December 16, 2021

How to Approach Micro Influencers [3 Simple Steps]


Influencer marketing has become one of the best marketing options for small and big businesses alike. Collaborating with micro-influencers is a great way to increase brand awareness and connect with audiences on a more personal level when promoting products/services.

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The reason why micro influencers are so powerful is because they can be super targeted and drive higher engagement rates than macro-influencers. Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategy nowadays and for a good reason.

In this article, you will learn the best methods for finding micro influencers, what are the best channels for approaching influencers and how to craft the perfect message.

1. What Types Of Micro Influencers Are Right For You

Before you can find and approach micro-influencers you first have to know who you’re looking for, because not every micro-influencer will be a good fit for your campaign. This is essentially the first and most important step in the influencer outreach process.

That’s why you need to have a set of criteria that every influencer needs to fulfill. 

Being relevant. Influencers should match your brand values, and your product must be of interest to them and their fans. If you are promoting fitness products, search for fitness creators because your target audience follows them. 

Always make sure to target niche audiences with the influencers you pick. Fitness for example is a very broad term, there are sub-niches like bodybuilding, powerlifting, Olympic weight lifting etc. The point is, be as specific as possible with the micro influencers you choose to work with.


Influencer content quality is another huge thing you need to pay attention to. 

A healthy engagement rate, ideally over 6%, is an indication of a healthy page and great content. If the engagement rate is lower than 3-4% then the influencer fails to meet the criteria. This free engagement rate calculator will help you calculate the number, feel free to bookmark it for later.

Some social media influencers are very creative with how they do their promotional posts. By blending in such posts with their daily content to make them seem more natural and tailored to their audience. That’s the authenticity you want when someone is promoting your brand.

The way they create content directly impacts how their followers respond to the promotional posts they will do for your brand. You can evaluate this by looking at their past collaborations. Having creative content is essential.

2. How To Find Micro-Influencers On Social Media

Finding the right influencers can be harder than you might think. But now that we have a set of criteria to follow our influencer outreach process should take off smoothly.

The number of influencers depends on your strategy and budget. This means you might be looking to hire only a few or hundreds of influencers. In any case, in this section you will find solutions for both scenarios.

The main social media platforms to find influencers, and especially micro-influencers are Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. So our influencer outreach strategy will cover methods for every one of these social media channels.

How To Find A List Of Micro-Influencers

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Find  Micro-Influencers From Followers

The best way to find micro influencers is by looking into your following or targeting your competitor’s following. We know for a fact that these people are already a part of your niche and if they follow you then they obviously already like your brand/products, making them the perfect micro-influencer to work with for promoting your products/services.

If you’re looking to analyze big profiles with a lot of followers, then our service is the perfect solution. We can analyze the followers of any profile regardless of its size, and provide you with a list of perfect micro-influencers to do collabs with.

Find Micro-Influencers For Free

If you need to work with only a few influencers, then these manual methods can do the job just fine.

Find Micro-Influencers That Are Already Fans

By partnering up with an influencer that’s already a fan, you’re essentially giving them an opportunity to spread their passion for your brand with their own audience. This will also set the stage for the option to compensate with free products (something that brands often want to achieve when working with influencers).

If your business has any branded hashtags you can start by looking for accounts that fit the micro-influencer role and meet your criteria there. You could also go through your tagged posts and search for potential influencers that have tagged you in the past. Any influencers you find that meet your criteria, add them to a list or spreadsheet.


Use Hashtags To Find Micro Influencers

Hashtags can be extremely targeted and niche-specific, making them the ideal place to find the right micro influencers.

Using hashtags on social media to do your influencer research is also completely free! The only drawback is that it can get quite tedious since it’s a manual process.

NOTE: Hashtags are a universal concept, so the same rules apply to any social media network.

