October 10, 2020

Before Buying an Email List From Instagram, Read This! [2023]


If you’re thinking of buying email addresses from Instagram, then you’ve come to the right place. Influencers Club is the largest Instagram data provider and so far, we’ve worked with over 300clients. Most of them are eCommerce brands, SAAS businesses, marketing agencies, and If you’re a part of these groups then you should keep reading! 

Why Would You Buy an Email Database of Instagram Users

There are many reasons why one should buy a database of customers, creators, or influencers from Instagram users. Here are a couple:

1. You want a bigger piece of the market

Email lists work better and faster when compared with social media channels by a wide margin. In fact, it has the highest ROI of any marketing channel!

With email addresses from Instagram, you use the full capacity of this channel because you’re not only contacting existing customers (like many businesses do with email marketing) but you’re also reaching out to people interested in your products or that haven’t heard of your brand.

Ps. the most popular approach, in this case, is going after the email addresses of your competitors’ followers on Instagram. 

2. You’re looking for a Google and Facebook Ads Alternative

Here’s why you should stop paying for ads and buy data instead:

  1. When you own lists, you don’t pay every time you decide to email people. In contrast, you pay every time someone interacts with your ad on Google and Facebook.
  2. We offer far better targeting options than Google and Facebook Ads. While I don’t expect you to believe that, it is true. For example, check out the 79k people that used #gobybike in their posts. Now, imagine you’re a bicycle equipment/parts online store. Would you want to email these people? Who wouldn’t?
Every Instagram user that has used a certain hashtag can be crawled and his email address extracted for marketing purposes.

3. You’re a start-up with no customer base

It can be too hard and time-consuming to acquire subscribers organically, so you’ve decided to buy an email list of people that would be interested in your products and services.

And you’re going in the right direction! Email lists are the least expensive option for testing different messaging and target audiences. It’s a quick way of getting feedback for your product and market verification.

Other than using the emails of Instagram followers from your biggest competitors, you can also target people based on hashtags they’ve used or certain keywords in their Instagram bio…but we’ll get to that later. Keep reading!

4. You’re in an industry with marketing (legal) restrictions

There are many industries, such as healthcare and medicines, politics, or financial services, that are prohibited from the popular marketing channels. We’ve seen in recent years that all of these industries can turn to email as the least restrictive channel available.

For example, we’ve had several well established CBD businesses approach us and use our email lists as their only channel for getting new customers.

How to Find Your Future Customers on Instagram

To find out where your target audience is on Instagram ask yourself these questions before you go after their emails:

1. What profiles is your potential audience following – ie whose Instagram followers would you want to target?

  • Competitors Instagram profiles
  • Influencers with content that’s relevant to your business
  • Influencers or pages that share content relevant to your customers

2. What Instagram hashtags would your potential customers use?

  • Think of activities or behaviors that are unique to your customers (that they would use as hashtags in their posts) – #hike, #dancing, #readingbook.
  • Physical characteristics and objects that are unique to your customers – #beardoil, #abs, #iphone.

How to Choose the Right Instagram Email List Provider

Now here’s the funny part. There are many Instagram scraping tools that you can get to scrape Instagram data. But, they are usually software tools or extensions that seem to be designed to help developers scrape data for others. And even if you manage to extract the data, you get a mess that’s not really usable.

Important note: Please be advised that automatically accessing Instagram is against their terms of service.
This is just an educational resource and for those of you who don’t have the time, resources, and want to be 100% on the legal side of things, get in touch with us and just buy email addresses from Instagram.

Advanced Filtering Options

Once our research team gets the data from Instagram, we filter the results with our in-house developed AI based on what you need. For example, we can target people based on:

  • Gender
  • Location
  • Approximate age of the person
  • Certain keywords in bio
  • Avoid emails with info@, contact@, etc.

Removing Spam Traps, Bots, Catch-All Emails, Invalid Emails

About 15% of all emails on Instagram will be either spam traps, bots, catch-all emails, or invalid. If your email server ie Google sees that you just send random blasts to invalid emails, you’ll end up in spam and never get out of it.

Verifying & Enriching the Data

To make sure that the emails we’re left with are active and regularly used we run them through Neverbounce to verify them. And even though we offer 28 data points for each contact we provide, not all of them are available on Instagram. On the contrary, we pay an additional enrichment service called Clearbit to add any missing information about every single person we have in our database so that businesses can better understand the contacts they get.

You get the point…gathering data from Instagram is one thing, filtering that data down and then validating the emails (removing spam traps, role-based emails, and invalid ones) is an inseparable piece of the puzzle.

And we’re the only ones offering this service to businesses.

First of all, GDPR (EU) or CCPA (California) acts are not designed to kill email marketing or cold emails. It’s not even a regulation about emails, or marketing, or business. It’s about protecting personal data.

Every publicly available email address can be used for promotional purposes, as long as it’s mentioned in the message where you got the email from. In this case that would be Instagram. We advise our clients to also include people’s Instagram username in the email (which we also provide) to reassure the contact that they really did get the emails from Instagram.

Also in each of the email messages, you should inform the “cold email recipients” how they can remove their data from your mailing list, or change them. So just add a small “how-to unsubscribe” text and link at the bottom of the email and you fulfill the information duty described in GDPR and CCPA.

Results You Can Expect With Email Lists From Instagram

The results you can get with the email addresses we provide depend only on your skills and creativity.

If you don’t have any previous experience with email marketing we recommend hiring an email sending service to do it for you. If you’re determined on doing this yourself, read our article on Sending 100 000 Cold Emails Per Day that lays out the whole setup process.

But, if you’ve previously sent out emails to a large audience then here are some results we’ve seen in our clients’ campaigns and that you can get too:

Results from using extracted email addresses from Instagram as Facebook custom audiences.

Buy Emails From Instagram

If you think that this is a great opportunity for your business but you’re not sure how to proceed, feel free to book a quick meeting with me to see how we can help.



If you are interested in learning more about how you can get validated Instagram data, make sure to schedule a quick call with our team, where you can discuss the details related to your targeting.