Instagram Email Extractor: Get Targeted Email Lists [2021]

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How to build and use an Instagram email extractor (scraper)

Important note: Please be advised that automatically accessing Instagram is against their terms of service.

This is just an educational resource showcasing technologies. For those of you who don’t have the time or the resources for this, and want to be 100% on the legal side of things, get in touch with us and just buy email addresses from Instagram users.


Ecommerce Businesses Must Have an Instagram Data Extractor

Working in a B2B company, you have a whole specter of email scraping tools to choose from. Anyone with either a few coding skills or some extra cash to spend can find a given person’s business email address. That’s because the formula for getting professional emails became too simple.


  1. Use to go all over LinkedIn and get company name + first and last name
  2. Create 20 combinations to guess the pattern of the email address everyone in the company use
  3. Check which variation is the valid one by using an SMTP server.

No step 4. It’s that simple.

Before I started working for a B2C company I was used to easily get contact info and running cold outreach campaigns. However, when I finally made the switch I realized that it’s really hard getting email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact info from regular consumers we wanted to target.

As a newly hired growth engineer and cold email expert, I promised to boost sales by 3x in one month...boy was I wrong.

The target audience was amateur photographers and fitness instructors. As usual, I jumped on LinkedIn, sure that I’ll find something. However, very few people in our niche were active on LinkedIn. Also, I managed to find work at small companies that didn’t have a LinkedIn profile.

I was screwed.

Obviously, I didn’t 3x sales that month (SPOILER: I 5x it by the end of the article) 

After some digging, I found that our audience is concentrated on Instagram + small engagement in Facebook groups. So, I did what any desperate man would do. Sending direct messages on Instagram to thousands of people.

After a brief success, I received an email saying our corporate Instagram account is banned.

The only way to calm down my hot-tempered manager was to convince him that I’ve found a way to reach those same Instagram users via email.


The Slowest Instagram Email Scraper Ever
(me visiting profiles 1 by 1)

While researching some of our targeted people I noticed that there’s an email button on most Instagram accounts.

1. It turns out that if you click the button you can actually access their email address.

2. And if there was no email button, I checked the people’s bio section where I could also find emails.

Okay I was definitely onto something here!

So, I began manually visiting people on Instagram 1 by 1 and copy-pasting the data down in Excel for days. My weird behavior drew attention in the office and I had developers coming up to me asking if I wanted them to build me an Instagram email finder tool that would scrape that data.
But, of course, I refused.

After a couple of days of hard manual labor, I had 334 accounts that were just enough for me to run a targeted cold email campaign.

Truth be told, some part of me wanted this to fail so I would never have to do this kind of work again. But, if this turns out successful I could be the star of the company!

The results? (drum roll…) 🥁🥁🥁


Cold email campaign results with scraped data from Instagram.

INCREDIBLE…25% clicked the link in my email! Out of those about 30% actually bought from us. This was amazing!

Obviously, I struck a chord here and my only concern was how could I scale? Since I couldn’t find any good Instagram scraper service online I had to develop my own Instagram email scraper from scratch.

That’s how I started a side project that would eventually turn into my own company, with more than 200 clients in the first year.


Developing an Instagram Email Extractor (Github & Python)

There are already developed an Instagram scraper tool that worked with mobile endpoints ie the unofficial Instagram API. To achieve any action you just need to simulate a device that will log in to the IG profile and take the same endpoints as you would with a normal phone.

To actually scrape emails from Instagram profiles, there is a way to parse the returned JSON file and look up the email. You might think it’s easy but you can get stuck on this for months. We got incredible data, but we were getting blocked at every turn. There was no clear way of scaling.

Eventually, we managed to narrow this down to two problems:

Problem 1: Crawling with Instagram accounts. The crawling was extremely slow since Instagram’s API has a very strict API call limit.

Solution: Have 10 Instagram accounts working simultaneously, splitting the work. 

Problem 2: Getting emails not only from bio or the email button on the profile but also from image descriptions, comments, links to a website that has the email of the person.

The goal was to get everything you could find!

Solution: Have many IG profiles and completely crawl the activity of any user. One tool I would suggest is that has an awesome API for finding emails from profiles with a website link included – so we used them too. 

And that’s how you build an Instagram data scraper tool and scrape Instagram emails.

Important note: Please be advised that automatically accessing Instagram is against their terms of service. We did this on a small scale out of curiosity.

