March 21, 2022

Increasing Client’s Email Lists by 1000% with ArcadeLabs.

Increasing Client’s Email Lists by 1000% with ArcadeLabs.


There are tons of studies that show that. We won’t link them here just because we want to keep you on the page but you can google that fairly easily. 

All you need for a successful email campaign is great data and an email tool. Both cost x1000000 less than FB ads. 

Another added benefit is that you own the data and the channel.

Zuck can’t randomly block your account. Your best influencer can not just ask for x3 the amount you pay them out of nowhere. Google can’t suddenly drop you from that #1 spot you worked so hard on.

Nope. Email is yours and you get to be independent. On top of that, as long as you have the data, you can try and test multiple approaches for next to nothing. Lemlist, Gmass, or any other tool costs $45 per month.

Talk to me about ROI with these costs. Here is how 

Quick and Easy to get Started and Infinitely Scalable

So let’s say that you’ve acquired some great data from us and you are ready to get going. What would you go for? Increasing your client email list? Bring more people to the website? Give them a good offer like free stuff/ebook / discounts?

Well, you can do all of them. ArcadeLabs started off with only one goal in mind and that was increasing your clients’ email list. Everyone loves that. 

First, it was one account sending emails, then two, and then 30. When we talk to you, we really want to understand what is your ideal persona. We take notes, send you data, and then if needed we even make changes.

However, when you are certain that your approach works, using Machine Learning we can roll your ideal parameters and cherry-pick the best people and get you emails for almost infinite scale.

The unbelievably easy setup that got some ArcadeLabs clients tens of thousands of new subscribers

When emailing people that haven’t heard about your company, you should keep one golden rule in mind: offer value.

If you know your target market well (and you definitely should!) think of something that they would find interesting and valuable and run with that as a CTA in your emails. 

For ArcadeLabs at the beginning that was a free ebook for a personal trainer, they had as a client. She was an established writer but a book coming out soon. 

What ArcadeLabs did was absolutely simple and yet unbelievably effective:

  1. They purchased a list from people that follow similar writers as their client
  2. Compiled a great free ebook that was a lead magnet for the main book
  3. Launched an amazing email campaign prompting people to download it for free (On the website the ebook was $20, hence people were getting $20 value for free)
  4. Everyone that clicked on the link they subscribed to their main Mailchimp list

This brought in 43,000+ subscribers before the book was even launched. On launch day, almost 10% of those bought it straight away. As for the others… well they are in Mailchimp so they’ll continue receiving updates/blogs / offers and eventually turn into clients as well. 

Rinse and repeat

The fitness client was just a start. ArcadeLabs continued to use the same approach of offering value -> getting people in Mailchimp for many different verticals.