Kiril Dameski

Head of Marketing at Influencers Club

Sharing his unique data-driven approach, Kiril Dameski became an established authority when it comes to influencer marketing and the creator economy.

He has experience in:

  • Creating in-depth creator economy reports based on exhaustive analysis and surveys.
  • Data-driven marketing – Kiril’s analytical approach has consistently driven growth and ROI for creator economy brands and eCommerce brands that do influencer marketing.
  • Creating scalable influencer marketing campaigns for Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

When it comes to topics and his expertise, one of his biggest strengths is leveraging creator data for creating impactful marketing campaigns

His approach has been instrumental in driving success not only for Influencers Club but also for numerous companies, as we advise our clients on how to make the most of the creator data. 

From how to find creators that are most suitable for a brand to using data for paid advertising – he makes sure that a company’s vision always reaches the right people.

But, Kiril’s expertise is not limited to marketing strategies. He is the first marketing hire and built the foundations of all marketing operations at Influencers Club. The fact that in 3 years the company went from 0 to 1200+ clients and 80 full-time employees (bootstraped) proves his knowledge of growth for startups and marketing strategies.


  • Influencers Club
    • Head of Marketing
    • Scaled from 0 to 600+ clients and 55 full-time employees (bootstrapped).
    • Established Influencers Club as a top data provider in the creator economy.
    • Partnered with major brands including Amazon, HP, and Vaynermedia.
  • Vrootok Marketing & Consulting (Feb 2018 – Mar 2020)
    • Managed Google Ads and enhanced client campaigns.
    • Boosted online presence through content and SEO strategies.
    • Providing digital marketing services and consulting, including influencer marketing and overall business and marketing strategies.
  • Instana (Dec 2017 – Feb 2018)
    • Provided support to the Sales Development Representative (SDR) team.
    • Assisted in lead generation and sales outreach processes.
  • Brand Union (Jun 2017 – Sep 2017)
    • Assisted in digital marketing campaigns at one of the biggest marketing agencies in the region.
    • Supported the team in content creation, and social media management.

As Kiril is known for his outside-the-box thinking in marketing and Influencers Club marks significant growth, he has been a speaker at several marketing academies, such as Creative Hub.

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