December 17, 2021

Hosting An Influencer Event


Hosting An Influencer Event | Simple 4 Step Guide

Hosting an influencer event is one of the most powerful influencer marketing strategies. They are done to promote new and existing products and services. They can also build trust, increase brand awareness, and build long-term relationships with relevant influencers.

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In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know before organizing an influencer event. More specifically:

  • Types of influencer events
  • Ways to find influencers for your event
  • The most important tips when organizing events
  • Best ways to promote an event for maximum exposure 

Step 1. Define What Type Of Event To Host

The first step of throwing a successful influencer event is defining your “why”. Once you have a clear goal in mind, write down any ideas you come up with. Your goal will be a deciding factor in what type of event you throw.

These are the most common types of influencer events:

  • Promotions – to promote new or existing products, sales, and exclusive offers
  • Parties – to build relationships, and create brand exposure
  • Online events – to attract sponsors
  • Seasonal events – to do promotions, create brand exposure and meet new influencers

These examples of successful influencer events below can definitely help you find inspiration.

The first example is from an event hosted by YoungLa. Their goal was to promote their Black Friday sale. They did teaser posts on their Instagram leading up to Black Friday, and then did their main posts when their sale dropped. They also dropped a video on YouTube, and got the influencers to post about it on their social media.

Gymshark is another brand that’s exceptional at throwing influencer events and using them to promote sales and new product releases. This is the post from their last influencer event.

A great example of an influencer party would be any of Dan Bilzerians parties he hosted  to promote his brand Ignite. Some of the biggest influencers attend these events, including huge artists, youtubers, athletes etc. These events have been extremely successful in promoting his brand.