February 15, 2022

Influencer Outreach: The One Secret to Stop Being Ignored


Have you ever wondered why your influencer outreach may not be working the way you want it to? 

Let us reveal the answer: It’s not them, it’s you! You are doing something wrong. 

Although influencer outreach is the most important part of influencer marketing or growing an app for creators, most brands are not aware of how to do it effectively.

Have you ever wondered how to do influencer outreach the right way? How to avoid the mistakes most marketers make? How to get the best out of your influencer marketing campaign?

Please stick with us because we will answer all your questions about influencer outreach efforts.

What is influencer outreach?

Before we dive in deeper, let’s cover the basics:

As the name suggests, influencer outreach is the process of reaching out to influencers for a potential collaboration.

An influencer outreach program is a company’s strategy to reach out to social influencers for a potential collaboration.

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5 steps to kick start your influencer outreach strategy

Hate to break it to you, but reaching out to influencers and getting them to agree to advocate for your brand is not a quick nor simple process. 

It is all about developing an authentic professional relationship with people who share similar business goals with your brand and have already established a loyal audience that trusts their knowledge and point of view.

With so many influencers in the online space who want to materialize their skills working with brands, the influencer outreach program needs to be conducted carefully and thoughtfully.

We selected a step-by-step process for developing an influencer outreach strategy that works.

Step 1: Set the right goals 

To create effective influencer marketing strategies, here are the main questions you need to address before you even start:

  • What are you trying to be recognized for?
  • What is the buyer persona you are trying to serve?
  • What are your actual short-term goals?
  • What are your long-term goals? 
  • Are you trying to build an email list?
  • Do you want to achieve a large social follower count?
  • Do you aim for a more significant brand identity?
  • Do you want to improve the traffic on your landing page or increase page authority?
  • How can an influencer lend you a hand with your marketing goals?

Please keep in mind that no matter how achievable your goals are, the wrong influencer and the wrong target audience will do you more harm than good.

Step 2: Identify the right influencers that fit your criteria

Here comes the most challenging part. 

Finding the right influencers will not happen instantaneously. Take some time to study the marketplace and put yourself in the shoes of your target audience. 

These questions may guide you:

  • Who are your customers following and interacting with on social media platforms? 
  • Which blogs in your niche are ranking the highest for your targeted keywords?
  • What podcasts does your target audience listen to? 
  • What are the industry leaders on social media accounts? 

Please remember that your influencer outreach will only be successful if you are reaching the right social media influencers that will help you achieve your marketing goals.

But, wait a minute – how do you identify influencers that are right for you?

Thanks for asking.

Here is the golden rule: Reach out ONLY to highly relevant social media influencers for your brand. 

If you are having difficulty identifying relevant influencers in your niche, an influencer marketing agency like Influencers Club can make this process really easy. 

All you need to do is add keywords related to your niche. Then, in a few minutes, you will receive a list of highly-targeted influencers from our database who perfectly match your key influencers profile. 

Why not give it a try?

Step 3: Connect with influencers

Once you find the influencers that fit your criteria – it’s action time!

The way influencer marketing works is the following: Whatever you do, please don’t send a template message to them. After all, you are trying to build a relationship here, right?

You should make them feel unique. Let them know you chose them for a reason.

This is the right time to put your research skills to good use: find what makes them tick, so you can show them you know a little about them.

Next, depending on what you are trying to achieve, you should also consider the best format to contact potential influencers: social media message, email, phone call, traditional forms, etc.

If you want a short-term collaboration like a single mention in a story or post when your product launches, this influencer outreach email template can help.

Hey [add influencer name], 

The team at [add your company name] loved your post about [add the description of relevant post]. 

At [add company name], we also [add what the company does/sells related to the post]. 

We would love to send some [add your product name] your way so you can give it a try and share it with your audience if you like it.

Let me know if you are interested in collaborating with us. 

[add your name here]

If you are looking for a brand ambassador for a long-term collaboration, try this email template:

Hey [add influencer name], 

My name is [add your name] from [add company].

We have been following your profile on [add social media account] and love your posts on [add topic]. 

We are excited to invite you to become a brand ambassador for our brand! We believe your [add a reference to a topic they post about] really aligns with our mission [add your brand’s purpose].

As a brand ambassador, you will partner with us for [add some info about your influencer marketing campaign].

If you are interested in a collaboration, we would love to chat more about what our brand ambassador program is all about!


