Tamara Stojkovska

SEO content writer at Influencers Club

Tamara Stojkovska has diverse experience with influencer marketing across Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and other creator platforms.

She has experience in:

  • Finding and recruiting influencers
  • Recruiting UGC creators,
  • Finding affiliate marketers for e-commerce brands, with both small and large followings.

At Influencers Club, Tamara shares the best practices for finding, reaching out, and working with influencers. What makes her strategies unique is her deep understanding of creator data collected by the Influencers Club. 

Unifying the experience of managing influencer marketing campaigns with the power of creator data, she writes articles that highlight some of the most effective marketing strategies nowadays. 

Tamara has real-world experience in the influencer marketing ecosystem, making her advice practical and actionable. From understanding the nuances of different platforms to knowing how to effectively recruit influencers for specific brands, you can find both beginner guidance and advanced ideas to run your campaigns.


  • Influencers Club (since Oct 2022)
    • Writing content about influencer marketing, affiliate marketing, TikTok influencer marketing, YouTube influencer marketing, and Instagram influencer marketing
    • Crafting influencer marketing guides, strategies, newest tactics and solutions
  • EmbedSocial (Jan 2022 – Mar 2023)
    • Writing content influencer marketing and UGC creators
    • Influencer marketing campaigns analysis and overviews of the most successful campaigns between brands and influencers
    • Researching and staying updated on influencer marketing trends
  • 11 pm (since April 2020)
    • The sole manager of the Instagram profile of the brand
    • Elevated the brand’s presence from 0 to 6k+ Instagram followers and over 3k orders through Instagram by partnering with influences, affiliates, and UGC creators and creating original content
    • Identified potential influencers that aligned with the brand
    • Handling the outreach and managing influencer partnerships
    • Sourced and partnered with UGC creators to generate content for 11 pm
    • Guided UGC creators to craft content that perfectly promotes the brand’s image and message
    • Affiliate recruitment

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