February 15, 2022

Influencer Outreach: What We Learned After +3M Cold Emails


You think you’re doing everything right with your outreach efforts, and still, it’s dead 

silent on the other side.

Let us break it to you: you’re doing something wrong.

Make no mistake; influencer outreach is not an easy job. 

It took us 5 years to get to the point where we send over 3 million emails per month—successfully. We’ve tested almost every tip that’s out there and even paved our own ways that bring in results.

You can get an insight into some of the emails that have brought success through our templates:

So, to save you all the time and effort, we decided to let you in on the secret that will stop you from getting ignored when doing influencer outreach. 

Moreover, we’ll provide you with free outreach templates that you can start using today!

Let’s dive in.

Influencer Outreach With the 44 Method

The first mistake marketers make when it comes to their influencer outreach strategy is trying to reinvent the wheel. 

However, everything you need for an effective influencer outreach strategy has already been invented; you just need to adapt it to a different target.

In fact, your outreach shouldn’t differ much from how B2B strategies unfold.  

Sounds sketchy? Let’s look at it from a meta-angle. 

The main goals of any B2B outreach strategy are:

  • Finding the right prospects;
  • Finding a way to reach out to prospects;
  • Initiating new relationships with prospects;
  • Educate prospects on your offerings;
  • Getting an answer from your leads.

Now, change ‘prospects’ with ‘influencers’ and voilà! This is what we call the 44 method.

Nowadays, marketers tend to send out emails that focus solely on the transaction. Not only this, but they focus too much on their brand, on what they do, and how good they do it.

This will get you nowhere!

One of the most crucial things you need to remember & later apply is that influencers respond mainly to emotions, exclusivity, and an authentic approach

If traditional outreach focuses on specific features of the product/service or the overall business value, influencer outreach has to focus on the authenticity of your brand. 

Moreover, the spotlight has to be on the influencer. Only then will they shine a spotlight on your product for all their followers to see.

Having all of this in mind, let’s see how you can develop the right influencer outreach strategy at scale.

Influencer Outreach Strategy Based on Our Method 

Where do most marketers make a mistake in their outreach efforts?

They don’t focus enough on the two most important components of their program: 

  1. Identifying the right audience 
  2. Reaching out to the audience the right way.  

Let’s take a look.

Identifying the right audience

Your influencer outreach will only be successful if you reach the right social media influencers that will help you achieve your marketing goals. 

So, how can you get to the right influencers from your relevant niche?

Let’s overview three crucial aspects.

metrics-that-will-help you find the right influencers when doing influencer outreach

Engagement metrics 

There are specific engagement metrics that marketers use when identifying which influencers they want to reach out to.

These include:

  • Follower count;
  • Impressions;
  • Engagement rate;
  • Estimated reach;
  • Content upload frequency;
  • Age;
  • Location;
  • And many more!

Some of these metrics can help you decide whether your goals will be met with the help of a specific influencer.

These metrics can help you decide whether the specific influencer will help you reach your goals. 

For example, if your goal is to increase brand awareness, you’re most likely to look for influencers with a large following count. In contrast, if you have specific conversion goals and brand awareness isn’t a priority, you’ll look into other metrics.

This is what 99,9% of all brands focus on when trying to identify the right influencers. But you’re here to learn how to build a superior influencer outreach strategy.

So, we’ll let you in on the best-kept secrets that only companies that send out millions of emails know.

Best kept secret #1: Intent data

One of the biggest reasons why influencers don’t respond or don’t proceed with collaboration after brands contact them, is because they don’t know who they are or what they do.


This means that the right influencers for your campaigns are the ones that share the same interest as your brand.


This is where intent data comes in to save the day.

This type of data can underline the probability of whether an influencer will want to collaborate with you or not.

Moreover, intent data gives you insight into whether people are somewhat familiar with your brand or brands similar to yours. 


In two main ways:

Discovering intent based on hashtag/AI image analysis from the posts the influencer is sharing

For example, if you’re a swimwear brand, we can find people who post under hashtags like: ‘#beachwear’ ‘#swimwear’ ‘#bikini’ ‘#swimwear fashion’. Through these hashtags, we can find users who post content that fits perfectly with the brand’s intent and that have a following interested in this type of content. 

Discovering intent based on what accounts/hashtags influencers follow

By analyzing the influencers’ following and profiles they interact with, we can underline what their interests are and if they fit your brand. So, if a user follows 10+ profiles related to beach wear and interacts with similar profiles, chances are- they’ll want to collaborate with swimwear brands.

(Influencers.club can get you intent data & much more—read on to find out what else you can get)

Having this type of data will get you to the people that are most likely to be open to collaborating with you. 

But, how can you push the envelope even further?

Best kept secret #2: Influencers amongst fans, email subscribers, customers

Lastly, you never know when you actually have influencers following you already. They haven’t made the first step; however, you definitely should.

This is the literal jackpot in influencer outreach.

These people are already familiar with your brand, and they might even be users. So, the content they’ll create will be more authentic, thus bringing in better results.

