August 2, 2021

Tools For Creators: The Complete List (2024)

A list of the best tools for social media creators in the creator economy. Tools for content creators, community-building, and monetization.


With the recent growth of the creator economy which is now estimated to be worth around $104.2 billion, many new creator tools have been created for this economy, so there is a need for their proper categorization.

Because of the high demand in the creator economy, these creator-focused startups help the modern-day creators in many different segments of their work, some of which are content creation, audience management & communication, audience monetization, and much more.

In today’s article, we will cover numerous tools and platforms that creators use for different purposes in their business, such as Instagram creator tools, TikTok creator tools, Facebook creator tools, creator tools for musicians, and many more!

Stay with us until the end of this article, because we will also cover two methods on how you can find and search for other creators to collaborate and work together with.


List of Creator Tools

Having the right tools as a content creator can save you a lot of time, make your content higher quality, and help you maximize your earnings. That’s why we will help you get to know some of the best creators tools out there.


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f you have any questions about the Creator Economy, feel free to check our recent article where we answer questions such as what is a creator, what’s the difference between creators and influencers, and how do the best creators maximize their earnings?

To make things easier for you, we will categorize the different types of tools by their purpose. You can go straight to the category that interests you by using our table of contents:

  1. Content Creation Tools 
  2. Community Building Tools
  3. Tools for Audience Monetization
  4. Profession-based Tools
  5. How to search & find creators
  6. Conclusion



1. Content Creation

This first section will cover the best tools that creators use to create the best video, photo, and live-streamed content.


Video Content Creation Tools for Creators

  • Riverside offers podcasters an all-in-one, robust content creation platform for seamless recording, editing, and sharing of their programs. This software has automated editing and transcription features, streamlining the production process. Additionally, the platform enables live streaming with real-time sound effects on multiple social media platforms at the same time.
  • Aria is a video creation tool that allows creators to create beautiful stories by adding captions for their videos, podcasts, and more!
  • Kapwing helps online content creators produce the best GIFs, images, videos, and much more with the platform’s numerous tools. It has a free plan as well as a paid (Pro) plan that is priced at $17 per month.
  • Triller is a music and video application that lets creators choose a song snippet and then record a video to it. Video creators on social media use this app to add music, filters, effects, and much more to videos. The app allows them to share videos with Triller and other platforms too.
  • Vochi is used by online creators for creating next-level videos by applying insane effects to single objects with the app’s special AI-based technology. Vochi has a free version available, but there is a Pro-version too that costs $5.99 a month.
  • Snippet allows video creators to produce video compilations of their best moments caught on camera by merging multiple tracks into a single video. The app also allows creators to apply special effects to their videos using free or premium filters.
  • InVideo is an online video editor that you can use to create videos for social media in less than 10 minutes. It has been developed with the idea of being accessible to anyone. The editing tool is simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. It is a browser-based platform accessible on both Windows and macOS. It also offers over 5,000 templates that you can work with.



Photo Editing Creators Tools

  • The Mojo app helps Instagram creators create professional social stories by offering numerous animated and eye-catching templates. The application allows you to add photos and videos to any template. You can download it for free on iOS and Android, but there is a paid version called Mojo Pro that costs $9.99 per month.
  • PhotoRoom is a photo editing app for non-designers, where creators instead of pixels, work with objects and have the option to apply natural actions such as background removal, anonymizing a face, changing the sky color, and much more. This app is currently available only for iPhones, there is a free version with limited options and a pro version for $9.50/month.
  • Enlight, a powerful iPhone photo editor app is developed by Lighttricks, a company founded in 2013. The app is packed with a huge range of tools and it is quickly masterable even for people that are new to photo editing. You can download it for free on the App store, but it has an optional subscription of $3.99 per month that gives users additional features.
  • Instasize is an all-in-one, photo and video editor for content creators. It helps modern-day creators to easily edit photos and videos with a wide range of tools such as picture borders, collage makers, retouch tools, and much more. There is a free and a premium version that requires a monthly payment of $4.99.
  • Unfold is an app for Instagram and Snapchat creators that helps them create unique stories for their profiles. The app also has an option where you can create a hub page of the links to your other social media accounts and online content, which you can promote in your bio. There is an Unfold Pro plan, starting at $12.99/month.


