Nikola Sokolov

Co-founder & CEO at Influencers Club

Nikola Sokolov is one of the most reputable voices in the creator economy, influencer marketing, and influencer outreach.

He has experience in:

  • Helping creator economy companies find their ideal target audience
  • Creator acquisition
  • Reaching out to both smaller and high-value creators at scale
  • Recruiting influencers, affiliates, and UGC creators

After 5 years of working with creators, he learned that to get positive replies from creators you need to find the right creators, write a personalized email copy, and send the email at the right time. 

So, Influencers Club created a database of 80M+ creators and used the expertise to send emails at scale to help brands partner with creators from all niches.

As Nikola’s strategy proved to be effective, many large companies such as Jellysmack, Koji, Pearpop, Linktree, Discord, etc. decided to work with Influencers Club to find and partner with the most suitable creators for their brands.


  • Influencers Club – CEO & Co-Founder
    • Helping creator economy startups grow
    • Reaching out to creators and influencers
    • Helping brands find influencers, UGC creators, affiliates, ambassadors, etc.
  • Instana (Mar 2020 – Dec 2020)
    • Growth Marketing Lead
  • (Sep 2017 – Mar 2020)
    • Head of Growth
    • Built the largest Amazon Redshift engineering community globally.
  • Buzz App (Nov 2015 – Mar 2017)
    • CEO & Head of Growth.
    • Grew the app to over 200,000 active users across four countries with minimal advertising spend.

As Nikola plays a vital role in the creator economy and influencer outreach space, he has been featured in various interviews and discussions, such as on the Modash, The Daily Creator, Liquidicast, etc.

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Founder & CEO of Influencers Club - Nikola Sokolov

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