March 7, 2022

Top 11 Japanese Influencers of 2022


And we’re back! Now that everyone is refreshed after the weekend, let’s get back to our usual program, influencers from around the world! This time, we’re headed off to Japan, a great tourist destination and home to millions of creatively minded people, especially when it comes to the entertainment industry.
And that’s exactly what we’re going to cover this week, the top 11 Japanese Influencers of 2022! See if you can find a favorite! We know who ours is going to be!

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1. Jin Akanishi

Number of Instagram followers: 760k

Type of Influencer: Actor, singer

Famous Tokyo artist, singer, and actor Jin is our number one! And what a way to start our list! Jin is a talented and capable individual

2. Reina Anier

Number of Instagram followers: 451k

Type of Influencer: Fashion, beauty

Mom of 2 and a representative of many fashion and beauty brands, Reina Anier is the go-to person to follow if you’re thinking of what new clothes or makeup you should pick up next.

3. Ayana Nishinaga

Number of Instagram followers: 238k

Type of Influencer: Model

Ayana Nishinaga is a photo actress, model, and singer. Born in Okayama Prefecture, she was given an opportunity by a company in Osaka to act as a Gravure Idol. This gave her the opportunity to pursue her career in modeling and cosplaying.

4. Cyoshi_

Number of Instagram followers: 223k

Type of Influencer: Lifestyle, Design

Cyoshi is a clothing designer and casual lifestyle Influencer. She represents/designs for the “knuthmarf” brand.

5. Shintaro Kitaoka

Number of Instagram followers: 213k

Type of Influencer: Model, designer

Kitaoka is a model and designer, he designed the lifestyle brand “Re:room” (shoes, accessories, kitchen items and so much more). He almost exclusively models for the “Bitter Models” agency.

6. Sharla

Number of Instagram followers: 210k

Number of Youtube subscribers: 706k

Type of Influencer: Video creator

Originally from Canada, Sharla Katalin Hinskens, or simply Sharlameleon, is now a Japanese citizen through and through. A popular Youtuber, her videos on Japanese culture, way of life, food (and anything in between) are widely watched all across the world.

7. Riko Ichino

Number of Instagram followers: 199k

Type of Influencer: Video Creator

Number of Youtube subscribers: 255k

Riko is just one of the Ichino twins, famous for their Youtube channel where they make vlog style video content.

8. RinRin

Number of Instagram followers: 185k

Type of Influencer: Beauty, Fashion

RinRin is a half Chinese LA Native that has since moved to Japan. Famous for her cosplay pictures, videos, and vlogs.

9. Megumi Iwama

Number of Instagram followers: 626k

Type of Influencer: Blogger

Megumi Iwata is a blogger, and occasional video creator, with a focus on travel and lifestyle content.

10.  Miu Sakamoto

Number of Instagram followers: 180k

Type of Influencer: Musician

Miu Sakamoto is a Japanese pop singer and mother. With countless albums in the Japanese scene, there is no shortage of her content to go around. Actually, her latest album is out right now!

11.  ___mikik___

Number of Instagram followers: 156k

Type of Influencer: Fashion Model

Fashion model and director of “HYEON”. On social media, Miki is more of a beauty and fashion influencer than a model (although that’s still present).

What a long and delightful trip it’s been!

But it’s not over yet! Tune in next week and we’ll shift our sights from lovely historical Japan to somewhere a little more novel… colder and a little more urban.

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