Live Streaming Tools For Creators

  • Restream is a multi-streaming service that allows streamers to broadcast their live content to more than 30 platforms at the same time. It supports platforms such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Twitch, and 26+ other platforms. It has a free plan, a standard plan ($16/month), and a professional plan that costs $41 per month.
  • StreamElements offers online creators many functions that help them improve their streams, such as a chatbot, better statistics viewer, donation function, and overlay elements. The best thing is that it is completely free!
Screenshot of a streamer using Streamelements, a live-streaming tool.
  • StreamLabs is a platform that offers streamers a simpler version of the OBS design. The company behind it has crafted it with streamers in mind, so its main goal is to improve the visual appeal of your stream and boost viewer engagement. The whole app is free to use, they don’t charge any fees or monthly prices
  • XSplit makes it easy for gaming content creators to sort and manage their recorded gameplay footage. They can even upload the videos to Youtube directly through the application which offers a free version as well as a paid one that starts at $2.50/month.
  • STAGE TEN is an advanced production platform that gives live content creators the tools needed to create dynamic live streams on the 4 most popular streaming platforms: YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and Twitter. It has a free plan, as well as a paid one, that starts at $22 per month.


2. Community Building Tools

Having the best content is important, but you can’t achieve anything without the right community building. That’s why we have a separate section for event management and community management creator tools.


Event Management Creator Tools

  • With Airmeet, any online content creator can broadcast live speeches to participants from all over the World. There is even a backstage feature where the host and speakers can interact privately and they also provide a live Q&A session to the participants. Their plan is free for up to 100 registrations per event and starts at $99 for more registrations.
  • Hopin helps creators produce virtual, hybrid, and in-person events for their audience, no matter their location. It has flexible plans for every creator, being free for the first 100 registrants, and starting at $41.58 for anything above that.
  • Hubilo‘s mission is to help content creators drive engagement and grow their community and income by hosting virtual or hybrid events for their fans. The platform is built for event excellence, its pricing starts at $99 per month for 50 registrants and the price goes up with the number of registrants.
  • Reach.Live is a live streaming platform where content creators can host free and paid live events that will help them connect with their online fans. For content creators that have 200 attendees per month, there is a free plan, but for anything above, the price starts at $199/month.
  • Run The World is giving users in the Creator Economy an easy solution for all of their virtual social gatherings, conferences, and webinars. These virtual events will help creators drive higher engagement and they don’t have anything to lose, because there is a free plan for up to 50 attendees, while the paid plan starts at $79 per month.


Link-in-bio (Community Management) Tools for Creators

  • Flooz is a link-in-bio tool for creators that allows them to manage their website, subscription, email list, security, and provides them with detailed analytics. Currently, they are a free or “pay what you can” service. You can find more about them at
  • Koji makes the process of directing people to unique places from the creators’ social media profiles much easier. They also allow creators to add apps such as Tip Jar, AMA, or a Branded Quiz to their link-in-bio. It is free to use, you only have a transaction fee of 15% for everything you sell. Find their website at
  • Beacons is a link-in-bio website builder that people in the Creator Economy use to build their following and make more money by having one link to all of their content. Everything is customizable and content creators can add content from Youtube, Spotify, Twitch, and more. There is a free plan and a paid plan that costs $10 per month.
  • LinkTree, a platform used by all kinds of Instagram creators to make a landing page that hosts multiple links. Most of the creators use this to embed links to their social media channels other than Instagram, such as TikTok, YouTube, Clubhouse, etc. They have a free and a Pro plan ($6/month).
Screenshot of how the user @avocadotoday is creating his link-in-bio page with the tool named Linktree.
  • Snipfeed gives social media creators the opportunity to monetize and build their store directly on top of their Instagram, TikTok, or any other social media. Creators can host live streams, sell shoutouts, provide exclusive content, and much more.


3. Audience Monetization

You can have a big audience, but if you don’t have the right monetization methods, you will be leaving lots of money on the table that you can later use to grow your fanbase even more. That’s why we recommend reading all these tools one-by-one.


Creator Tools for Selling Merchandise

  • Printful is used by content creators on all Social Media as their on-demand printing and fulfillment company to sell their branded products such as t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and more. Printful doesn’t have any monthly fees, which means that you only get charged after you make a sale.
  • Big Cartel is a cloud-hosted e-commerce platform used by online creators to build and operate their store where they sell their merchandised products. It has an option to use one of the free themes or create a unique design through its API. They have a free plan if you have up to 5 product listings, 50 listings will cost you $9.99 per month or 500 listings for $19.99.
  • Cala is the platform that connects content creators with manufacturers around the globe to make the process of selling merchandise a lot smoother. There is a free limited plan, as well as paid plans that start at $29/mo per editor if billed annually. You can find more about them at
  • Spreadshirt is a platform where content creators go for custom design and production of various products like t-shirts, hoodies, or hats that they sell to their audience. They don’t charge a monthly fee, you only get charged for the production and shipping fees after you’ve made a sale.
  • Printify is a print-on-demand platform where Youtube and Instagram creators go to get their products customized and ready for sale without ever touching them. Using their platform is free of charge, you only pay for the shipping and production costs of your merchandise, after you have made a sale.


