How All-in Advisors Got 100+ High-Earning Creator Sign-Ups

“Influencers Club is the answer if you need an all-in-one system for communicating with content creators and influencers. We were able to refine the data with specific criteria, while the Influencers Club team took a hands-on approach in raising our deliverability, open rates, and reply rates - ensuring success. This is the team you want to help scale your business.”

How All-in Advisors Got 100+ High-Earning Creator Sign-Ups

All-in Advisors opt for our creator outreach service as their preferred strategy for scaling their business in the creator economy. When we asked why they chose this approach over other alternatives, here’s what they said:

  1. Highly focused on creator data
  2. The amount of data points and criteria we could search by
  3. A team that takes a personal interest in the success of the campaign

The challenge

All-in Advisors needed a targeted channel that could consistently and affordably bring in new creators to use their accounting services.

Some of their pain points included:

  • Spending too much time searching for potential clients among creators
  • Connecting and getting a reply from creators

That’s why they became a part of our partnership program and we handled all aspects of creator email outreach on their behalf.

Start of the collaboration

When we started working with All-in Advisors we knew they wanted to leverage our ability to filter creators by 40+ data points. Besides the basic engagement metrics, we analyzed if a certain creator makes money, is present on other platforms, etc.

This way we discovered their ideal target audience and approached bloggers who perfectly fit their campaign. As a result, every dollar spent was utilized effectively, making their investment worthwhile.

The goal was to seamlessly integrate our team into All-in Advisors’ daily business and acquire over 100 blogger sign-ups to fuel their rapid growth.

What we did

After understanding their goals and the value of their product, this is what we did.

1. Identified or discovered the most suitable bloggers

We were searching for bloggers from different niches including fashion, real estate, gaming, DIY, mental health, etc.

Because All-in Advisors offers accounting, tax planning, and similar services, we’ve targeted only creators that make six figures per year (bloggers with around 10k-100k monthly visitors).

We searched the internet to find creators that:

  • Had the word “blogger” in their bio sections
  • Used specific hashtags (ex. #fashionblogger, #gamingblog)
  • Mentioned a specific word in their captions (ex. Mental health, DIY)

After we found relevant creators we:

  • Checked other links they promote to find their blog, digital products, affiliate links, etc.
  • Plus, not only do we have detailed data, but we manually reviewed all matching creators to ensure the selected bloggers meet the specified criteria.

2. Crafted an email copy

High-value bloggers like the ones we were targeting work with agencies that handle their emails including all offerings and business inquiries.

So, they are usually very hard to reach and that’s why we did super-personalized (1-1) email outreach. Here’s how we did it.

We have two creator outreach strategies:

  • Using client-written emails we handle campaign deliverability and replies
  • Using custom email copy for each target group written by our copywriting experts, plus handling campaign deliverability and replies
  • For All-in Advisors we had the second approach where we had a dedicated copywriter that crafted personalized email copy for each of the 8+ target groups.

3. Handled email deliverability

As for all clients on our partnership program, we dedicated one email deliverability expert that was analyzing campaign statistics on a daily basis.

This approach allows us to have a thorough understanding of campaign performance and effectively scale the outreach per client request.

For All-in Advisors, we initially sent 150 emails per day. After 8 days, we increased the daily email count to 200.

4. Test and constantly improve email copy

We keep improving the email content and testing different target groups until we find the best emails and the right creators for our outreach.

5. Managed the replies

Although some of our clients handle positive replies by themselves, in this case, we had a team of creator sales that handled the whole conversation on behalf of the client.

We engaged and established a connection with each creator individually, up until the conversion was achieved, which in this case was when a blogger signed up for their accounting services.

The Results

Within a month, we reached and surpassed their goal to have 100 creator sign-ups.

We achieved 55% open rates, which shows a high level of interest and engagement from the target creators. Also, finding the ideal target audience enabled us to scale the campaign in the future and achieve consistent growth.

Compared to sign-ups from paid channels, by doing email outreach we built a relationship with each creator who signed up which means there’s a higher level of engagement in future interactions.

All-in Advisors are still on our partnership program, currently focusing on targeting bigger creators, both audience and revenue-wise.

What were the results after Influencer Club's creator outreach?

  • Surpassing the 100 creators sign-up goal in a month
  • Achieved 55% average open rate
  • Improved creator acquisition strategy
Identified the ideal target group
Acquired over 100 blogger sign-ups within less than a month
Achieved 55% open rate for reaching out to high-value bloggers
Connected with creators and enabled a higher level of engagement in future interactions.

Want to reach out to high-value creators?

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