March 17, 2022

Top 13 Berlin Instagram Influencers


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Well hello, didn’t see you there (In fact I can’t see you at all), I was writing another hit piece about Influencers from around the world, wanna take a look at it?

Of course, you do! I’m writing about one of the most well-known cities in the world, Berlin!

And what do we love about it? The people of course! Berlin is home to some amazing people, from musicians and actors to social media stars who’d love to share their stories with you.

That’s where we come in, of course, to show you what Berlin has to offer. Here’s our list of the top 13 Berlin Influencers.

Number of Instagram followers: 11.5 m
Type of Influencer: Athlete, Sports

Everybody knows who Manuel is. He is regarded as one of the best football goalkeepers in the history of the sport, being part of the Bayern Munich and German National team. Because of that, he’s one of the most famous people in Germany, having the second biggest Instagram account in the country (not counting the ones from businesses).

Number of Instagram followers: 2.7 m
Type of Influencer: Athlete, Sports

Alica is a German track runner and athlete. Her part and the medals she won in several Athletics championships were the sparks that set her off to social media popularity. In the last few years, her social media followers jumped from 200k in 2018, to 2 million in 2021. Although her popularity was accredited to her beauty instead of her talent as an athlete, that didn’t bring her spirits down.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.7 m
Number of YouTube subscribers: 808k
Type of Influencer: Fashion, Vlogger

Famous German YouTuber Maren Wolf’s place on this list is obvious. Her vlogging and fashion content on Youtube and Instagram is the real reason for her popularity, especially now that her baby has entered the picture.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.7 m
Number of TikTok followers: 12 m
Type of Influencer: Pet

Better known as Insecthaus, Adrien is the ambassador of insects, arachnids, and gastropods, his Instagram is all about these fascinating creatures, their behavior, and the potential bond they could have with humans. If you’re deathly afraid of the little creatures, Insecthaus will assure you there is nothing to fear, by holding them himself! Make sure to check him out.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.7 m
Type of Influencer: Musician

Hussein Akkouche, better known as Samra, is a German rapper of Lebanese descent from Berlin. At age 23 (2018), he had his first solo number-one in Germany with “Cataleya”. Later In 2019, Samra was named the winner of the Award in the Best National Newcomer category.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.7 m
Number of TikTok followers: 5.2 m
Type of Influencer: Musician

Mario Novembre is a German singer with Italian roots, he grew up in Stuttgart and initially tried to get into the music industry in the talent show “The Voice Kids”. When that didn’t work, he started building up an audience on social media, most notably on TikTok (5.2 million).
Now he’s one of the most famous German musicians and influencers on Instagram and TikTok respectively.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.5 m
Number of YouTube subscribers: 1.19 m
Type of Influencer: Actress, Youtuber

Born in Cologne, Joyce is without argument one of the most known German actresses today. Her multiple roles in several series, especially in the 300 episodes of “Dahoam is Dahoam”, propelled her career to stardom and gave way to more movie and series roles.

She’s also very active on Youtube, posting mostly vlog and comedy-style videos.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.5 m
Type of Influencer: Fitness, Fashion

Janis Danner is a German Instagram star that rose to fame by sharing fitness and fashion photos of himself on his social media handles. The 27-year-old has kept rising in popularity as his fitness content has spread to more social media sites like TikTok and Youtube.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.5 m
Number of TikTok followers: 6.2 m
Type of Influencer: TikTok star

Famos TikToker Dalia Mya is next! She’s the youngest participant on this list, with only 20 years to her name! As stated before, TikTok is one of the reasons why she became so famous, owing to the short length of the content there, and the ease of entry (you only need a phone camera). Although she’s present on other social media channels like Instagram and Youtube, nothing can come close to her TikoTok presence, even if the numbers are in the millions.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.4 m
Number of YouTube subscribers: 2.52 m
Type of Influencer: Blogger, Youtuber

Born in Kazakstan and later moving to Germany, Viktor Roth (or better known as iBlali) has a long career on Youtube, starting from humble lets plays to the vlog type of content he currently makes. His career has developed to the point where he’s participated in some movies and expanded his content to places like Instagram and Twitch (where he live streams).

Number of Instagram followers: 1.4 m
Type of Influencer: Actress

Anike is an actress that has recently shifted to more erotic content on Instagram and Onlyfans. While her acting career spans several movies, what she’s doing on social media right now is ten times more successful.

Number of Instagram followers: 1.2 m
Type of Influencer: Author, Youtuber

Ana is an Instagram star and Youtuber. Known for her content on Instagram (fashion and vlog-style reels), as well as videos that she made with her husband, beauty, grace, and style are the name of her game!

Number of Instagram followers: 997k
Type of Influencer: Actress, Youtuber

Liz Kaeber’s Instagram account is all about beauty, fashion, travel, and lifestyle content. Most popular on Instagram, her beauty and style are the biggest reasons why she’s been this popular, and it seems she won’t be stopping anytime soon, so be prepared to see more of Liz and her exciting travel content!

Closing Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! We hope you found someone interesting to follow or perhaps even collaborate with if you’re a brand.

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