How Pearpop Onboarded 100K+ Creators in 7 Months

“If you are looking for an additional creator growth channel that is economical, predictable and delivers quality, look no further than! I highly recommend them.”

Adam Maltais - VP of Growth at Pearpop

We asked Pearpop to share the top reasons why they’ve been using our creator outreach service for such a long time. Their answer summed it up perfectly:

  1. Very low and predictable creator sign-up cost per channel
  2. Ability to target core creator niches depending on needs
  3. Able to grow as quickly as desired while maintaining creator quality

Start Collaboration

Pearpop chose to work with us mainly because of the minimal involvement required from their end. Our creator outreach program operates like this: once you’ve helped us understand the value of your product and how it benefits creators, your involvement is reduced to a minimum.

We handle the email deliverability, test the email messages, and identify the best creator niches to target. In some cases, we even manage the replies from the creators who respond.

Although we’ve collaborated on many campaigns, Pearpop initially tasked us with onboarding creators from the United States with 1,000 or more followers who follow specific channels such as Netflix stars or other actors.

From there, we determined which niche verticals would be best to test and identify the one that would generate the highest conversion rate.

What we did

To locate the TikTok creators that Pearpop was targeting, we identified thousands of creators who have engaged with or are fans of particular actors from specific Netflix shows.

We started by ensuring that all the creators we reached out to were qualified and met the exact requirements of our client.

At the beginning of our partnership, we were sending around 15,000 emails per week. Over time, we got to an average open rate of 47%, and 12% of those opened emails resulted in a reply, which we considered a conversion. Within seven months, we increased our weekly email volume to 200,000 while maintaining the same open and reply rates.

An interesting discovery we made was that our sign-up rate is nearly double when we do outreach for a specific campaign as opposed to promoting the brand or a feature.

One of our best weeks saw 6,799 creators respond to our emails, showing interest in learning more about the campaign we were promoting. This is essentially our goal for all clients: to help them acquire creators on their platform (almost) automatically.


While we successfully acquired tens of thousands of creators for Pearpop, perhaps our greatest achievement was doing so at a lower cost per acquisition (CPA) than Google and Facebook Ads within a specific timeframe.

We were also highly scalable and had consistent growth. They could request 5,000 or 10,000 creators for their next campaign, confident that we can deliver exactly that.

However, the most crucial result of our work compared to sign-ups from paid channels is that email allows you to establish a relationship with every creator who signs up. It makes sense when you think about it: there’s no human interaction involved when you click on an ad. But when someone reaches out to you via email and you respond because you find the message relevant, it means you’re much more invested in this second interaction.

This brings me to the most critical metric for any SaaS business: the lifetime value of a user, also known as LTV.

While we don’t have the exact figures, according to Pearpop, sign-ups resulting from our outreach efforts had a higher lifetime value compared to those from paid channels.

What were the results after Influencer Club's creator outreach?

  • Assisted in scaling Pearpop to 100k+ creators
  • Maintained internal quality and creator CPL goals
  • As consistent in scale, quality, and low CPL as “traditional” paid channels, potentially better
  • Finding additional growth channels outside of traditional paid, SEO, and outbound strategies is very valuable for us
Assisted in scaling Pearpop to 100k+ creators
Maintained internal quality and creator CPL goals
As consistent in scale, quality, and low CPL as “traditional” paid channels, potentially better.
Finding additional growth channels outside of paid, SEO, and outbound strategies is very valuable for us.

Ready to scale your creator outreach?

About Pearpop

Pearpop enables creators to pay for shared screen time with TikTok celebrities, as well as connects creators with brands through its online marketplace. Creators can also participate in live challenges, which pay out creators based on how many people view a particular piece of content.

Pearpop has gained traction since launching in 2020, signing up nearly 200,000 users. But they operate in a very competitive space. In addition to traditional managers and agents who help clients land brand deals, a slew of services, agencies, and platforms exist with a similar purpose.

So, they utilized all of the standard paid marketing channels for onboarding new creators, but they also liked to explore the effectiveness of email outreach as an additional growth channel.

Also, they needed a targeted channel that could consistently and affordably bring in new creators.

Let’s see how that worked out for them.