October 19, 2021

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In 2021, B2C brands spend most of their marketing budgets on two digital marketing channels. Social media advertising and brand ambassadors. However, after the recent iOS update, many businesses are pivoting away from Facebook Ads and try their luck with brand ambassadors.

One of their first questions when starting out with brand ambassador marketing is “what’s the best way to search and find the right brand ambassadors for my business?”.

Hundreds of influencer platforms in the industry (worth 13.8 billion U.S. dollars according to Statista) can help you do that. But, they charge way too much for a couple of contacts that may or may not become your brand ambassadors.

150 influencers that can be your ideal brand ambassadors

This is why we built a free tool that lets you find brand ambassadors by keywords people have in their Instagram bio. For example, if you’re in the beauty niche you can try searching for “beauty brand ambassadors”. The beauty of the tool is that you can try with any keyword really.

After you click the search button the algorithm checks millions of profiles until it identifies the best people with your targeted word in their bio.

If you’re looking to scale your outreach, get in touch with our team and order a custom-made email list with thousands of brand ambassadors. All of them based on your specific targeting requirements.

What are brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador is defined as someone who is hired by a business to represent a brand in a positive light. By doing so, they increase brand awareness as well as sales numbers. The brand ambassador is meant to embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanor, ethics, and values.

When you’re searching for the right brand ambassador for your small business you need to make sure they are:

  • Authoritative in their niche. If they are experts in your targeted niche, potential customers are more likely to trust their recommendation.
  • Have love and enthusiasm for your brand. Brand ambassadors must also live out the values, mission, and vision of the brand they represent at all times. They should already embody your brand’s values before your brand formally recruits them as ambassadors.
  • Communicates authenticity. Authenticity is key in getting a brand ambassador’s audience to trust them. So, the ability to communicate authentic love for your brand is arguably the most important brand ambassador skill.
  • Produce creative content. Brand ambassadors’ posts must draw their audience in with their creativity. Also, ambassadors need to find creative ways to connect with their audience.
  • An Established Online Presence. In order for word-of-mouth marketing to be successful, you need ambassadors to reach as many people as possible, across a variety of channels and platforms.

How do I find an ambassador for my brand?

Let’s cover some additional ways for finding brand ambassadors, in case our tool has not provided you with the right contacts for your ambassador program.

Internal Brand Ambassadors

Employees, partners, investors, or anyone who belongs to the company or has a direct relationship with it. The trust comes from the first-hand information they can provide about the products, services, and projects. They represent the culture and values of the company.

The first place where you should look for ambassadors is in your own company. They know everything about the brand and they are probably willing to share their experience with the world. If they feel involved with the company they will be happy to ask other people to get involved as well.

External Brand Ambassadors

Customers, users, fans, etc. They don’t belong directly to the organization but they have direct contact with it. They have purchased or used the product, enjoyed service, or seen its impact.

Find brand ambassadors among your customers or subscribers

Since most brands have an email list of their customers or subscribers it makes sense to try to use them as brand ambassadors. They know and like your products, service, or your app so it would be natural for them to spread the word about you in front of their followers.

Also, they are more likely to accept collaboration with a brand they know. More importantly, free products are the preferred compensation (which is what most brands like to achieve with influencers).

To find brand ambassadors from a list of your subscribers or customers use Influencers Club’s API.

When you upload your list of contacts the tool instantly checks millions of people, trying to match your audience with their social media profiles.

In a matter of minutes, your customer list will be enriched with data points like a social handle, audience size, location, Instagram bio, Instagram category, and other publicly available insights.

If you need any assistance with the whole process, feel free to get in touch with our customer success team.

How do I find brand ambassadors on Instagram?

You’re currently reading Influencers Club’s blog. We’re data providers for the largest creator economy companies and B2C brands. We can find emails of potential Instagram brand ambassadors on Google, plus we can filter based on your specific use case and needs.

The simplest example of how we find targeted brand ambassadors is by keywords in bio. On top of that we can apply additional filters like:

  • Interests
  • Gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Instagram Category (every contact is grouped in 1 of 1500 categories)
  • And 20 other data points

To view a sample of our data with all the data points for every brand ambassador we provide visit this page.

To get in touch with us feel free to schedule a short call with our team. We’ll discuss your use case, how we can find the brand ambassadors you target, and how you can use our emails to make your brand ambassador program a success.

How to reach out to brand ambassadors

According to Econsultancy, one of the top three brands ambassador marketing challenges is to get their attention and engage them.

