May 11, 2022

Combining FB Custom Audiences & Email Outreach Got Nyomi 500% Increase in ROAS

Combining FB Custom Audiences & Email Outreach Got Nyomi 500% Increase in ROAS


Go where others haven’t gone before

If you haven’t read the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” I suggest you do so. The book is about the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low cost to open up a new market space and create new demand. 

It is about creating and capturing uncontested market space, thereby making the competition irrelevant. That’s exactly what doing outreach is for e-commerce.

According to some data, 94% of all e-commerce stores use Facebook / Instagram ads, 69% use influencer marketing and that’s it. Two channels. 

And they all use it quite similarly. Test interest, test creatives. A ton of work don’t get me wrong, but we all do it.

Enter: Consumer email addresses for custom audiences. What’s better than interest targeting?

*Engaged Consumers with specific Interest following similar or competitor brands*

So the idea with Nyomi was very simple in the beginning. They’ve experimented a lot with FB Ads (a matter of fact I, their founder is one of the best FB marketers I’ve ever seen) getting their ROAS to about 3x with a specific interest.

The problem is that those groups tend to get ad fatigue often and become unprofitable after a while. So Nyomi wasn’t searching for emails to do outreach with, in the beginning, only to expand their FB ads with custom audiences. 

How I remember the smile on Gracja face when I told him that we can actually get emails from the followers of ALL swimwear brands out there or any brand really that he thought his ideal customer would follow. 

Can we segment them?? – He replied. 

Of course, and I know what you are thinking.

Upload them as a custom audience, make a very personalized ad set based on where they are coming from, and 💥. Magic. 

A secret weapon: Different channel with the same audience

Nyomi played it really smart and they were the reason why we learned that sending emails to people you’ve already run ads against can increase your open rates by 10%. That was amazing.

After running ads for 2 weeks obviously, the custom audience would get fatigued. They would sell a lot of bikinis, but eventually, the ROAS would be diminishing.

But now, unlike before we could do something about it. 

You OWN your data and you can do whatever you want with it. So it was time to switch channels.

We segmented Nyomi’s list by:

  1. Consumers
  2. Micro-influencers
  3. Macro-influencers

Each got a separate email offering some kind of value in order to get them to interact with Nyomi. And it worked wonders. 

In fact, too well. Their micro-influencer strategy was so amazing that so far we’ve provided more than 10M emails in the last 18 months. It’s worth mentioning that the first order he made was only 15k emails.

But how well did this go you ask? It was this good:

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