[add your name]

If you want to contact creators at scale and generate leads and contact information from popular influencers, tools like Influencers Club give you the following options:

ABM approach

This is a super-personalized approach with a more significant success rate in reaching out to the right influencers. The emails are crafted manually, ensuring they are 100% relevant to the influencer’s interests.

The ABM approach is perfect for companies that want to maximize the success rate of their influencer outreach. Here’s how we do that:

  • Up to 60 highly-personalized outreach emails sent daily;
  • Dedicated salesperson for your social influencer marketing campaign;
  • All leads are sourced from our database.

Here is an example of how we use the ABM approach to building relationships with potential influencers:

Hey [add influencer name], [add your name] from [add your company] here.

I’ll be very brief – we help influencers like you build a profitable brand.

I want to invite you to take part in the campaign we are running where [number] handpicked creators will get a waiver of [add amount of money] service fee where:

  • We’ll build your brand within 60 days.
  • We’ll build 1 product for free (more than 1 product fee may apply).
  • We’ll build a transactional Shopify website for you.

We’ll pretty much do all the work in line with what you think and what kind of products you’ve always wanted to own.

As an advocate for your brand, your focus is to build your influence.

Our team takes care of the rest.

Can I send some more info? Let me know.

[add your name]

P.S. If you don’t want me to email you anymore, just let me know.

Scale approach

  • Unlimited number of outreach emails sent daily; 
  • Bulletproof email templates with a high open-rate;
  • Dedicated salesperson for your influencer marketing campaigns;
  • The Influencers Club platform provides the leads from our database.

Here is an example of how we use the Scale approach to reach influencers at scale:

Hey [add influencer name],

[Add your name] here from [Add the company name] (The creator app for [your key selling point]).

In short – we help creators like you to [add what your app actually does].

No more [address the pain point you are solving].

It’s also [add your main competitive advantage].

Currently, we have:

[add social proof 1]

[add social proof 2]

[add social proof 3]

Let me know if you are interested, and I’ll be more than happy to send you additional info on how you can join us!

[add your name]

PS: If you don’t want to hear from me anymore, just let me know.

How to make the most out of your email outreach?

Here are the main rules that should guide our email outreach:

  • Don’t write complicated emails (no one reads them!)
  • Personalize the emails and write something relevant about the lead, such as praising their skills, commenting, and referencing their recent content and post.
  • Get to the point at the beginning of the email.
  • Add your value proposition to show why you are an industry leader.
  • Mention the benefits they will get from working with you.
  • Ensure to add social proof – it does half of the work for you.
  • A straightforward call to action is a must!

How to reach out to influencers on different platforms

Our experience shows that outreach via email works best when conducting an influencer campaign. However, you can try your luck with social accounts, too.

Here are the steps to guide your social media influencer outreach efforts:

Step 1: 
Find and follow the influencers who match your brand (we created a guide on how to do this)

Step 2:  Target micro influencers because it’s way easier to get on their radar (and they may be a follow back).

Step 3: Engage with their content – be sure to like their posts and leave a comment every so often to grab their attention gradually.

Step 4:  Check their activity on other social channels

Step 5: Send them an email because most influencers prefer to keep business opportunities separate from a direct message with their followers (just copy-paste the templates we added above)

Step 6: Use an influencer platform like Influencers Club to match you directly with top influencers that want to work with brands.

Please have in mind the following:

When you message influencers, don’t hide what your end game is.

They are busy people with a lot of potential suitors. They will immediately know that you aren’t contacting them to be friends, so don’t try to hide your true intentions.

And remember, this should be a mutually beneficial relationship for them too. Ensure to focus on how you can help them spread their unique voice, and not just the other way round.

How much does influencer marketing outreach cost?

If you have ever wondered how much does Instagram influencer marketing outreach costs?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Sorry.

If you reach out to them manually – it won’t cost a dime.

But, if you try outreach tools to automate this outreach process, the pricing will mostly depend on the following factors:

  • Number of prospects you want to reach
  • Data points per contact
  • Custom reporting and analytics
  • Continual optimization of email templates
  • Dedicated Ops and CS account manager
  • Super advanced targeting using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
  • Email or chat support
  • GDPR, CCPA, ACMA compliant contacts
  • Fast work delivery

We can help you with your influencer campaign!

So now that you know how to do influencer outreach most effectively, congratulate yourself! Use this knowledge to kick-start your influencer marketing outreach campaign today!

If influencer outreach processes seem time and energy-consuming for you, we have the right solution for you!

Tools like Influencers Club will land you a hand in finding the right influencer and connecting with them in the most effective way.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today!

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