December 18, 2023

150 Twitch Influencers That Are Great for Brand Partnerships


With about 7.13 million active streamers worldwide, Twitch is currently one of the gaming platforms with the highest traffic. Professional players stream popular games like League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Valorant, etc, and comment during the game. 

That showed a high engagement rate. Concluding with August 2023, the Twitch audience watched around 851 billion minutes of Twitch video game content. 

This being the case, Twitch is a great opportunity for reaching a massive audience. Hence, Twitch is shaping new digital marketing strategies that deliver outstanding results.

In this article, we focus on the best Twitch influencers, and we will go into detail about:

  • An overview of the best 20 Twitch influencers
  • Plus a free list of 130 Twitch influencers with 40+ data points from our database
  • The type of content they create and why are they worth following
  • The benefits of hiring Twitch influencers
  • The strategies in notable Twitch influencers’ success stories
  • Methods of finding the ideal Twitch influencer for your business

Let’s get started.

Free list of 130 Twitch influencers

We’ve picked Twitch influencers that have more than 10K subscribers and minimum 10% eng. rate on YouTube

20 Top Twitch Influencers You Must Know in 2024

Whether you are looking for new Twitch streamers to follow or potential Twitch influencers for collaborations, you need to know the following names.

1. Ninja

  • 18M followers on Twitch
  • 572M total views
Ninja streaming live

Tyler Blevins, also known as Ninja under his Twitch streamer alias, is among the top Twitch influencers in the world with over 18 million followers. He has produced gaming content since 2011, mostly streaming the popular video game Fortnite Battle Royale. If you are a fan of shooter games like Fortnite or Counter Strike, you should check out Ninja’s skills in the games.

Business-wise, Ninja is a macro Twitch influencer. Currently, he has 23.7 million followers on his YouTube channel. However, he is also active on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. He collaborates with G Fuel, an energy drink, and many other brands and companies that reached new audiences through his massive following fan base.

2. Summit1g

  • 6.2M followers on Twitch
  • 505M channel views

Summit 1g, Jaryd Russell Lazar, is one of the most influential personalities on Twitch. He has gained fame through first-person shooter games like Counter Strike, but he also tends to play Grand Theft Auto V.

Currently, Summit1g features video game content with over 6.2M followers on Twitch, about 755K on YouTube, and about 1M followers on Twitter. Over the years, he has collaborated with Monster, the energy drink giant.

3. Pokimane

  • 9.4M followers on Twitch
  • 20M channel views

4. Rubious

  • 14.7M Twitch followers
  • 273M channel views

Rubius is a Spanish-Norvegian gamer whose real name is Ruben Gundersen. He is one of the most successful Twitch influencers, with 14.6M people watching him play Peaks of Yore, Fortnite, and Counter Strike. If you are into these games, you should probably hit that follow and subscribe button.

Apart from Twitch, Rubius has a fan base on other social platforms. His YouTube Channel counts 12.1M subscribers. You can find hilarious content of him playing horror Chinese games. Also, if you consider collaboration with Rubius, you should keep in mind the language barrier and, thus the target audience. Predominantly, Rubius is suitable for Spanish, Mexican, and Argentinian-speaking audiences. Plus, keep in mind that 34% of his audience is female.

5. Shroud

  • 10.7M Twitch followers
  • 571M channel views
Shroud playing Valorant

In October, Shroud announced he would retire from Twitch to stream on another streaming platform. However, he is back in the game because he realized that Twitch has the most loyal gaming community worldwide. Therefore, rest assured, he’s back playing Apex Legends with a staggering nearly 500K views on his stream.

Otherwise, Shroud’s real name is Michael Grzesiek. He is another macro Twitch influencer with over 10M followers on Twitch. Predominantly, he attracts American and Swedish viewers. Also, Shroud has an eye for high-quality gaming equipment and collaborated with several big company names. He is a brand ambassador for Logi Tech.

