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Nickname Email Country
CherryQuench USA
The Future Steampunk King USA
Christie Jane USA
Sith Lord CiCi 485 πŸ˜ˆπŸ’¨ USA
Chris Ring USA
Christian USA
Artist Email List | Artist Email Database [2023]

Models can be busy people, they don’t have time to hear a marketer talk their ear off about how his new cream can make their skin 1% more glossy, or how the shoes they sell will help you reach a new shelf. No, the more hands-off (per se) your approach is, the better (and cheaper) it is for you.
The obvious solution is to get an email list of models, this way you can reach out to them without the fear of their pitch falling to deaf ears, emails aren’t that intrusive and the worst they could do is ignore them. With an email list, you have the luxury of advertising on masse, and even if just 10% of people buy into whatever you’re selling, you’ll make your money back, and get a hfty profit too.

Our team finds people based on the words they have in their Instagram bios (referred to as keywords), for example, “graffiti artist”, or “amateur artist”.
Keywords are essential to any online marketing campaign’s success, as they act as a gateway to content (the more specific the keyword, the better the results).

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Nick Chen - Co-founder & CEO at Pico
Darrel Brown
While I was making my email list of sculptors, I relied on Google and Facebook Ads in order to get the email I needed. They didn’t give me the targeting I wanted, so I turned to Influencers Club for help. They gave me an email list and taught me how to use it. Great service overall.
Alley Cohen
Alley Cohen
I used Influencers Club to get a list of people in the US who had the keyword “illustrator” in their Instagram bio. They were a great help for sure!
Daniel Eriksson - Growth at
Jason Smith
As I was searching for ways to make an email list out of profiles that had the hashtag #painters, I came across Influencers Club. They helped me with the list, and even gave me some great marketing tips!

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