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The only UGC agency that can connect you with any UGC creator worldwide. Get high-quality UGC at scale, and get conversions at the lowest price.


How it works

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Together we identify what type of UGC creators are ideal for you

Choosing the right UGC creators is key to your campaign’s success. So, we start by understanding your needs, brand voice, and target audience to set criteria for UGC creators.

Find the best UGC creators for your brand

Next, we search our database of 80M+ social media profiles to find creators that match that criteria. Most UGC agencies have a limited network of creators, but we can find any UGC creator in the world.

We handle the creator outreach

We have a team of 40+ creator sales experts that do mass email outreach. We reach out to up to 1M creators per month with an average 36% positive reply rate.

We deliver UGC that exceeds your expectations

We send a detailed brief to all UGC creators so we can be sure the content aligns with your vision.

We know exactly what type of UGC content drives conversions so we review all submitted posts and provide feedback until we get the best content for your brand.

Our results so far

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Work with any UGC creator in the world

We are not limited to a network of creators. We can deliver content from creators who:

Are ideal for your business

Have experience working with brands

Are from specific locations or niches

Are on any social or creator platform 

Get a team of experts to manage your UGC strategy

We know self-serve solutions are not efficient for large-scale needs, so we have a hands-on approach.

We can reach out to up to 5M creators per month

Average open rate up to 49.5%

● 6-person team dedicated to your campaign

Guiding creators to create content that converts

Ideal way to get app installs

We adapt to overcome industry-specific challenges and have unparalleled scale. For example, for mobile apps and gaming companies, we can:

Get 100-1000 UGC creators to post

10K followers x 1% CR = 100 installs minimum

Result: 1K+ installs per day

●Boost the best-performing videos to get more installs at a cheaper price

Working with influencers.club was a pleasure. Throughout each step we took together, they tailored everything around our business needs. A five-star service experience from start to end.
Jon Lloyd Page

Creator Partnerships Manager at ByteDance / Lemon8


UGC agencies create and manage user-generated content for brands. They employ two main approaches:

  • They maintain a network of UGC creators so they can have a quick and efficient content creation process
  • Seek out and collaborate with new UGC creators specific to a client’s requirements

If you are interested in working with us, let’s get in touch. Unlike other platforms that charge for features you might never use, our pricing is tailored to exactly what you need.

We have 3 different UGC plans:

  • UGC creators discovery – We have the most accurate and extensive database of creators. Plus, we can find more UGC creators per your criteria and match any targeting.
  • UGC creators discovery + outreach – We can do both, find your ideal UGC creators and reach out to them on your behalf.
  • Fully managed UGC strategy – We manage the entire process, from identifying and reaching out to UGC creators to ensuring they produce high-quality content.

Start by comparing these key factors for all potential UGC agencies:

  • Quality of content they deliver
  • Scalability
  • Proven results
  • Creativity in content strategy
  • Industry experience
  • Cost-effectiveness

The prices of UGC depend on the type of content and the experience and audience size of the UGC creator. They start from $50 and can reach up to $500 per post/video. 

However, the average price of UGC videos is currently between $100-$200.

  • Most UGC agencies have a limited network of creators, but we can find and connect with any UGC creator in the world.
  • Other agencies offer self-serve solutions but we have a hands-on approach that works perfectly for large-scale needs
  • With most UGC agencies you need to create and submit a content brief and then review the submitted content. We at influencers.club takes care of the whole process. You share your goals, we define our strategy and we deliver high-quality content. 

There are more differences for companies in different industries, as we have tailored strategies for all clients. So let’s get in touch and we can discuss how can we help you achieve your business goals.

Need a fully Managed UGC Agency?

Book a 30-minute call with us and let’s discuss the best way to leverage UGC to grow your brand.