If you are serious about finding Instagram emails and want to be 100% on the legal side of things, get in touch with us and just buy email addresses from Instagram.

Extracting Emails from Instagram Only From Targeted Users

I believe that anyone can learn how to scrape Instagram. But, of course, you must filter that data because otherwise is worthless. This is especially true when it comes to cold email.

There are very few industries that don’t have any type of targeted audience – meaning they sell to everyone.

But, most businesses have clearly defined target customers. And, they want to contact only those kinds of people and not anyone else. I’m not saying this only in terms of ROI, but also if you cannot personalize cold emails, you’ll instantly end up in spam.

That’s why the least you can do is narrow down your audience before you start scraping.


Targeted Instagram Email Scraping Makes It Worthwhile


Geo Location

If you sell at a certain location you want to email people only from that region. What you can do is crawl all posts on a profile and check the location hashtags. The most recurring country/city tells us where that person is located.

This is a hard data point to find though, hence why we use so many external APIs for enrichment for the creators we have in our dashboard.



People use hashtags as a way of describing what’s in their posts. This is an awesome way to find your audience.

For example, if you sell beard oil you can find ANYONE with #beard in their posts and get their email. 

What hashtags are your customers using to describe themselves, their surroundings, interests, activities?

I’m sure you already came up with something.


Scrape users that has used a certain hashtag on Instagram


Scrape Instagram Followers (your followers or your competitors?)

The easiest way to tell where your customers are on Instagram is to look into your own followers. You can scrape your followers and get their email addresses.

However, the most popular practice among scraping Instagram is to go after the followers of your competitors.

Let’s use the beard example again. Why would anyone follow a beard care brand if he’s not growing a beard, right?

And, before you say that it cannot get more targeted than this:


AI-Powered Targeted Scraping

The most exciting thing you can collect is more data for the email addresses from Instagram is based on image classification.

What this means is that we can analyze all images of any Instagram profile and understand what’s included in the images (without peeking in hashtags).

Let’s say a business wants to get emails only from people that are interested in outdoor activities. You can get those profiles even if there is no other information, other than images.

How We Find Our Emails

At Influencers Club, we have three main ways to find targeted emails from Instagram users, but we are constantly updating our service and trying to find new methods of doing research. Here are the three ways that we currently use:

  • Researching the Instagram bio of users.

We have a team of well-trained researchers, plus an in-house built AI that helps the researchers go through thousands of Instagram accounts on a daily basis and add them to our database based on the keywords that they have in their bio.

For example, when we find a person that has the keyword “Dog Owner” in their bio, we add him to our database, more specifically in the dog owners section of our database and we later share that email when someone wants to buy a dog owner email list.

  • Hashtags

The latest feature that we have added is the option to find emails of people who have shared a picture using a specific hashtag. We decided to do this because some people that are interested in something state that in their bio, but many of them don’t do that, so by having the option to research people through hashtags too, we can access a lot more targeted emails.

  • Followers of other accounts

This is an option that many of our clients use to find emails from the followers of their competitors. So, let’s say that you are a pet brand that sells to pet owners and you want emails from your targeted customers. We can go and research the emails of the followers of a big brand in the pet industry like PetCo and provide you with those email addresses.

PetCo at the time of writing this has 658k followers. In most cases, around 40% of emails are publicly available which means we could provide you with 263k email addresses from pet owners only from this account.


How To Extract Instagram Emails:
Building Instagram Business Email Scraper vs Buying Data From Us

I really don’t mind sharing how to “grab” email addresses from Instagram by yourself and share what we’re doing. I know how hard it is to replicate this without spending a lot of money and time.

In addition, we do all data analysis with a team of 40+ researchers in a combination with many external APIs for enrichment like HypeAuditor, Clearbit, FullContact, and Pipl so we can best narrow down a given business ideal audience. And that’s what matters, targeting.

So, to sum up:


If you’re a small startup with a developer:

If you’re a small startup with a developer, go for it and build this! You probably don’t need to get to an extracting scale of 5 million profiles per day. After all, I collected emails manually so you can do it too!

So if you want to build it, here’s my piece of advise:


  • Use any python library from git.
  • Define where do you want to extract from. Use the examples I mentioned like hashtags, location, followers of some influencer (person or a brand)
  • The profiles you’ll use for crawling should be aged, with phone numbers that you can validate (or you’ll lose them right away). NEVER USE YOUR PERSONAL INSTAGRAM PROFILE!
  • Always validate the emails! 15% of the emails you’ll get will be Spam traps, invalid, or catch-all emails. Otherwise, Google will notice that you send bulk messages to invalid email addresses and that’s when you’ll get buried in spam – forever.


