May 17, 2022

How to Reach Out to Influencers [+Free Templates]


If you’re wondering what’s the magical sparkle in your marketing strategy that will promote your brand, the answer is influencer marketing!

Implementing influencer marketing in your overall marketing strategy means finding the influencers interested in collaboration projects with your brand. And you might think that influencer outreach is complicated, but it’s not.

If you were looking for the best way of reaching out to influencers – you’re at the right place.

Keep reading, and you’ll find not only how to reach out to influencers but also ready-to-use outreach email templates.

Are you ready to learn how to land some great collaborations with your favorite influencers?

Keep reading!

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4 steps to create the perfect pitch

Influencers “live” on social media channels, but it’s not very professional for a brand to contact influencers by dropping a direct message. You have to aim for professional influencer outreach and send a proper email. Luckily, you can always use email templates.

Yes, you should always personalize your outreach process, and yes, you should use a catchy subject line. But do you actually know how useful and time-saving having a ready template can be?

You have a template, you just personalize it, add the specific details that the relevant influencers prefer, and voila – you’re ready for influencer outreach.

Step 1: Identify the right influencers

To create the perfect influencer marketing campaign, you MUST know which influencers are right for your industry and your brand. Keep in mind that collaborating with the wrong influencer can do more harm than good to your brand. So make sure that you have your research conducted before you reach out to influencers.

Social media is full of influencers. But you don’t need all of them. You need influencers who have the same audience as you and are relevant to your niche.

Try to find the right influencers by defining these things:

  • Do you need top influencers or micro-influencers?
  • What’s the follower count they should have?
  • What are your target audience and target demographic?

Once you have these set, let’s move to building the perfect influencer outreach email template.

Step 2: Know what you want to say

Most influencers love what they do, but they are busy people. You’re not the only one who wants to create an influencer marketing campaign with them, so make sure you’re prepared for what you are going to say in that influencer outreach email. Make sure not to bore them with your influencer outreach.

Create a clear concept of what you want to include in your influencer outreach email to grab the influencer’s attention.

Try to place the offer by highlighting the benefits that the influencer will get from the collaboration. Those highlights will be different for each particular influencer. For some, it will be brand exposure. For others, get a discount code to promote or a free sample.

Whichever it is, be concise in letting them know what their takeaways from this business opportunity are.

Remember: it’s about THEIR benefit, not yours.

Step 3: Craft the perfect outreach email

Well, you may still think that influencer outreach is easier said than done, but once you define the perfect email templates, you’ll all set up.

Of course, you can’t use one single email template to reach out to influencers in any situation. Each different type of influencer campaign will require a different approach.

To give you a handout, we prepared these email templates you can copy and use right away!

Top 4 email templates to reach out to influencers

Generic collab email template

Hey [Insert Influencer Name],

I have been following your profile on [Social Media Platform] and really loved your recent post(s) on [Example Post]. [Say something about their feed that adds a human element and].

I am [Your Name], and I work for [Insert Company Name]. We [What You Do/Sell].

Since [insert what they are passionate about and works well with your brand], I am reaching out to see if you would be open to mutual collaboration. We can join our marketing efforts and create great things together!

Let me know if this catches your eye, and I will send more details right away!


[Your Name]

Pitch template for brand ambassadors

Hey [Influencer Name], 

My name is [Insert Your Name], and I’m with [Insert Company]. We have been following your profile on [Social Media Accounts] and love the posts you created for [Use a Great Example].

We are so excited to invite you to become a brand ambassador for our company! We think your [What they are passionate about] really resonates with our brand image and brand’s values. [Drop a sentence or two about how they will benefit from this.] Successful influencers like yourself are the perfect match for our mission!

As a brand ambassador, you’d partner with us for [say what are your plans in a sentence].

If this email got your genuine interest, I’d love to chat more with you to go over what our ambassador program is all about!


[Your Name]

Sneak peek template

Hello [Influencer Name],

I’m [Your Name] from [Company Name].

Later this fall, we’re going to launch a great new feature to [Your Product] called [Feature Name] that helps influencers like you monetize the traffic from social media and [Specify Another Benefit].

I have been following you for a long time now, and I really like the way you’re covering new features and products on your social media/blog, so I wonder if you’re interested in joining our campaign by [explain how it’ll be done – in a very interesting way].

As an early partner, we’ll send you a sample of [Product Name], so you can try it, test it, and send us your feedback. We are sure you’re going to love it as much as we do! 🙂

After that, we can talk and arrange together some marketing campaigns for your blog.

We’ll offer you free access/free supply for one year for the product. Plus, your insights will help in building such an amazing product that even your audience will love!

I hope to receive a reply from you by [set deadline] so we can send you everything you will need!

Looking forward to this!


[Your Name]

Giveaway collab pitch template

Hi [Influencer Name],

My name is [Your Name] from [Company Name]. I really love your [Sample Content] on your Instagram profile, and I admire how great you did on your last Instagram post with [Another Brand Partnership or Mutual Connection]. You’re achieving what many influencers can’t!

I’m reaching out because I have a [insert product or service] that your audience will appreciate. It’s [Product Name] and it [insert description].

Would you consider testing and reviewing [Product/Service] in some of your next blogs/videos on [Social channels]?

I will provide a free sample for the review and anything you might find helpful. Plus, I can offer three more free samples to make a giveaway to your large audience!

Let me know your thoughts on this!


[Your Name]

Now you have some outreach emails you can customize, personalize, and pitch your influencers with!

Step 4: Find an influencer marketing platform that can do that instead of you

You’re currently reading an article from Influencers Club. We work with hundreds of B2C (mostly eCommerce brands) and the biggest creator economy companies in the world like Willa, Linktree, Jellysmack, etc.

Not only do we serve them as data providers but we also help them reach out to influencers that they want to work with or sell to.

If you want to scale your outreach to influencers you should definitely have a look at what we do. Most influencer platforms give you a few super targeted influencers with detailed data about their audience for a ton of money. We on the other hand don’t know much about the audience of an influencer but we do know whether an influencer:

  • Makes money through content creation
  • What type of content does he create 
  • We can filter influencers by keywords in their bio (super important) 
  • What hashtags they used
  • Demographic data (age, gender, location, etc)

If you’re trying to reach as many influencers that all these filters are more then enough for a successful campaign. 

Then, there’s also the issue of scaling cold emails to thousands of influencers. We also do this (for some of our clients) by providing them with a team that is taking care of the domain setup, personalizing and testing the email messages (pitch), and in some cases even closing the influencers that show interest in the product. 

If you want to learn more about this you can visit our Partnerships page or get in touch with our sales team

Bonus tips when creating a template to reach out to influencers

When it comes to creating influencer outreach emails, we are very keen to give you some extra tips to help you seal the deal.

  • Make sure you go through their social media to get a good sense of their digital marketing campaigns and tone of voice.
  • Always craft a good subject line to encourage their interest, so they actually open your email.
  • When reaching out to influencers, always send a message to multiple influencers at once and keep them in the loop.
  • Message influencers by mirroring their tone of voice a little bit to give them the impression that this is not just another digital marketing campaign with a boring brand – but an exciting one!
  • Always create multiple outreach email templates that you can reuse when you need them.
  • Make influencer marketing and influencer outreach an ongoing part of your strategy.


At the beginning of this post, you were thinking that reaching out to influencers was challenging, and look at you now!

Now you’re an expert for influencer outreach!
Don’t wait up and get the things in your hands. Craft the perfect email templates, let Influencers Club match you with the right influencers, and send some extra collab offers out there!


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