“

Free Poker Player Email List

Do you want to have even more specific targeting? Okay, here’s a table with the contact information from a few poker

Poker Player Email List

Instagram Username Email Address Instagram Bio
f_rosini.official federico.rosini.1992@gmail.com CEO & Public Relation DNA Danza S.R.L. S.S.D. 💼 Professional Poker
 ♠️♥️♦️♣️ Team Building 🌍💼
_giovanni8 giovanni.pokerplayer@gmail.com ♠️ Poker Player 💡 Marketing 🏦 Bancário
📈 Investimentos ⚽️
Base F.C
choicyaces etiennehandfield@gmail.com Salesman Heating/Cooling System Part time poker player ♠️♣️♥️♦️
account: choicyaces
elysport87 elysport87@yahoo.com Ativista Quântico!!! Poker Player ♥️♦️♣️♠️
Criamos nossa
realidade!! ✈️ world citizen 🌍 👧🏻 @antonella.liradepaula
💍♥️ @anacarolira
hallyssonzk pingolino25@gmail.com #brasil 🇧🇷
♓ Peixiano
✪ Poker player Online ♠️
✪ Seja
grato;arrisque a vida agradece 🌟 !


In conclusion, purchasing a sports betting list is definitely an effective way to reach a targeted audience and promote your gambling products or services.

However, it’s important to ensure that the list is up-to-date and that you’re using email marketing strategies that comply with legal requirements and best practices. By utilizing these resources, you can improve your chances of success and increase your ROI in the gambling industry.


Access our 80M+ email database from social media users and use some of the 40 search filters to get a custom sports betting email list.