Creator Tools for E-commerce

  • Off Script is a social commerce platform that makes it possible for social media creators to run their e-commerce store where they sell products from their favorite brands to their audience, only by using a mobile phone. You can learn more about them at
  • Payhip is a platform that enables any content creator to sell their work directly to their fans and followers, while also providing them with everything they need related to setting up and running their store. You can choose from a free plan where you pay a 5% transaction fee or a paid one where the transaction fee is lower or completely gone.
  • Selz is an e-commerce platform for creators to sell their digital, physical, or even service products online from one place, with built-in payment processing. They are a paid platform that has 4 plans, starting with a $26/month basic plan, finishing with a $599/month Do It For Me plan.
  • Shopify is an online platform that content creators can use to host their online store. The platform offers numerous already pre-built themes, as well as payment processing. It is the most popular e-commerce platform that has three pricing plans, starting at $29/per month + some additional transaction fees.
  • Scrollstack is a platform where bloggers can monetize their content, or accept contributions and get paid by their followers with zero upfront cost. On ScrollStack, creators can accept payments from around the globe and create in any language they want. The best thing is that there is no monthly payment.


Crypto (Blockchain) & Finance Creator Tools

  • Zora – a blockchain marketplace where content creators can sell and trade limited-edition digital products with their fans. Every single good is launched as a token that is dynamically priced – its price changes based on supply and demand. There are no monthly payments for using the platform, you just have to pay a gas fee when posting your media. Learn more about it at
  • Cent is a decentralized network built on the Ethereum blockchain, where Twitter creators can sell their autographed tweets to their fans. This platform is still in the beta phase, as it is the first network for creators experimenting with NFTs. If you want to see more updates about it, feel free to go to
  • Onscout is on a mission to inspire compassion and new friendships through content discovery. Check more about it
  • Foundation is a platform for all creators that aims to build a new creative economy – a planet where content creators can make a living by selling digital products to their fans by using Ethereum technology. The platform doesn’t charge a monthly subscription fee, but rather collects 15% of the total sale price, if you are interested in more details, check them at
  • Keeper Tax helps numerous online content creators to discover their tax write-offs. After joining the platform, you will get a personal bookkeeper that knows the ins and outs of the tax law, so he/she will find your tax deductions you didn’t know existed. The app has a free trial, after that, it costs $16 per month and $89 for an annual tax filing fee.
The homepage of KeeperTax, a tool that helps content creators discover their tax write-offs.


Creator Tools for Live Shopping

  • Dropd allows video content creators to showcase products and earn commission from their fans by showing and trying their favorite products live on stream. It’s a place where the creator’s fans can watch their content, chat with them in real-time, and support their favorite content creators by buying the products they promote. If you are interested in this live shopping experience, check
  • Hive is a platform where content creators can host live-streamed shoppable shows, where they will interact with their fans through a live chat feature. The fans can support their favorite content creators by buying some of the recommended products. The platform  currently allows only seller accounts by invite-only, you can learn more about applying at
  • Lalabox – the place where online creators present new products to their audiences with live streaming. It also has social media features such as sharing videos, creating profiles, following other profiles, etc. You can learn more about this app at
  • Livescale is an app designed for all content creators selling with Shopify. The app allows the creators to unlock awareness, engagement, and sales with shoppable live videos presented to their fans. There is a free 30-day trial, afterwards, it is priced at $490 per month.
  • Roombles is a video and live shopping marketplace where video creators can bring the feeling of real shopping to their fan’s smartphones. If you want to become a seller on the platform, you should contact them at their website,


Membership Creator Tools

  • Patreon is used by podcasters, writers, YouTubers, and many other creators to get financial support and reward from their fans. The creators can have multiple membership tiers in which they offer different values to their subscribers. The platform is completely free to start, they only get a percentage of your subscriptions.
  • Memberful is a WordPress membership plugin that allows numerous content creators to collect membership revenue from their biggest fans in return for some member-only perks. There is a free plan, as well as two paid plans: one starting at $25/mo, while the other is $100/mo.
  • LaunchPass, the platform that gaming creators use to turn their Slack and Discord servers into a membership platform. LaunchPass together with Stripe Connect makes it possible to charge users for access to Slack and Discord servers, channels, and roles. The total cost of using it is $29/mo + a 3.5% transaction fee.
  • Glow is created with podcasters in mind and it helps them monetize their stream with paid memberships from their fans, which can pay with Apple or Google Pay. You can learn more about the platform at
  • SuperCast is a creator tool that gives podcasters an easy access to a branded landing page, payment processing, member management, and much more. The platform makes it super easy for listeners to support their favorite podcasters by paying for a membership via Apple or Google Pay. The platform costs podcasters $0.59 per member, per month.


