December 29, 2020

Micro-Influencer Marketing for Small Businesses [2023 Guide]


Small business and micro-influencers – sounds like the perfect combo right?

On one side, you have a product or service that needs social media attention, and on the other, there are the micro-influencers, with their small, but loyal audience. Small businesses have nothing to worry about – 49% of users trust social media influencers about product recommendations. Plus, Instagram is a go-to network for more than 500.000 influencers!


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With all these stats on display, it should be easy to develop a successful collaboration, right?

Actually, it’s a bit more challenging for small business owners, but no worries.

We’re going to share some of our insights that could help you scale your business with the help of the right micro-influencers.

Let’s start with a simple explanation.


What Is A Micro-Influencer? 

Micro-influencers have between 1000 and 10000 followers on their Instagram profile. We know what you may think – is that big enough of an audience for my business?



It’s more than enough!

Here’s what you should know about them.

Most often than not, micro-influencers don’t create their Instagram account with an intent to become influencers. Unless they’ve already made a name for themselves, most of them have started building their profile like everyone else – posting cool photos, using hashtags, and supporting brands, ideas, and beliefs.

But, as time went by, they started to share more original content, high-quality photos, learned how to promote an idea or a brand and they’ve built a reputation.

Most importantly, they’ve built an army of loyal followers, with whom they constantly engage and interact.

While all this sounds superb, how is any of it relevant to your business and your long-term goals?



Micro-Influencers Are More Effective For A Small Business 

Instagram users trust them more rather than mega-influencers. Loyal followers know their story, how they’ve built their Instagram name and brand, how they’ve become influencers, and so on.

Plus, you being a small business founder and all, we know where you come from – money’s tight at the beginning of every entrepreneurial journey. You probably can’t afford to pay around $800 for one Instagram post, right? And who knows if you’re even going to be able to reach out to that mega-influencer.

Also, it’s easier to collaborate with micro-influencers, They’re more approachable, humble, and easy to connect with. Plus, they’re more cost-effective, and that’s important for your marketing budget.

It’s really not a question of whether any small business should collaborate with micro-influencers, but it’s a question of how to do that smartly, so it can become a profitable collaboration? 

Here’s where you can start.


Know Your Influencer Campaign Goal

First things first – please refrain from visiting your competitors’ profiles and searching through their followers’ list.

That comes second.

As with any financial decision related to your business, this one too should come with a goal in mind – what are you trying to achieve from your collaboration with any micro-influencer? 

Do you need some social media coverage, do you need to raise brand awareness, do you have a particular product you want to sell or is it something else?

Whatever your business goal may be, you need to define that before starting writing offers and emails for collaboration. By doing this, you’ll be able to determine the KPI’s later on.

Once you do that, the next step follows.


Do Your Micro Influencer Research

And we mean thoroughly!

Now is the perfect time to scout your competitors’ followers list, but be careful – don’t choose the first micro-influencer with a cute bio and amazing photos.

Look for someone who’s in any way related to your product or service. You’re selling gym equipment? Then fitness trainers are your target audience! Or maybe you’re selling beauty products? Check out this list of 25 beauty Instagram micro-influencers!

If you want to build a long-lasting relationship, you need to share a similar interest with the influencer – otherwise, it’s pointless.


Check Out Instagram Bios

Bios are not to be underestimated – especially in the influencer industry! Anyone can use them as a way to find users, but you can do the same to find micro-influencers as well!

Check out these bios:

An example of Instagram micro influencer with 4k followers.

You instantly know that she’s a mother, involved in the business development industry, and a CEO. Plus, there’s a link, so there’s more info for you to dive in.

Here’s another one:

Micro Influencer marketing with small or mini influencers.

Rachel is a founder, co-host, and currently based in New York – and we know this only by reading her bio!

You should use this data to your power – search for relevant terms to your business, potential similar interest, or behavior, and you’ll definitely find something.

We dive more deeply into this topic in our blog Search and Find Instagram Users by Bio [Get Targeted Emails], so be sure to check it out.

However, this might seem like a lot of work. Between running a business, networking, and making sure your employees get their paycheck regularly, reading bios and investigating the followers of your competitors on Instagram might be the last thing on your to-do list.

Plus, where’s the profitability in all this?

This is where we come in, with our skills.


Use Our Instagram Micro Influencer Email Database And Scale

What most small business owners forget about Instagram is the potential it holds.

And no, we’re not talking about being the most popular social media platform.

We’re talking about the fact that anyone, including Beyonce, needs an email address to create an Instagram account.

And here’s where things get really interesting.

E-mail is still one of the most effective ways to turn a prospect into a lead and a loyal customer. Those users you want to engage with your product or service, every one of them has used an email address to create their Instagram accounts. You can use those emails to develop an email marketing campaign that targets the right influencers or the right users for your business!

We know what you’re thinking right now – but how do I get my hands on those emails? 

You don’t need to – that’s all on us!

We have an enormous database of influencers’ emails in all kinds of niches and industries – yes, even for your business!

But that’s not the best part.

We understand that any small business’s goal is not to interact with just about anyone, but with specifically chosen micro-influencers. That’s why we use 28 specific data points, data that’s specific for that influencer only!

28 different ways for categorization – that’s the thing that makes us unique. You don’t need to spend days trying to figure out who’s the right influencer for your business, we can do that for you with our tools!

Book a 30 min free call with us and let’s help you skyrocket your business on Instagram!


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