January 14, 2022

Top TikTok Stars You Should Work With [2023]


ikTok stars! What is not to love about them?  

Viral challenges, mega-stunts, lip syncing videos, and likely the best memes all over the internet!

Can you believe that TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users? It definitely beats other social media networks – no jealousy accepted!

So many faces all over TikTok, right?

But have you ever wondered who the people who managed to stand out from the crowd with their creativity are?

Who are the faces behind the most engaging accounts, and why should you follow them?

We selected the top 13 TikTok’s most prominent stars that will rock in 2022.

Forget Hollywood! These TikTok stars are now part of the Hall of Fame!

Ready to dive in?

List of 13 TikTok stars you should keep an eye on in 2022

1. Brianda Deyanara

Username: @briandadeyanara

Number of TikTok followers: 12.304.129

Niche: Entertainment, Fashion

Brianda Deyanara is a famous model from Mexico. She is the queen of comedy video clips, comedic skits, dancing videos, and lip sync videos.

Her beautiful looks, cute smile, style, and outstanding personality, made her one of the trending females in TikTok.

Why should you follow her?

To enlighten your day and put a smile on your face.

2. Melody

Username: @melody_ofcial

Niche: Entertainment, Music

Number of TikTok followers: 10.537.912

She is a Brazilian rapper famous for releasing a video on her Facebook page singing the song “Falem de Mim,” written by her father, MC Belinho.

Her popular songs have made her a subject of controversy – due to her mature themes and dress style in her music videos. She faced even some privacy concerns. However, she is still rocking it.

Why should you follow her?

To get into a party mood.

3. Sool King Officiel

Username: @soolking__officiell

Niche: Music

Number of TikTok followers: 7.694.230

He is an Algerian hip-hop artist who reached great heights after releasing the song “Milano.” The music video for this song was watched more than 125 million times in less than a year.

In his TikTok videos, you won’t see much singing. But there are a lot of activities that can give you an adrenaline rush.

Why should you follow him?

To generate some ideas on why you should do when you have a free day ahead of you.

4. Andrea Zúñiga

Username: @soyandreazuniiga

Niche: Entertainment

Number of TikTok followers: 6.057.689

Andrea is a promising TikTok star, famous for her self-titled YouTube channel with more than 6 million subscribers.

As an eye-catching content creator, she loves creating and sharing everything from engaging games, pranks, challenge videos, and vlogs.

Why should you follow her?

To get inspiration on what you can do when stuck home with your friends.

5. Karen Sarahi Gonzalez

Username: @iluvsarahiiii

Niche: Beauty, Fashion

Number of TikTok followers: 5.727.461

Karen is a make-up artist known for her work on the E! News Network, where she shares advice articles about make-up and fashion. She transfers her beauty tricks in the TikTok platform, too.

She has worked with some of the most famous cosmetics brands like Lancome and MAC Cosmetics.

Why should you follow her?

To get inspiration for your next look.

6. Raya Abirached

Username: @rayaofficial

Niche: Media

Number of TikTok followers: 4.883.195

Raya is a Lebanese television presenter best known for hosting the talk show “Scoop” and the competition show “Arabs Got Talent.”

She is an inspiring social media star because her mission is living the dream and sharing her thoughts with the world.

Why should you follow her?

To see behind the scenes of someone who works in the media.

7.Flavia Laos Urbina

Username: @flavialaosu1

Niche: Music, Enterntainment

Number of TikTok followers: 4.345.186

Flavia is a singer, model, and actress from Peru. She is famous for being part of telenovelas and reality shows.

She is also very popular on other social media platforms. But TikTok is the social media platform that helped her gain popularity.

Her TikTok videos are all about having fun and never letting go of the child in you.

Why should you follow her?

To get some positive vibes.

8. Ivana Yturbe

Username: @ivanayturbe

Niche: Beauty

Number of TikTok followers: 3.934.468

Ivana is a beauty pageant contestant and TV personality, famous for being part of several reality shows. She became the first Peruvian to be nominated in The Most Beautiful Faces competition.

Ivana’s TikTok account will reveal well-kept make-up secrets and tailored looks for every occasion.

Why should you follow her?

To steal some beauty tips & tricks.

9. Medicen Yolito

Username: @medicen_yolito

Niche: Entertainment

Number of TikTok followers: 3.704.381

Medicen is a Venezuelan YouTube star best known for creating a YouTube series of prank videos for his YOLO AVENTURAS channel and generating over 12 million loyal fans of his content.

If that’s not all – he also runs secondary channels called Cracks and TITANES.

Why should you follow him?

To generate some ideas for pranks.

10. Xime Ponch

Username: @ximeponch

Niche: Travel

Number of TikTok followers: 3543919

Xime’s TikTok channel is about vlogs, tutorials, challenges, and traveling content.

Her content is easy to get obsessed with because she has a pleasant personality and knows how to share things with the public.

Why should you follow her?

To get ideas about pictures you should take when traveling.

11. Daniela Legarda

Username: @danielalegardaoficial

Niche: Fashion, Entertainment

Number of TikTok followers: 3.324.452

Daniela is a famous fashion influencer, queen of modeling content and comedic videos. She shares behind the scene videos on what an adventurous life looks like.

Why should you follow her?

To inspire yourself to dream big.

12. Rawaa Beauty

Username: @rawaa_beauty

Niche: Beauty

Number of TikTok followers: 3.181.766

Rawaa is a Moroccan beauty and make-up artist who enjoys sharing her work, modeling, and family life.

She is known for winning the Moroccan reality competition series Lalla Laaroussa in 2015.

Why should you follow her?

To find out the latest make-up trends.

13. Samuel Lopez

Username: @samuellopez_

Niche: Entertainment

Number of TikTok followers: 3.108.544

Samuel is a professional dancer from Spain, well-known for his dance videos, comedy, and lip-sync content featured on his TikTok account.

Why should you follow him?

Steal some ideas about dancing challenges.

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Who is the best TikTok star?

If we are speaking about who has the most following count, it’s definitely Charli D’Amelio (at the time of writing this article).

She is a dancer and social media personality who was the first to reach 100 million followers on TikTok.

Who are the top 5 TikTok stars?

The official TikTok report shows that these are the TikTok’s biggest stars who dominated in 2021:

1st Place: Charli D’Amelio

2nd Place: Addison Rae

3rd Place: Zach King

4th Place: Bella Poarch

5th Place: Spencer Polanco Knight

Who is the most followed female TikTok star?

As we mentioned above, it’s Charli D’Amelio (username: @charlidamelio)

Who is the most followed male TikTok star?

The floor goes to Zach King (username: @zachking). He has been the internet’s favorite illusionist for over a decade. Well deserved TikTok fame!


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