6. Loltyler1

  • 5.3M Twitch followers
  • Over 2M live channel views
Loltyler1 streaming

Loltyler1 is a popular League of Legends Player in the online streaming community. Apart from playing League of Legends, Loltyler also streams Outlast, Overwatch, and Draven. Also, he is known for his entertaining streams, as his live streams reach an average of 150K views.

His real name is Tyler Steinkamp, and he has 5.3M followers on his Twitch channel. However, he is also present on social media platforms like YouTube where he shares his streams with 2.74M subscribers. You can also follow him on Twitter and Instagram. Otherwise, Loltyler1 signed a deal as a content creator for T1 Entertainment and Sports.

7. Sodapoppin

  • 8.9M Twitch followers
  • 389 channel views
Sodapoppin playing WoW

Thomas Chance Morris – the real name behind the Sodapoppin alias – is a veteran Twitch user who started his gaming streams when he was a teenager. Over the years, he has played World of Warcraft, but games like Resident Evil 2, Warcraft III, and Just Chatting. His WoW streams reach up to 500K views, so if you are an ardent WoW player, click follow so you don’t miss out on any other pro gaming content.

Apart from his Twitch platform, you can find his gaming content on his YouTube channel. Sodapoppin has 1.11M subscribers on YouTube. His YouTube videos are mostly his engaging streams that gather an average of millions of views. This attracted the attention of many brands that landed a collaboration with this Twitch streamer giant.

8. Lirik

  • 3M Twitch followers
  • 6.4M live viewers

Saqib Ali Zahid is the Twitch gamer behind the well-known name in the gaming world – Lirik. Interestingly, Lirik never uses face cam during streams, and he became recognizable from his cat logo on his Twitch account. That’s how he became the most popular Twitch streamer in the online streaming community, and of course because of his distinctive humorous wit while playing World of Warcraft. Currently, he plays Death Must Die, as well as Chivalry II.

Lirik also shares his Twitch streams with his over 24K YouTube fans who are actively engaged in all his streams. Otherwise, Lirik collaborated with notable brands and companies such as Discord. Also, he is present on other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

9. TimTheTatman

  • 6.9M Twitch followers
  • 262M channel views
TimTheTatman Twitch channel

Timothy Betar is one of the best Twitch influencers to follow in 2024. He started streaming on Twitch in 2012, mainly Counter Strike and World of Warcraft which secured him a successful career. However, he started gathering his dedicated fanbase in 2017 when Fortnite was one of the most popular games to play.

Timothy also features his live-streaming video game content on YouTube where he has a staggering 5.9M subscribers. TimTheTatman is a brand ambassador for Herman Miller’s gaming division.

10. DrLupo

  • 4.5M Twitch followers
  • 171M total views
DrLupo official Twitch channel

DrLupo or Benjamin Lupo is another popular Twitch streamer who gained immense popularity through Destiny. He was a professional player for many years, but he decided to withdraw from Twitch a couple of years ago. He is now streaming video game content on YouTube, but he will be always remembered as one of the most popular Twitch streamers.

Otherwise, Drlupo raised millions of donations from Twitch, and more importantly, he saved the lives of depressed fans. He collaborates with gaming equipment brands, including Logitech one of the most influential.

11. RiotGames

  • 6.8M Twitch followers
  • 1B channel views

Riot Games is not an alias as with other streamers, but it is the channel of the creators of some mega-popular games like League of Legends and Valorant. 

The channel has about 6.8M followers and growing, because of the regular streams. Therefore if you want someone who regularly streams each day of the week, you should definitely hit a follow to Riot Games.

12. Myth

  • 7.3M Twitch followers
  • 168M total views

Ali Kabbani, more popular as Myth to the gaming community, has been streaming on Twitch since 2016. His gaming portfolio includes popular games such as Fortnite, Paragon, and Epic Games. However, he played professionally Fortnite, which helped his channel grow.