Fan Interaction Tools for Creators

  • Superpeer is a platform where video content creators can host cohort-based courses, live events, or 1:1 sessions with their fans. It is a great way for fans to interact with their favorite content creators while also supporting them financially. You can learn more about the platform at
  • OnlyFans is a subscription site where content creators share exclusive, members-only content to their fans in return for monthly subscriptions. There are no monthly subscription fees, but OnlyFans keeps 20% of all subscriptions.
  • Jemi acts as a content monetization platform that offers all creators the opportunity to sell custom experiences to their fans. Creators use it to showcase content, engage with their audience, and monetize online.
  • Streamloots is a tool made for streamers, it gives them a unique way to interact with their fans, grows their channel, and increases revenue through selling chests that contain cards. Fans can “play” those cards while their favorite is live streaming. Streamloots keeps a 20% commission fee from every transaction.
  • Cameo is an online platform where content creators can create personalized videos for their fans. This way the fans get a personalized experience, while the creators have financial support directly from their audience.
Creators that use Cameo, such as Olivia Dunne, Master P, Drew Brees, Tom Felton, and categories of people that are on the platform, such as The Office, Game of Thrones, etc.


4. Profession-based Tools

In this section, we will cover tools for different types of online creators, such as creators tools for musicians, course creators, fitness creators, and more.


Creator Tools for Musicians

  • Sonix, an audio and video tool that allows creators to transcribe, search, and organize video & audio files. They have multiple pricing plans based on the hours of transcription needed.
  • Stage is an online venue where musicians can host live and interactive virtual shows for their fans. At the same time, the artists get monetized, and the fans have unique live streaming experiences.
  • Beatstars is the world’s biggest marketplace where musicians can buy and sell their beats. There are many types of beats from which buyers can choose. There is a free plan, where Beatstars has a 30% commission cut on your sales. With the paid plan starting at $9.99, you keep 100% of your revenue.
  • Kobalt is a platform built for music creators that empowers them in today’s digital age. They work with some of the greatest artists around the Globe because they provide their creators with an increase in royalty payments, freedom & control, and real transparent statistics.
  • Stem is a tool for musicians in the creator economy, that makes it easy for them to distribute music, manage contracts, split royalties, and most important – stay independent. The company was founded back in 2015 and if you want to learn more about them, check their site at


Tools for Course Creators

  • The Heights Platform helps online creators to build and sell online courses to their audience. The platform’s main mission is to provide courses with knowledge that can be put into practice by your students (fans). It has multiple pricing plans, with the Basic one starting at $39/mo.
  • Kajabi is everything course creators need to sell online courses and run a digital business because it provides everything you need: hosting a website, taking payments, results tracking, email marketing, business automation, and more. There are three pricing plans, with the cheapest one being $119 per month.
  • Podia is the place where entrepreneurs and online creators go-to host and sell online courses, as well as collect memberships from their fans. One of the best things about this tool is that it has a pretty cheap basic plan that costs only $39 per month.
  • Teachable is a platform that handles everything from hosting to payment processing for online course creators, so they can focus on creating a more meaningful online business for their fans. You can join the platform with their basic plan for just $29 monthly if billed annually.
  • Thinkific – the tool that allows online course creators to create, sell and deliver their online courses to their audience. The platform has no transaction fees and allows course creators to have unlimited students. It has a free test period, afterwards, you can use it for as little as $39 per month.


Tools for Fitness Creators

  • Fiit is a fitness app where fitness coaches and creators can share motivating fitness classes for their audience and get paid on the way. On the platform, there are numerous classes, from HIIT to yoga. If you want to learn more about it, go to
  • Playbook is a mobile app for fitness creators where they can create a channel and publish their workout programs and fitness courses which their fans can buy. They welcome every creator with a passion for health and they don’t charge a monthly fee, but keep 20% of the revenue. Read more at
  • Sutra makes building an online business for fitness instructors much easier by allowing them to host live classes, sell on-demand video content to their fans, as well as build memberships. They offer a free plan which has a higher transaction fee, as well as a $20.75 monthly plan with lower transaction fees and additional perks. Check them at
  • Trybe ( is a platform that connects fitness creators with their fans by allowing them to train together. The creators make workout plans for their plans that are easy to follow, keep fans motivated, and help them reach their fitness goals. They have a revenue-sharing model, where you keep 80% of all revenue.
  • wOS is a social fitness app where fitness creators can share personalized, live-streamed classes with their audience and monetize the content through the subscriptions their fans pay. One of the best things is that coaches (creators) can give real-time feedback to their fans and help them achieve their fitness goals.