But, wait a minute – how can you identify influencers based on all these parameters?

We’re glad you asked. Or you didn’t, but we guessed you would.

If you have difficulty identifying relevant influencers in your niche, then Influencers Club can make this process really easy. 

We own the largest database of influencers on the internet (60M influencers). What sets us apart from influencer marketing platforms and agencies is our super-precise targeting features and the sheer volume of influencer emails.

So, if you:

  1. Share your email subscribers list;
  2. Upload your Shopify or any CRM platform where you have your customers;
  3. Tell us your Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, Twitter handle

We’ll use our existing database to cross-match with your audience and find influencers that are popular, love your brand, and are in your niche. Then, you can easily reach out to them immediately. 

We tested this with over 100 brands, and the influencers we’ve found are:

  • 50% less expensive 
  • 350% more likely to accept a free product east of actual cash for the collaboration;
  • Are way better at representing your brand, which results in around 27% lower CPA.


How to Craft the Perfect Outreach Email (or just use our templates)  

Once you find the influencers that fit your criteria – it’s action time!

This is also when you need to think of the value proposition. Again, don’t try to figure out a new way to craft the proposition for your influencer marketing campaign. There are already a lot of resources online on how you can develop an effective value proposition that you can use.

Remember– there has to be something in it for them.

You should make them feel unique. Let them know you chose them for a reason.

This is the right time to put your research skills to good use: find what makes them tick, so you can show them you know a little about them.

Next, depending on what you are trying to achieve, you should also consider the best format to contact potential influencers: social media messages, email, phone calls, traditional forms, etc.

We suggest two different ways of reaching out based on whether you found the influencers based on engagement metrics or intent data/among your followers.

How to reach out to influencers found through engagement metrics

Spoiler: do a 1-on-1 personalization.

It’s crucial to craft a personalized email when contacting influencers found through these metrics. Make sure to mention something you saw on their social media to start building an authentic relationship. 

Lastly, make sure to get straight to the point as soon as possible if you want your chances of getting a response to increase.

email template for personalized influencer outreach

How to reach out to influencers found through intent data & followers

Spoiler: Mention the intent in the second line of the email.

You don’t need to take such a personalized approach with influencers you found through intent data or among your followers. 

Especially with the second group—they know who you are and they’re most likely fans of your product/service, so you can jump straight to the point.

To make this process easier, you can use our outreach templates as part of your influencer marketing campaigns.

email template for influencer outreach based on intent data

Multi-Channel Approach for a Successful Outreach Strategy

Taking a multi-channel approach with your influencer outreach is the ultimate ticket to success.

This approach has been implemented in the B2B world & marketers have seen great results.

The main reason for this is:

  1. You have more flexibility and don’t depend on one channel;
  2. While you’re doing the work, you’re testing which channel brings the most ROI;
  3. You don’t over-invest in one single channel;
  4. You stand out in the eyes of the prospects;

So, when it comes to influencer outreach, you have to look at creators as businesses. Moreover, you have to implement the multichannel approach accordingly.

Let’s get an overview of the image below:

If we take a look at the B2B outreach sequence, the multichannel approach usually covers a few social media platforms (depending on your niche), phone calls, and mail. 

We can take this same approach for influencer outreach; however, the best practice here is to add multiple social media platforms into the game. 

The more the merrier, right?

And it’s not for nothing. From our experience, the effectiveness of the outreach campaign is x3 when using this multichannel approach.

The most important thing you need to remember during your outreach is: the email is your main point of communication.

Everything you do should result in the person opening your mail.

So, make sure that while you’re reaching them out on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or any other outlet, that you’re redirecting them to the main point- the email.

Influencer Outreach Tools

To find influencers’ contact information:

  • Manually extract it from their profile by looking for an email in their biography or an email button on their profile (from mobile)
  • Use an influencer marketing service like Influencers Club to find hundreds of highly relevant influencers + their emails, along with 30 other data points.

To contact influencers:

  • Use Sidekick to track email engagement (clicks and opens);
  • Use Canned Responses to build outreach templates;
  • Google Drive or Dropbox to share large files;
  • FollowUpThen to send follow-ups;
  • OutreachPlus to save time and better organize your large-scale influencer outreach campaigns;

To manage and organize your influencer outreach:

  • Google Sheets to plan your influencer outreach campaigns;
  • BuzzStream to keep track of your influencer outreach campaigns, emails sent, received, and follow-ups;
  • Pitchbox to keep track of your influencer campaigns from start to finish. This tool is great for keeping track of individual influencer performance;
step-by-step guide for successfully doing influencer outreach

‘Need Help With Your Influencer Outreach?

So now that you know how to do influencer outreach, most effectively, congratulate yourself! Use this knowledge to kick-start your influencer marketing outreach campaign today!

If influencer outreach processes seem time and energy-consuming for you, we have the right solution for you!

Tools like Influencers Club will land you a hand in finding the right influencer and connecting with them in the most effective way.

So, what are you waiting for?


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