October 20, 2022

Creator Platforms Ranked By Monthly Website Visits



How we got this data?

We used SEMrush to find out the average monthly traffic of every website in our 300+ Creator Economy Startups database. 

Why is this important for companies in the creator economy?

Creator economy companies are focusing more and more on creators that are already monetizing their content. The best way to find them is to look outside major social media.

We’ve identified 300+ platforms that are helping creators monetize their content, grouped them into 10 categories, and ranked them by popularity. 

Pick the group that corresponds with your targeted creators and see what platforms are the most popular in that niche. 

*want data from a specific platform?

Because of huge demand, we already started providing creator data from platforms like Onlyfans, Linktree, Twitch, Shopify, Patreon. 

If you’re interested in this type of data you can get in touch with us by booking a slot on our calendar

Subscription Platforms

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E-commerce Platforms

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Link-in-Bio Platforms

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Streaming Platforms

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Community Platforms

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Courses/Coaching Platforms

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Gaming Platforms

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Content Creation Platforms

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Audio/Music Platforms

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Web3 Platforms

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Top Creator Platforms

Search through the top-ranking 250 creator platforms and find creators who actually monetize.


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