January 13, 2022

Top 12 Mexican Influencers


Being the third-largest country in North America, Mexico is a hotbed of a lot of upcoming as well as established Influencers. Anything from beauty and fashion influencers, to lifestyle, fitness, and cooking bloggers, Mexican influencers offer a unique experience, especially for the Spanish-speaking audiences of the world. Join us in exploring 12 of the top Mexican influencers, and see what they’re all about.

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Angelique Boyer is one of the top Mexican influencers on Instagram

1. Angelique Boyer

Angelique is a French-born actress that’s risen to prominence due to her role in several popular Mexican telenovelas. She started acting from a young age, which helped jumpstart her career into more serious roles, helping her accumulate a sizable following throughout the years.

On Instagram, she has a whopping 13.7 million followers, and she only recently made a TikTok account where it didn’t take her long to get to 7 million followers!

Being one of the biggest actresses and influencers in Mexico, she’s rightfully at our number one spot.

Ninel Conde is one of the top Mexican influencers on Instagram

2. Ninel Conde

Ninel is an actress, television host, and most notably, singer. Her role in the Mexican telenovela Rebelde and her nomination for best lead actress at the TVyNovelas 2006 awards, helped her with launching her career in the entertainment industry.

On Instagram, she has a follower base of 4.9 million, as well as 1.4 million on Tiktok. She primarily focuses on promoting her musical content as well as sharing pictures and videos connected to her personal life.

Alejandro Speitzer is one of the top Mexican influencers on Instagram

3. Alejandro Speitzer

Alejandro started as a child actor when he was only 5 years old. Since then he’s been in numerous series, and even starring in several of them.

Recently he starred in two Netflix projects, the TV series “Dark Desires” and the miniseries “Someone Has To Die”. His 4.6 million followers on Instagram will make sure that he’ll stay in the public eye for years to come.

DanyanCat is one top Mexican influencers on Instagram

4. DanyanCat

And now for something completely different. DanyanCat was originally a gaming Youtuber but has since moved to content involving cosplay, vlogging, comedy, and similar activities.

Her popularity on social media stretches from her Youtube roots (1.4 million subscribers) to her new home over at Instagram (4.2 million followers).

Arianny Tenorio is one of the top Mexican influencers

5. Arianny Tenorio

Arianny is a Venezuelan-born model who rose to fame after she won the miss Mexico City contest, after which she participated in many other beauty pageants all over Mexico.

She began as a YouTuber, where she had a fashion review channel until she decided to move to Instagram where she became a full-fledged fashion vlogger.

Her Instagram follower count sits at a massive 3.9 million, and with her plans on attending the Miss Mexico pageant, we expect her numbers to fly ever higher than before!

Regina Blandón is one of the top Mexican influencers

6. Regina Blandón

Regina is an actress with over 3.5 million followers on Instagram, a Television and Film actress, her debut in the film “El misterio de la Trinidad” earned her an Ariel award.

Irina Baeva is one of the top Mexican influencers

7. Irina Baeva

Born in Moscow, Russia, Irina moved halfway across the world to study acting, coming to Mexico in 2012 where she landed a small role that kickstarted her acting career.

While most involved in television series, Irina has a substantial following of 3.4 million and over 2.5k posts on Instagram, where her followers enjoy the different types of content she provides.

Gomita Oficial is one of the top Mexican influencers

8. Gomita Oficial

Gomita is a content creator that focuses on health as well as beauty style of content. Her content is mostly in the form of short videos as well as images posted in a vlog-like style.

While her Instagram has a substantial audience of 3.2 million followers, her main creative outlet is TikTok where she hosts a massive following of 6.4 million followers, her videos reaching millions of views regularly.

MC Davo is one of the top Mexican influencers

9. MC Davo

Davo is a rapper, singer, and composer who rose to popularity during 2012 with his hit “Psicosis”.

Ever since then he’s been making more music as well as establishing his presence on social media, with over 3 million followers on Instagram. His content is everything from personal vlogs to new demos of his upcoming music.

Tefi Valenzuela is one of the top Instagram influencers from Mexico

10. Tefi Valenzuela

Tefi or Stephanie is a singer and reality star who’s well known for her hit song “Intocable” that’s hosted on her YouTube channel.

Her Instagram has over 2.6 million followers on it, and her TikTok hosts 2.8million, the content she hosts is usually centered around dancing and singing.

Dania Mendez is one of the top Influencers from Mexico

11. Dania Mendez

Dania is a social media star that gained massive popularity through her Instagram profile, where she did casual and glam fashion modeling as well as travel and photo blogging.

Her Instagram account sits at a comfortable 2.6 million followers, and her future in the fashion industry looks promising.

Yalitza Aparicio Martínez is one of the top Mexican Influencers

12. Yalitza Aparicio Martínez

An Oaxaca native, Yalitza distinguished herself as an actress in the 2018 film “Roma” where she played a maid looking after a Mexican middle-class family. Since then her popularity has skyrocketed and she’s been in one other movie, with a third movie already in production.

Her Instagram account has 2.2 million followers, there she mostly posts about her personal life with a few sprinkles of any future film projects she might be involved in.

Closing Thoughts

And that’s a wrap! Those are our picks for the top 12 Mexican influencers. We hope you liked our choices, and if you didn’t well we hope next week’s article will be more to your fancy than this one.

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