Otherwise, Ali is a potential Twitch influencer for businesses in the tech industry. He collaborated with prominent brand names such as GEICO, HTC, and Logitech.

13. Heelmike

  • 7.4M Twitch followers
  • 8M channel views

Heelmike becomes famous because of Fortnite. His real name is Michael Peters. He is an exceptional gamer with unmatching skills in his games. Yet, users do not watch him just because of his games, but his interesting, controversial, and engaging personality. 

Besides his gaming content, Heelmike started featuring fan interactive streams, but with bold undertones, such as inviting Tinder dates as he streams. These videos even got him banned once. Nonetheless, he managed to gain a significant following audience of 7.4 million followers. He is also present on YouTube, and he has about 700K subscribers. He shares his Twitch streams here, but he is also a content creator where he shares vlogs.

14. TheGrefg

  • 11.7M Twitch followers
  • 263M channel views
TheGrefg streaming

Two years ago, The Grefg or David Martinez, presented his own Fortnite skin in a live stream and he reached 2,468,668 viewers and broke the record. His following audience on Twitch reached over 11 million followers. What’s typical about David and his gaming content and habits is that he usually plays on his channel only.

Otherwise, his YouTube channel has 18.1M subscribers which allows all brands an opportunity to expand their audience group through a collaboration. Plus, he is active on other social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook.

15. Ibai

  • 15.3M Twitch followers
  • 359M channel views

Ibai Llanos is the real name behind the Ibai Twitch channel. He is Spanish, and one of the most influential people in the country. Ibai has several notable awards behind him such as the Esports Awards Steamer, and holds the record for the highest number of concurrent viewers while hosting a boxing event. 

Otherwise, he plays EA Sports FC 2024 and League of Legends. You can find the streams on his Twitch, but also on his YouTube channel. Ibai is also present on other social media platforms such as Instagram, and TikTok.

16. Tommyinnit

  • 7.4M Twitch followers
  • 64M channel views
Tommyinnit streaming

Tommyinnit is one of the favourite influencers among Minecraft, Fortnite, and PUBG fans. His Twitch channel has 7.4 million followers. His real name is Thomas Simons and he is a British streamer.

Last September, he decided to make a change in his life and move to the US. He created a YouTube channel and posted vlogs on his daily life. His first vlog was “I moved to NY with $0”. Later he started posting his gameplay on Twitch, and his YouTube channel reached over 14M subscribers. On average, his videos have about 2 million viewers.

17. Loserfruit

  • 2.9M Twitch followers
  • 56.6M total views
Loserfruit streaming Fortnite

Kathleen Belsten or Loserfruit is ironically one of the most successful Twitch influencers and among the top gamers in Australia. She is a versatile player, regularly streaming Fortnite. Her Twitch profile counts 2.9 followers.

However, Kathleen is also a content creator. She regularly posts vlogs with interesting challenges that attracted 4.01M subscribers and over 100K viewers per video. Apart from YouTube, Loserfruit is also active on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

Otherwise, e.l.f. Cosmetics partnered with Loserfruit to unlock a new target audience. Not only did this collaboration turn successful, but the brand even joined together to support female gamers to pursue their careers in a male-dominated gaming world.

18. Auronplay

  • 15.8M Twitch followers
  • 263M total views
AuronPlay streaming on his Twitch channel

Raul Alvares Genes is a Spanish gamer known for his Fortnite gameplay streams at auronplay on Twitch. He is one of the most followed Twitch influencers. Additionally, he is quite a chatter and discusses various topics with his followers during his steams.

Raul also creates YouTube videos and his channel counts about 14.8M subscribers. Interestingly, apart from his impeccably engaging content on Twitch, Raul is known for his distinctive sense of fashion. His audience allowed him to conclude collaborations with the most prominent names in the fashion industry.