Or, use email as the only channel for getting new customers

If you’re trying to expand your business; maybe you run ads on FB or Google and you have low ROI. Or maybe just want another growth channel that can scale fast, you can book a call with me and we can figure out whether or how we can help you with that.

How to Use Our Email Addresses

There are many uses of validated and targeted email addresses, but the two that most of our customers do are the following:

  • Facebook Custom Audiences

With this option, you can pick which users you want to show ads to by entering their email addresses. Facebook’s “Custom Audiences” option was introduced in order to help brands and businesses show ads directly to their existing customers and newsletter subscribers.

However, they don’t verify the source of the email you are using, which means that you can use a 3rd party email provider like Influencers Club.

This method is powerful because you can show ads that are highly personalized to your perfect leads. For example, if you make a custom audience with emails of the followers of a famous musician, you can include something related to that in your ads.

  • Cold Emailing

A lot of our clients have had pretty big success with sending cold emails to the email addresses we have provided to them. The most important thing is that they have clear communication with the potential buyer, they have a clear offer for them.

One of the most effective strategies that our clients are using is offering their potential buyers a discount code or a freebie (something like a free eBook). By contacting their leads directly through email and offering them discounts and free stuff, they are building relationships, which is one of the things that every successful brand and business needs.

The best part is that cold emailing people are allowed by the CAN-SPAM act, the only thing that you need to do to be compliant with it is to include a clear “unsubscribe” link that allows users that aren’t interested in your offer to easily opt out from your upcoming emails. If you want to learn more about this, feel free to check this article out.

Unlike Facebook Ads or PPC, where after you spend your marketing budget your ads are gone, when doing email marketing with the email addresses you own, you can use them again and again.

The worth of owning an email list of your targeted audience is pretty big in itself, but in today’s creator economy its value is only getting higher, because many of our existing clients are part of the creator economy, SaaS, and eCommerce businesses.

Why Should You Use Influencers Club?

  • We do everything for you. You just need to share the target audience that you need and we will do everything else. You don’t need to worry about managing accounts, downloading software, using proxies, installing browser extensions, etc.
  • Express delivery. We have a database with millions of contacts that we can filter and easily find your ideal audience.
  • Super-fast support. If you struggle with understanding anything connected to the mails, our team is here to help you solve your problem.
  • Simple pricing. We have 4 pricing options that cover the different needs of our customers. The cost per email decreases when buying larger quantities. You can check the details related to our pricing here.


That’s All Folks! – Let us know your thoughts on Instagram Scraping

I hope you found this article helpful and learned lots of stuff about this new strategy that more and more businesses use.

If you’re interested in buying super-targeted email lists from Instagram creators, researched and vetted by real people feel free to schedule a meeting with me or some of my colleagues using this link.






Can I get the email of any user from Instagram? 

Influencers Club can get the email addresses that are only publicly available and can be found either in the Instagram bio of the user or in the email button they have on their profile.

What data fields can I get for every user?

We can get up to 26 data fields for every user, including:
– Profile URL
– Profile image URL
– Profile name
– Full name
– Instagram ID
– Total post count of the user
– Followers count
– Followings count
– User bio
– User website
– Verified status
– List of your common friends
– Account privacy status
– Your relationship with the user (following / not following)
– Latest post date
– Is it a business account? (returns true / false)
– Business email
– Business phone number
– Business address

In what format is the data? 

We provide most of our data in a .csv format, but we can do it in another format if needed.

Can I get emails from followers of a competitor?

Yes, we can provide you with email addresses from the followers of your competitor and that’s one of the methods that many of our clients use and have found success with.

Can I order emails from users that have a specific keyword in their bio?

Yes, you just need to give us the specific keyword that you want to target and we will research and give you a batch of emails from users that have used the same keyword in their bio.

Is there a way to get emails from private Instagram accounts?

Yes, Influencers Club can get emails from private Instagram accounts if the users have mentioned their email address in their bio.

Do you validate the emails before delivering them?

Yes, we do validate the emails before delivering them because we think that’s one of the most important steps in the whole process. By validating the emails, we lower your bounce rate, which automatically lowers the chance of your domain getting marked as spam.

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