For Instagram and TikTok:

  • To find relevant hashtags on Instagram, google the following: {niche name} hashtag
  • To find relevant hashtags on TikTok, google the following: {fitness} hashtag
  • Choose anywhere from 5-10 relevant hashtags to your industry/niche (they may be different for each social media platform but they will be similar) and organize them in a list, or a spreadsheet.
  • Look for influencers that meet your criteria in the most popular posts of every hashtag
  • Pick out the micro-influencers you like and sort them in a spreadsheet so you can later approach and contact them

Where to find the contact email of an influencer profile

This section is all about finding emails from the influencers you have picked so far, so you can later easily reach out to them.

On Instagram you can see their email in the contact/email button on their profile:

Where to find the contact email of an influencer profile on Instagram

On TikTok:

  • Open their profile and search their TikTok bio for an email or an email button
  • If there is no email on their TikTok page, but you see an Instagram button check their IG profile for an email by following the steps previously mentioned

Where to find the contact email of an influencer profile on TikTok

On Twitter:

  • Check their Twitter profile and bio for an email address
  • Use a Google Chrome extension called swordfish

3. Top Influencer Outreach Channels

The last piece of the puzzle before you can begin your micro-influencer campaign is to reach out to the social media influencers you have picked and added to your spreadsheets. There are only two ways you can contact someone on social media. Either send them an email (best) if their email was made public and you, or DM them.

Use Email as a Channel (Free Template Included)

You now have a list of micro-influencers and the next step is to do mass outreach, or use our template to contact them. Once they respond, you can decide who you want to work with.

You can use this free email template:

Hey, [Insert Influencer Name]!

I’ve/We’ve been following your [insert social media platform] profile and have really enjoyed your [insert topic] content. [Add another sentence about their content that adds a human element].

My name is [insert name here]  and I work at [insert business name]. We [enter the service or product you provide]. I thought I’d contact out to see if you’d be interested in testing our product and collaborating with us since [insert what they’re passionate about or what they make their content around that aligns with your brand].

If you’re interested, please let me know and I’ll email you additional information!


[your name here]

Use Automated DMs (Free Template)

The other way to approach influencers is by sending a DM.  Here’s how you can maximize the chances of getting a response.

For influencers that follow you, you can message them straight away. But make sure to write an authentic and personalized direct message. Tell them why you contacted them, make sure to include what the goal of your marketing campaign is, and why you think they are a great fit.

For influencers that you found through any of the other methods:

  • Create your own or use the free template we have provided to send DMs
  • Use an automation tool to send a DM to every profile that has a follower count of 10k-50k

There are many automated tools you can use to send DMs, but the one we use and like most is Instazood

Use this following message template and tailor it to your needs:

Hi, [insert influencer’s name here],

Me and my team are interested in [insert description of the topic they post about] and your profile was an instant hit with us. Here at [your company’s name here] we [insert what you do, and the product/service you sell]. And we ‘d be happy to [offer to pay for a promotion or offer some free products]

Let me know if you’re interested, thanks! – [Insert your name here]


These are the best methods to find and approach micro-influencers. Remember to stick with your criteria when selecting the influencers you want to approach, and utilize the different methods we discussed for each social media platform.

Hopefully, by now you have a complete list of relevant and targeted influencers, and fully know how to approach them using different channels and methods. Good luck on your influencer outreach journey!


Influencer outreach is a form of the social media marketing that involves working with people that are well-known in their industries, usually to promote products and services through their social media pages.

There are multiple ways to advertise with influencers. Promotional posts and/or stories, giveaways, affiliate marketing programs, and influencer events are the main ones.

Some things you can do to get influencers to work with you include: send them a free product before you reach out to them, give them huge discounts on your products, or just offer them some benefit from working with you.

Do your homework about them. Point out some things you like about them or their content, be clear and straight to the point, and always be respectful. Genuine conversations lead to trust and stronger relationships.

First set a clear goal to achieve with the partnership. Then decide on a realistic partnership structure, and build your relationship from there.


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