19. Juansguarnizo

  • 11.1M Twitch followers
  • 168M channel views
Official Twitch channel of juansguarnizo

Juan Sebastian Guarnizo is the gamer behind juansguarnizo on Twitch. He has a wide gaming library including some epic games like Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft and Fortnite. His Twitch channel has 11.1M followers, while the number of channel views is 168M.

However, Juan is also present on Instagram and Twitter, but also on YouTube. He is also a content creator generally sharing vlogs that include certain activities such as cooking with mom. His videos reach 4.5M views. Although, predominantly, Juan earns from YouTube, he also has collaborations with Huawei Mobile MX and Shopeee Mexico on his social media channels.

20. SypherPK

  • 6.6M Twitch followers
  • 112M total views
SyperPK streaming Fortnite

Ali Hasan is an American gamer who is better known under SypherPK. He keeps himself occupied with Fortnite, but he also knows to share other games of interest for you.

Otherwise, Ali’s Twitch profile counts 6.6 million followers. He is also present on other social media platforms, Instagram and Twitter included. He collaborates with brands, but the collaboration he was most excited about was with Fortnite.

Find Twitch Influencers for Collaborations

Twitch influencer marketing is one of the most effective strategies nowadays. Many brands leverage the Twitch popularity of gamers to meet their marketing goals. However, not all brands can afford the above-mentioned Twitch influencers. 

Smaller businesses instead of hiring Twitch influencers with millions of followers, focus on nano Twitch influencers. Mid-sized to Big businesses usually consider collaborating with multiple micro-influencers.

Use Influencers.Club to find more Twitch influencers

We have a database of over 80M influencers and creators, including Twitch influencers, and an easy-to-use dashboard with 40+ filters to simplify your Twitch influencers search. 

Thanks to our filters, this is the fastest and most precise way to find Twitch influencers for your campaigns. This is how it works:

Once you sign up for dashboard, you will get into the dashboard. 

In the Basic Info section choose general filters such as location, profile language, etc.

Dashboard basic info explained

Next, in the Social Media section select YouTube and you will be able to search Twitch influencers among our YouTube creator’s database

As Twitch influencers usually share their streams on YouTube, this is the most suitable platform to find Twitch influencers.

Search Twitch influencers on YouTube

Add the keywords to narrow down your search. Depending on your requirements you can select topics, and video categories, search by keywords in the bio, etc.

Then complete your specifications with Creator Deep Dive.

Creator deep dive

Click on “has Twitch” to find Twitch influencers only. Additionally, you can choose more filters such as Has Brand Collaborations, Has Instagram, etc.

Search Twitch Influencers

Free ways to find Twitch influencers

There are many other free tools you can use to find Twitch influencers.

Search on Twitch

An easy way to find more Twitch streamers is on the platform itself. For example, if you like the Valorant game, just type in the search bar Valorant and the search engine will provide you results of channels related to Valorant, live streams tagged with Valorant, and other channels you may like. Review your options, and discover the ideal Twitch influencer.

Search Google

Another free way to find more Twitch influencers is to go over the articles on Google under a specific keyword. Type on the search bar “best micro twitch influencers to work with” and you will find many articles for that name.

Use our free YouTube Tool

Twitch influencers tend to share their gaming content on YouTube. So, you can use our free search YouTube channels tool to find more Twitch influencers. 

Select location and followers range and choose ‘gaming’ as the channel topic. If you want to dive deeper, you can use the advanced search filters to find YouTubers that promote Twitch links, etc.

3 Benefits of Hiring Twitch Influencers

Compared to influencers from other social media platforms, Twitch influencers offer three huge advantages. Check them out below.

High engagement rate

Compared to other platforms, Twitch influencers have super high engagement rates.

Unlike Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, what keeps the viewer’s attention on Twitch is the interactive content. Gamers play, but the chat, their camera, and mic are on. They comment, ask questions, and engage with the game, thus with the audience.