You may think that brand ambassadors will be easy to approach, but that’s not necessarily the case. It’s important to remember the main reason why brand ambassadors are so unique is that they are authentic.

And for this reason, they value authenticity and want to make sure they provide their followers with only the most honest opinions.

That’s why you should approach brand ambassadors very carefully. And then work on building and nurturing your relationship with them before you ask them to promote your products or services.

Here are a few tips to help you connect with brand ambassadors effectively:

Start with Social Media Interactions

Follow them on social media, and keep up with their activities. To begin your friendship, like, share, and comment on their posts.

Some influencers may be unresponsive to comments on their posts. If possible, try finding brand ambassadors who often engage with their followers, and make an attempt to start a conversation with them.

Follow them on social media, and keep up with their activities. To begin your friendship, like, share, and comment on their posts.

If you’ve chosen a brand ambassador who consistently has a high engagement rate, it’s likely that they will notice your likes, shares, and comments quickly. To strike up a conversation, comment on a brand ambassador’s post with a compliment and a question.

How do you approach a brand ambassador for collaboration?

If you want to approach a brand ambassador for collaboration, leaving a good impression is critical. You need to establish trust and warm up your relationship at first touch. Create a pitch that you will send to the brand ambassador. Highlight how your brand can help them. Lastly, send your email and connect with them on social media.

How do you approach a brand ambassador?

First, always start doing research and background check about the perfect brand ambassador so you get to know him/her. When creating a pitch, don’t forget to appreciate his/her work and highlight what your brand can do to the influencer and vice versa. As much as possible, be straight to the point. Include only all the relevant details and make your message/email short.

How do you write a message to a brand ambassador?

When writing a message to potential brand ambassadors, always start off by putting a catchy subject line. Brand ambassadors receive lots of emails every day so put something that will instantly get their attention. It is also important to personalize your message for each brand ambassador your message and show what value you can give to him/her. Keep your message short and simple, but still professional. Avoid using slang and jargon words.

List of Top 10 Brand Ambassadors

To give you an idea of what kind of ambassadors you should be looking for we created a list of the 10 most successful brand ambassadors. Check their posts, comments, image descriptions and take notes of anything specific that separates these people from the rest.

They are selected based on audience engagement rate, follower count, they are from the US and yes, they have the keyword “brand ambassador” in their biography.

Number IG Username Followers Bio
1 tasyakamila 4053621 Singer/ Actress/ Presenter / Mamanya @arrasya_bachtiar, Brand Ambassador of @johnsonsbaby_id, Youtube: Tasya Kamila 👇
2 sabamubarak 3250110 Actress; Producer; Brand Ambassador, Twitter @sabamubarak, @UNHCR_Arabic Supporter, saba@paneastmedia.com
3 amberrosegill 2868453 Love Island 2019 Winner ❤️🏝 @misspap Brand Ambassador 📸Exclusively represented by @screativeagency, All enquiries scarlett@s-creative.co.uk YT🎥⬇️
4 tissabiani 2841652 Actress;Singer🇲🇨, Brand Ambassador of @natur_e_indonesia @quipper_id, Owner @pempeknagih_id 💌Cp Endorse @prabmanagement (line) 💌Cp 087828563773 (Dian)
5 ana_montana 2108994 •Booking Inquiries: Anamontanabookings@gmail.com; •Booking Inquires:Anamontanabookings@gmail.com •Brand Ambassador @fashionnova •#blacklivesmatter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏼
6 realangelkaramoy 1917898 Actress 🎥🎬 Duta Anti NARKOBA Polda Metro Jaya, Brand ambassador, Contact person : email : angelkaramoyendorsement@gmail.com
7 yaswildblood 1730874 🇲🇨ðŸ�´ó �§ó �¢ó �¥ó �®ó �§ó �¿ðŸ�´ó �§ó �¢ó �³ó �£ó �´ó �¿ Brand Ambassador @purebb.indonesia @nood.cosmetics @warungmami_anita
9 rabiaazayyatofficial 1299756 TV Host, Mother of 4 ❤️, Brand Ambassador, Founder of @rabiaa.zayyat 👗 لأمنياتكم اضغطوا على الرابط🤞
10 thekingkaka 1203638 C.E.O Kaka Empire, UNICEF Kenya Advocate, Remy Martin Brand Ambassador, Brand Ambassador Skyward Express, Bookings +254714402842


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150 influencers that can be your ideal brand ambassadors