December 1, 2020

TikTok Email Finder – How to Find People’s Email on TikTok


This article describes how we built our TikTok Email Finder and you too can find someone’s TikTok email address manually or at scale.

TikToks, Weird Dances, and Emails – Why would you need it?

***Important note: Scraping violates TikTok and Instagram’s terms of service. This is an educational resource only and should not be used for commercial purposes.

Get Targeted Emails From TikTok Users

I won’t drown you with the typical marketing blog post template and describe what TikTok is. If you ended up on this blog post then I assume that you already know your shit and want to get some value out of this blog post, fast. So let’s start with why you would need emails from TikTok.

We can separate people that are searching for this topic into three groups:

  1. Looking to contact TikTok influencers (micro or macro influencers it doesn’t matter)
  2. Looking to market your product to a specific audience and you know how valuable getting emails is (outreach, custom audiences, etc)
  3. You want to learn how to do this yourself

I’ll be addressing each of these options so bare with me here.

Besides starting off as a “weird dances” platform, TikTok has picked up a lot of speed. So now more brands than ever are interested in TikTok influencers vs Instagram.

1. If you are in the first group of people, then you want a TikTok Email Finder to search for emails in order to reach out to potential influencers for brand collaborations. Now you can do this by hand with a DM but who has time for that? Also, you need to vet influencers on the content they post and whether they are a good fit for you or not. Getting emails from qualified influencers means that you can set up an email template with some personalization and reach out to hundreds of influencers at once.

2. Marketing your product, regardless of whether that’s a B2C app for a specific niche that TikTok has, E-Commerce brand, influencer agency looking to onboard more people, etc. There are so many use-cases that we can cover given that there are literally hundreds of millions of different people on the platform. Whatever you are selling, if it’s B2C, there is someone on TikTok that is a great target.And in this case, email marketing makes a ton of sense. Most marketers know how greedy facebook can get with their ad spend, and that once you turn off your ads, your traffic is pretty much done. So you spend money to get clicks but once you are done spending poof, all is gone with the wind.

Well with data (specifically emails) you can have it forever. Messed up the email creative? – Send another email. Launching a new product? – Send an email. People are not opening emails? – Upload them as a custom audience anywhere and switch channels.

3. If you want to learn more about how to do this yourself, the next chapter is for you.

TikTok Email Finder – The challenge

Back in 2016 few friends built an Instagram automation tool that turned into an Instagram Email Scraper but that project got later shut down.

Their first initial script for Instagram scraped around 1000 users per hour. So during one weekend with 0 hours of sleep, few redbulls, then a few beers, and then again a few redbulls we managed to get a working Python script that could simulate an Android device, log in TikTok accounts, and scrape users info. Instant Success ✔️

Well not so fast. They got blocked within the next 20 min. The Chinese don’t mess around. Ever since TikTok got initial traction, they have been very successful at blocking automation tools, especially scrapers. Add that to the fact that they don’t even allow their users to have their email in those buttons that are offered in the bio and you are pretty much out of luck searching for the email unless people have specifically listed it in their bio.

So should we end this blog post now then? That’s it?? No emails??

They lost one fight, but not the entire battle.

TikTok Email Finder 1

Back to the drawing board – TikTok Email Scraper (the manual way)

Once they realized they needed to be a lot more careful and that also we can’t just wait for the data to be scraped and then hope that people will have an email in the bio, they tried a different approach.

When you visit a person’s TikTok profile, you’ll see that part of the bio they have the option to add buttons for Website, YouTube, and Instagram. Okay, let’s take a look at the ones that have an Instagram account.

If you click on the Insta button, which will take us to their Instagram profile, and check whether they have the email address in the bio there or in that email button. Turns out, about 20% of the people do have that. 🥳

So if you are looking for a few emails, try this method, and you are done. There is no point in searching for something “better” as it does not exists (at least not in Jan of 2021 when I am writing this).

Ivana Stamenkovska Instagram Profile

Search and Contact TikTok Micro-Influencers – At scale

Figuring out that we can get the Instagram link that is connected to the TikTok account was a massive win for us and here is why:

We already own a vetted Instagram creators database that opted in our platform, so let’s use that.

Now, all we needed to do is not get ourselves blocked and try searching for that Instagram link. Once we have that we are golden.

To avoid talking about the amount of coffee and Redbull we needed to get this thing done, I’ll just fast forward 3 months later and tell you that we figured it out! My friends could now scrape thousands of profiles per day from TikTok and not only for the Instagram handle but rather MASSIVE amounts of data from the profile as well.

Again a note here is that this is against TikTok’s ToS so please don’t do this commercially.

They could get mentions, gender, keywords, hashtags, and the videos themselves so we can later analyze them with some ML algorithms.

Seriously though. Instagram has data for the given person’s category, descriptions on posts, locations tagged, engagement, text in bio, phone numbers, emails… Everything that you will ever need to make a campaign super, super targeted.

TikTok Email Finder 2

Results – Becoming a TikTok Influencer Marketing Platform

Finally, the results part. Now I have to warn a lot of people here: Once you have the email, it’s 100% up to you on how you are going to use it, what the open rates are going to be, the CTRs, etc etc. We could offer suggestions and help with that but at the end of the day is your skill as an email marketer that’s the deciding factor.

With that out of the way just some quick stats here:

  • Managed to onboard 3169 Freelancers on their platform in 30 days
  • Managed to get a 5% conversion rate on email to sign up
  • Got 3500+ signups while still in beta

Targeted and personalized emails have worked 30 years ago and still work now. So just come chat with us, tell us your niche and targeted audience and we will make sure to deliver data from your ideal audience so you can be as successful as possible.

Legal (GDPR, CCPA, ACMA) – The boring nerd sections

As a platform, we sell data from public profiles only that were manually researched or signed up to our platform themselves. Now is it ok to email influencers? Of course, that’s the whole point of why they choose to display their email publicly.

Here is what GDPR, CCPA, and ACMA say about publicly available data:


In line with Article 9, if the processing relates to personal data that are manifestly made public by the data subject, no explicit consent or other legal basis as enlisted in the Article 9 (mainly specific laws and regulations or establishment, exercise or defense of legal claims) is required.

All of the data we gather is publicly available information made public by the data subject.


Promotional emails are considered a commercial solicitation. On the federal level, the CAN-SPAM act does not require prior consent for a commercial email, only that it be clearly identified as an advertisement and include an unsubscribe link. Additionally, we are CCPA compliant because we do not process any information that may be implied based on Social Security number, IP addresses or geolocation data.

Finally – Should you build a TikTok Email Finder or Rent One?

Two choices here are very simple:

  1. If you need less than 100 emails: Do it manually
  2. If you need 100+ emails + you or someone from your team is skilled at automation: Build one (it’s hard though!)
  3. If you need 100+ emails and want to get as targeted as possible and execute now rather than later, signup somewhere in the footer and we’ll reach out to you asap.

Thanks for your attention!


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