User average time spent on social platforms

Targets the largest spending audience

Millennials and Gen Z have the highest economic value for marketers as they are the largest spending audience group. Basically, to meet any marketing goal you need to cater to them. So, let’s see the age groups on Twitch according to Statista’s research for 2023.

Age demographics on Twitch

Interactive Promotions

Twitch influencers promote products live while streaming. They may unbox, review, or simply recommend a product, similar to other influencers on social platforms. But, the main advantage of Twitch influencers is the highly engaged and loyal audience that makes the promotion interactive.

During the live stream, while the influencer promotes the product, fans ask questions about the product and they cover a FAQ section that gives more information about the product in one place. Later, brands can repurpose this video, which comes as a bonus benefit.

Success Stories of Successful Marketing Campaigns

Twitch proved to be one of the best platforms for successful marketing campaigns where brands can leverage audience engagement to build authenticity and trust and raise brand awareness.

We picked three successful stories you must know. Not only do they prove the effectiveness of partnering with Twitch influencers but they also might inspire your next Twitch influencer marketing campaigns.


After the launch of Lexus IS, Lexus wanted to lead a new target audience and decided to start a collaboration with a Twitch influencer called Fuslie. So, during the stream, Fuslie showed the new vehicle and created a poll for all the customization suggestions her audience has to create a car as if it was made by gamers. 

This campaign turned out extremely well, in fact, they achieved:

  • 85% completion rate
  • 56.7M impressions
  • 4.8M total minutes watches
  • 863,900 total unique viewers

Lexus used the customization poll, and a month later showed off the updated version based on the fan’s suggestions. This strategy created a strong connection with Fuslie subscribers and proved how leveraging Twitch can be beneficial for brands.


HelloFresh is a meal-kit company based in Berlin, Germany. However, they are also one of the greatest suppliers in the US. Although it seems a bit unusual to decide to promote food supplies on a gaming platform, it’s important to focus on the strategy and metrics of the platform.

What HelloFresh did to promote home delivery kits was to establish a collaboration with thousands of nano influencers. Just for reference, one of the Twitch influencers they hired had only 648 followers at that time. She did live stream cooking tutorials in addition to the gaming content. 

Through a cross-promotion, HelloFresh:

  • Increased their sales
  • Expanded their audience 
  • Raised brand awareness

This is an example that it’s the engagement that counts, not the number of followers. Nano influencers are an understated marketing tool.


Elgato is one of the leading audio-visual technology companies that decided to partner with a macro influencer, Alanzoka with a staggering 6.2M followers at the time.

What Alanzoka did was comment on Elgato’s commercial for the camera, and the other tech products in the video as they do during gaming while streaming live. Elgato repurposed the commentary on YouTube and left it as a user experience testimonial. This is an excellent example of how brands repurpose the video.

This strategy enhanced the trust and quality of the brand, made it more transparent to the customers, and allowed Elgato to foster brand loyalty.


The enlisted Twitch influencers above are handpicked according to the highest number of followers, most watched videos, game popularity, and other relevant data. Currently, they are trending and probably will continue in 2024.

On the other hand, as the numbers indicate, Twitch has become one of the best places to promote your product or services. Collaborations with Twitch influencers proved to be successful and versatile as brands can repurpose the stream on other social platforms and gain more leads.

Currently, there are about 140M Twitch users streaming regularly on the platforms, and finding Twitch influencers to work with is often overwhelming. Fortunately, many tools connect brands with influencers and simplify the search process entirely. Use them, find your influencers, and prepare for growth.

Want to find Twitch Influencers to work with?


The cost per campaign depends on the type of influencer. But, on average, Twitch influencers charge $0.50 to $2.50 per viewer per hour.

No. Following streamers on Twitch is free.

No. The number of viewers doesn’t influence the Twitch earnings.

Viewers can be anyone who joined the stream with or without a Twitch account.


Free list of 130 Twitch influencers

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