Creator Tools for Podcasters

  • Anchor (you can find them at is a tool for podcasters that is a one-stop shop for podcasting. Podcasters can record, edit, and host their episodes, all within the  phone app or at the website. The best thing is that it is completely free to use!
  • Castbox is a podcaster app that distributes free podcasts and currently has more than fifty million podcast episodes uploaded. It also has a premium platform where fans can support their favorite creators.
  • SquadCast is a podcaster tool that makes it easier for creators to make engaging audio and video content with studio-quality recordings. It allows remote recording and simplified editing for everyone new in the editing space. There are multiple plans for the platform, the cheapest one starting at $20 per month, if you wanna check the other plans go to
  • Podbean is a podcast publishing & monetization service for podcasters in the creator economy that has free and premium hosting packages. The platform offers publishing, management, syndication and analysis tools. It has a free plan and multiple premium plans, the cheapest starting at $9 per month.
  • Acast, the largest global podcast company, is a tool that podcasters use for multiple things, such as hosting, monetization, and growth of their podcasts. There is a free plan, as well as multiple paid plans, with the cheapest one being $14.99 per month.


Creator Tools for Writers

  • Letterdrop is a tool for writers where they can write their newsletter and publish blog posts. This publishing platform allows them to make money with paid subscriptions, sponsorships, or even freelancing for other Letterdrop publications. There is a free plan, but also three paid plans, the cheapest starting at $9 per month.
  • Medium is the biggest platform for writers around the globe, some people have even called it the Youtube of writing. It is the place where content creators can earn money from the paid subscribers that read their blog posts. The best thing is that publishing on Medium is completely free.
  • Revue helps writers to send newsletters to the audience they have built and get paid for that. The creator is in complete control of the process and he/she also gets to keep more of the revenue because of the minimal fees the platform currently has. If you want to explore Revue further, check them at
  • Substack is a tool that many writers use because it gives them options like publishing, payment, analytics, and design for their subscription newsletter. Substack is free to use, but if you turn on paid subscriptions, they take 10% of what your subscribers pay.
  • Wattpad  is a storytelling platform where writers can share their original content and connect with fans around the world. The purpose of the platform is to give amateur writers a chance to publish their work and get feedback for free. The best writers can even earn money through the platform with the Wattpad Paid Stories feature.

Gaming Creator Tools

  • GamerzClass is a gaming edutainment platform that gaming creators can use to make courses about getting better at their favorite games. The platform pays creators a percentage of the subscription amount that their viewers pay.
Screenshot of multiple Dota 2 Lessons for gamers presented on the creator tool, GamerzClass.
  • Lowkey is a tool for gamers that can be used to record, edit, and share their best gaming moments and highlights. They have a downloadable app that is used for all the recording and editing of the videos. Learn more about them at
  • Maestro is an interactive streaming platform that allows brands and creators to make more money with video. The platform supports ticketing, subscriptions, tipping, and live commerce. Plus, creators keep up to 100% of the revenue earned from ticket and subscription sales.
  • Replai helps game creators by finding the reasons behind their UA creative’s visual elements performing or not performing. They also help video game creators quickly discover new winning concepts for their games and accelerate the development process. Learn more at
  • 1v1Me is a gaming tool that gaming content creators can use to have fan interactions and play 1v1 matches with their fans. This gives the fans a personalized, 1-on-1 experience with their favorite content creators, which makes it more likely for them to later financially support the creator.

If you want to check a list of 230+ startups in the creator economy, feel free to check The Ultimate List of Companies in the Creator Economy that we have created for you!


How to Search & Find Creators

The process of searching and finding creators plays an important role in the creator economy. No matter if you are a content creator or a business owner that collaborates with creators, you need to have a service or a tool that helps you in this process. Finding the right creators for your goals manually can be pretty exhausting, time-consuming, and ineffective.

If you are a creator yourself, you can search for others in your niche with whom you can collaborate and help each other in the process of growing your audience and business.

On the other hand, if you are a business owner that wants to reach out, collaborate, or target creators, you can save a ton of time and resources if you skip the manual search of content creators.

That’s why, before jumping into the best tools for creators, we are going to share two methods of how you can search and find content creators in no time.




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